Your theories for Episode 4 and 5?



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    The "Kenny" Silhouette is Vince with longer hair.

  • It may be. I mean, we honestly don't know for sure but that could be likely, which is why I said I wasn't for sure on who the silhouette is just because it doesn't look all too much like Kenny tbh.

  • How did Lee make it to Wellington?

  • Its a while ahead, but luke will either die or be the only one who survives with clementine. And she will find christa.

  • My Video Theory

  • Im Pretty Sure that Telltale Just put them there but they turn out to completley different people except the one that sorta looks like Kenny But has Vinces's Face so its probally vince with shorter hair.

  • If I had to guess I would say In episode 4 Carver chases your group down and kills a few people then in the end of the episode you get to Wellington. Only to find it full of bandits and walkers. Then Episode 5 is just trying to survive and escape Wellington.

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    IT IS Vince, I brightened the image too and it's him.

  • This game is glitchy sometimes.

  • Not this again... Face Palm

  • At the end of Episode 3, Clem discovers that she's ⅛ Cherokee and decides to take a vision quest (Episode 4). The shadowy figures are friends long gone, friends that need her now, and friends yet to be made, urging her to don the war paint. The slide for Episode 5 is a red herring, for reals Episode 5, Clem just goes around scalping everybody in Carver's camp. She only stops when she realizes that she's taken Kenny's Beard.

  • The end of Episode 4 she will reach Wellington. That's all i have right now.

  • Well, here's my theory. Similar to the ones some people already mentioned but here it is anyway (sorry if it's too long):

    Ending of episode 4, you arrive to Wellington with the remaining survivors of the current group. You find some big walls with a pair of sliding doors that are protecting that little town (kinda like the Hilltop communty) You open the doors and find nothing. You walk further into the town, thinking this might be a safe place to hide from carver (who is chasing because of the events that will happen in episode 3 involving Rebecca/Rebecca's baby) When you get to the center of the community, you start to see some walkers and you discover the community is full of walkers. But wait! Then you hear a sniper shot! You find Christa and the bandits that captured her in episode 1 (they are working together, as a group) in a roof threating Clem and company. But Wait! You also hear Carvers voice from the outside of the community. "Hello, anybody home?" So you must escape from Carver, Christa and the bandits and a herd of walkers.

    Episode 5, Escape Wellington. Eat Pizza OR Ice cream.

  • I'm sure Clem's shot didn't killed him. Lee turned into a walker and started wandering around. That's how he arrived to Wellington. Whoever, walkers just walk around without an objetive unless there is noise. They can end up anywhere. And that skeleton has the same clothes as Lee...
  • I never said Lee is alive. I said the SKELETON is Lee. So he is dead... very dead
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    It was a model swapping video, not a glitch.
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    Will Clem fight aliens too? Cookie if you get that reference.
  • We really shouldn't do this yet. We'll need as many things as possible to speculate on after ep3 drops and the wait for ep4 begins.
  • I hope they don't reach Wellington. Once they reach wellington, telltale is gonna end the series :(
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  • This theory is so damn good! It's starts at 3:20 and ends at 4:15

  • I share your thoughts

  • Is that when Kirkman did that 'ending' to one of the TWD issues where you have robot Governor, Axel, Michonne, and Rick with a new hand?

  • I think Jane and Clementine will team up to find Sarah after getting separated from the others during the attack. It would be easy to lose everyone else once the shooting started and walkers started attacking from all directions. I think Rebecca's baby will come at the later part of the episode, near the end.

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