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Question to Telltale

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Sorry I'm starting a new topic here, but I thought it might get looked at if I didn't just bump up another Mac thread.

I was just wondering, will you be keeping an eye on 'A Vampyre Story' to see how well that does on the Mac side?

As I pointed to in a previous post - the guys over at Tale of Tales seemed pleasantly surprised by the Mac take up on their game/interactive art 'The Graveyard'.

Sometimes I feel that the Mac audience has similarities with the Wii in as much as companies refuse to put out "hardcore" games on the system and then have the audacity to say they don't sell (or I guess a better analogy to use here is companies stop making adventure games and saying there's no market ;) ).

Also (and I guess this could be another post in itself) am I right in thinking that if you wanted to, or rather were able to port over to the iPhone/iPod Touch it would use a similar engine (being a version of OS X n'all)?

I'm certain that's not an original thought by any means, but would it not make it more financially viable to support OS X in its various forms?

Kind regards

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  • We're big Mac fans at Telltale and would love to do Mac versions of our games, but it always comes down to available resources and what we expect the payoff to be. It's unfortunate for people who prefer to use a Mac over a PC that gaming has become pretty much non-existent on the Mac over the past decade or so. (I happen to be one of those people!) As a result of the decreased gaming options on Macs, many Mac users have moved to PCs or consoles for gaming, and we have to keep the overall size of the audience in mind when we consider which platforms to develop for.

    The PC versions of our games run pretty well under Boot Camp or Crossover, which can be used by anyone who has a newer Mac. Plus we've put a lot of focus into getting our engine working for the Wii, and many Mac owners have Wiis for gaming, so we've been able to reach some of that audience in that way.

    As for the iPhone, we think it's a great platform with a lot of possibilities! It's also very popular around the office. :)
  • Thanks Emily :),

    I realise you guys are Mac fans but have limited resources. I'm one of those people who use bootcamp (Crossover doesn't seem to give me much joy on my MacBook and my iMac is a G5) and have really enjoyed playing your games on the Wii (although the disc based ones feel like the engine needs a bit more optimising - I still prefer it to booting into Vista).

    I just keep reading that Macs seem to be selling increasingly well, not to mention the popularity of the AppStore, and thought that it may be becoming a more viable market.

    Anyway, I'm off to play 'A Vampyre Story' until my girlfriend finishes watching TV, then we might settle down to a game of 'Sam and Max' or 'CSI' on the Wii (I would play Strong Bad, but she gets upset when I torment Strong Sad) ;)

    Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see more about 'Wallace and Gromit' *PLEASE... release it on Wii, if nothing else*. Not to mention the next season of 'Sam & Max'.

    PS Sorry for bugging you with what must really be a dull topic for you guys by now.
  • Philski;112496 said:
    Thanks Emily :),

    PS Sorry for bugging you with what must really be a dull topic for you guys by now.
    I think I know what the next emoticon is!

    :mac: will make

  • Philski;112496 said:
    ...I can't wait to see more about 'Wallace and Gromit' *PLEASE... release it on Wii, if nothing else*
    *Disappointedly digs out hard drive with Vista on it*

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