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New poll on the main page: Which Platform?

posted by David E Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 885 users
We've tossed up a new poll up on the Telltale home page that asks: What platform will you play Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures on?

Go on and vote on it. I'll wait...



So, which did you choose, and why? It's still a bit early, but we're curious to know why you chose what you did.
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  • you forgot both which is what im gonna do
  • how do the controls work? thats the only thing keeping me from deciding right now.
  • deadlinejon;112978 said:
    how do the controls work? thats the only thing keeping me from deciding right now.
    dunno i asked the same thing but it maybe that they are still testing it out. i'm hoping it is like BS3 and dreamfall were on the original xbox, but i don't know if T3 supports that
  • I chose PC because i got rid of my XboX360 and am absolutely not interested in playing TellTale games on something else than a PC ( unless it's another type of game ). I'd go as far as to say that i'd skip even Sam and Max season 3 4 5 etc if they decided not to produce it for PC and go console only, because the mouse and my setup is all i want to play it on. Playing a game like that on XboX would be like playing street fighter 4 on the pc instead of console. Doesn't make sense to me.
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    360. I generally prefer playing games on consoles rather than PC if I can. With the 360 version I can play the games relaxed on my sofa in front of a TV instead of on a smaller PC monitor on a chair.
  • PC, because I get really annoyed with the XBox 360. And I don't have one.
  • I put "Not sure yet" as, although I generally prefer playing console games, I'm not sure how well the controls will work on the 360. Also, I reckon it will eventually be out on Wii in disc format, and I may get that version. That depends on any announcements relating to a Wii version and how desperate I am for the game. I will just have to wait and see what happens.
    Shazyzang;112960 said:
    PC, there's the bonus disc.
    Also, where does it say about a bonus disc?
  • I voted not sure mainly because I'm waiting to hear more info before making a decision. But, I'm probably going to go for PC, mainly because I prefer supporting the developers directly. I am quite curious to see how the X360 controls work, though....

    Side curiosity question... will the PC version be supporting Windows Live or the Xbox 360 Controller?
  • I run linux, os x and have a playstation 3. I'm out of options. At least I can play the original sam & max through scummvm clients. So I hope it is supported through wine at least. but I'd love native versions.
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