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New poll on the main page: Which Platform?

posted by David E Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 879 users
We've tossed up a new poll up on the Telltale home page that asks: What platform will you play Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures on?

Go on and vote on it. I'll wait...



So, which did you choose, and why? It's still a bit early, but we're curious to know why you chose what you did.
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  • PC because it's the only one I own.
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    Gary Telltale Alumni
    I chose Xbox 360. Because I'm a big Xbox 360 fanboy (lulz)

    Actually, no. It's really because I'm an achievement whore.
  • I'm in love with the 360 as a platform. But there are several reasons I went with PC. There are many reasons I won't go with the 360, in order of whenever I think of them:

    1. The 360, for me, is a community machine. Adventure games, as a contrast to this, are very single-player, very personal endeavors. The infrastructure of Live does not benefit an Adventure game in any way, really.

    2. I already have all my Telltale games in one folder, and I like that. Keeping it all in the same place is somewhat of an incentive of mine.

    3. The subscription model really works for me. I like to pay one flat fee and then feel like I'm getting the benefit of this every time a game comes out. I like just snagging the game without entering payment information or getting a per-game charge.

    4. The hard copy with DVD extras at the end of the season is definitely a plus for me. This is an extremely big thing, actually. The disc is a major incentive for me, and I really enjoy it.

    5. Point and click adventures are native to the PC. They work best with the maniplation of a mouse or something that replicates that(Wiimote, laptop touchpad). With no such manipulation tool for the 360, I feel I might get frustrated with those controls.

    6. Telltale's terms are just great. A more than reasonable amount of downloads, customer service that time and time again goes beyond excellence, and I suppose I include the set-up for subscriptions where the new episodes are automatically dropped into your "collection". The guys and gals at Telltale have proven that they have digital distribution down. At least, through their own hub.

    That's really all I can think of for now, really.
  • Boy, am I glad I didn't speculate, I would have dug myself into a hole about how it will never be on the 360...
  • Well, since I don't own a 360, I went with PC obviously.

    However, if I had one I would still have voted PC because of the nature of the game. I don't see a point and click game being played with a controller like that of the 360 (wiimote on the other hand was great with Sam & Max). The new user interface mentionned in the blog post intrigues me though. It might have been a good idea do delay the poll until we know more about this.
  • 360, because it's my favorite gaming platform by far. I like the XBox Live Marketplace, like the social networking stuff, most of my friends are on it, and the achievements help squeeze out that extra bit of game from stuff I'd normally have dropped earlier.

    Plus, I like the 360 controller a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they used the controller with an adventure game. (I've been deliberately avoiding seeing the game in progress, so I can play it when it's finished).
  • I'm really curious to the way you'll handle achievements and comfortably playing in the sofa is quite tempting, but on the other hand we have the free dvd and most likely a bit smaller price, so I'm still on the fence. I think I will probably end up getting both xD.
  • PC. I don't own a 360, and even if I did, adventure games are made for the PC!
  • For me it's PC because I still don't own a 360 (yet), but even if I did I'd probably still go with PC, for most of the same reasons I stuck with PC on Strong Bad - significantly cheaper (obviously though I don't know how much the Live costs will be), superior technically (however marginal the difference is), I actually get Telltale's bonuses, and I just plain like the convenience of having it on my computer hard drive alongside all the other classic adventures. Like Strong Bad, the Wallace and Gromit episodes will sit in a folder in my Classic Adventures folder just to the right of Sam & Max, which is just to the right of Bone, which is just to the right of Psychonauts, which is just to the right of every LEC adventure. Or something like that. (See attachment: It's like a family!)

    If I had a 360 though, I'd consider getting the Live Arcade versions in addition to the PC version (I did so with Sam & Max, but not Strong Bad) depending on how much enjoyment I think I'd get playing Wallace and Gromit on the sofa and how financially misguided I am at that particular moment.
  • PC, there's the bonus disc.
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