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    Recommend all users follow this link and read Clayton 2 chapters of his action packed story has to be one of the best I ever read his a very talented writer GIVE YOUR SUPPORT!!

  • I did mean to write the whole thing at once but my cat distracted me, demanding that I pay attention to it.

  • Thank you, so much, man. You're freaking awesome!
    Thank You

  • lol love it I completely understand but maybe one day I'll get an epic story off you need it this is so good

  • No thank you remember all the bumps, reviews and story you did for this thread it's the least I can do anyway it's a masterpiece that needs to be shared

  • It's more in the lines of true Telltale style actually. Focuses on Character Development.

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    Sounds deep love it an emotional roller coaster type of story sounds epic love way it sounds

  • Fuck yeah! Cheers to character development!

  • one bump a day im allowed lol spread these stories

  • I'm sure you will be happy to know that my fanfic is rapidly approaching completion. Thankfully I have a super quiet shift that I can write on my ipad on.

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    YES!! can't wait to read it

  • Btw you are definitely improving keep up the great work

  • MOAR please remember this was so awesome

  • MOAR just read it again so epic need another one your very talented loved this

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    Ha, thanks for the kind words, man, but it was only ever meant to be a oneshot kind of deal.

    I only wrote this fanfic because I needed something to distract myself during the long wait for Season 2. But now it's here, so I don't really have much motivation to write another one. I guess maybe if Season 2 leaves off on another cliffhanger. :D

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    lol damn it but never know if you get bored one day love another story from you here your very talented and that story is one of the best I read but thanks for the original share anyway

  • Should do more stories your very talented and you have great unique writing style anyway MOAR please

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    Hi all! I figured I may as well contribute to Mark's story thread here, since he has greatly contributed to mine back on the TWAU forums. So, before I begin: note that this particular story of mine will follow an entire set of new characters of my own, but will take place after the events of season 1, when Savannah got overrun and all that. I hope you enjoy!

    'The Woeful Pair', by: DragonButter (work in progress!)

    Chapter 1: An Angel in the Premises

    "Shit, of course there'd be no supplies here, those signs out on the roads were a lie, a goddamn lie." He groaned to himself. "Fuckin' scavengers."

    "Well, time to move on like I always do, I suppose." Slowly opening the gas station door, he got his cleaver at the ready, and walked out.

    Walking along a lonesome rural Georgia road once again, he had always pondered about how life was normal, way before the outbreak started. He had missed playing his video games, reading his Fables comics, and being in the company of friends and family, just enough to help him stay sane with the harsh life that took all of it away from him. He tried not to think about it often.

    Finally seeing a house on the side of the road, after what had felt like ages of walking, he figured that it would be best to search the premises. Desperate and exhausted for more food, he walked towards the creepy, roadside mansion. He didn't care if the boogeyman himself lived inside, he was confident that it held many untainted spoils, ripe for the taking.

    Opening the door to the mansion, he went inside and looked around.

    "Hello, anyone here? I'm a friendly, no need for a fight." He awaited a response, cleaver at the ready.

    He thought to himself. "Nobody responded as usual. Figures." He went to the kitchen.

    "What the? Food on the table?" After noticing, he examined the food more closely, which consisted of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and packs of freshly cut cheese perfectly laid out on the table, plates too. "What the hell's going on here?" Backing away from the table a bit, a blade pokes his spine a little, enough to make him stop dead in his tracks.

    A female whispers from behind him. "Nuh-uh-uh, just stay where you are boy. Unless you DO want to back yourself into this sword of mine and kill yourself, by all means, but I think you would want the opposite of that, right?"

    He nods, trying to stay calm in the predicament that he's in.

    "Go, sit on the chair, far end of the table."

    "Listen, I'm not gon-"

    "Shut it, the less you talk, the more time you get to eat."

    "Eat?" He bravely turned around and faced the voice that was talking to him from behind.

    She cautiously smiled. "Yes, eat. You look like you've been through hell, I had to take precautions, surely you understand. But first, your cleaver, a small price to pay for my hospitality."

    Surprised that she noticed, he reluctantly handed her his cleaver. "Fine, I'll play along."

    Taking his cleaver and sheathing her sword. They both sat at the far ends of the table, awkwardly facing each other. Our protagonist began making a sandwich out of the assorted food items that lay before him.

    "What's your name, kid?" Giving him a stone-cold glare.

    "My name's Max. You know, I wanted to say thank you, for letting me have some of your food here." He held his sandwich high, took a bite, and swallowed. "Why are you letting me have this food of yours anyway?"

    "Oh, I don't know, you look like you needed the help. Besides, you didn't seem that much of a threat when I first laid my eyes on you, after you stupidly yelled throughout the house and gave away your position."

    He rubbed his head nervously and took another bite. "Yeah... that's a thing I usually do if there are any walkers around."

    "Smart, Max, but really dumb at the same time." She rested her head on the palms of her hands and scoffed.

    "Yeah, I know, would be a dinner bell for bandits, but I've always came out unscathed if that was the case."

    "Well then, lucky you, Max. I'm no bandit." She started making herself a sandwich too.

    He hesitated. "What's your name, since you asked for mine?"

    She gave him a mean look after he asked his question and sighed innocently.

    "My name is: Rayne."

    "That's a fantastically beautiful name, Rayne." Grinning, he had felt comfortable for the first time in a long, long while.

    She noticed his distinct smile and smiled back, as they both finished their sandwiches in silence.

    Max got up from his chair. "Looks like I'll be going now, as you probably want me gone."

    Rayne exclaimed. "No, no, stay. I enjoy your company, you seem like a decent-enough sort."

    His eyes widened. "Really?"

    "Yes, Max, really."

    She gave him his cleaver back after her confirmation of letting him stay. Being somewhat excited herself, she showed him around the mansion, explaining the rules of her 'household'.

    And finally, the day turned into night, once again.

    END, of Chapter 1.

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    First I'm honored you commented on my thread as this is just a cheap rip off of your one lol and secondly no thank you the stories on your thread are at such high standard everytime write story there feels like I'm spamming the thread.

    Won't do full review till your finished as not fair but so far I'm really enjoying this grammar and descriptions perfect well spaced out just an real exciting read can't wait to read the rest thank you dragon great imagination here

  • MOAR please but no pressure either take as much time as you need to make best story ever written

  • Just going to put a bump

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    (bows) I appreciate your nice compliments again! And my post above is technically my second comment on your topic here, haha. I'll be sure to add more to my Walking Dead story later today.

    EDIT: I also appreciate you giving me credit, Mark, it really means a lot to me. I'm super glad that I inspired you, it is good to see your topic thriving as well!

  • No problem can't wait to see the rest bro

  • The bumpinator is back than you lol

  • I will join the bump wagon :)

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  • We shall bump them on the beaches! We shall bump on the landing grounds! We shall bump in the fields! And on the streets! We shall bump the hills! We shall never surrender!

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    I will not object to this war of the bumps lol

  • Alright, Mark, I am finished with the first chapter! Let me know what you think! :)

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    Can't do a full review till your finished whole story as won't be fair

    But so far love it fascinating read love the mystery element and can't wait to find out more I was hooked since the first line. Grammar, descriptions and spacing so far perfect really felt in the moment and never got lost in the story very unique writing style love this MOAR

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    Just like say keep up the high standards with the story's haven't read bad one yet and thanks again for everyone who already contributed so much talent on this forum loving it and again I'll welcome any users to add story or link thanks MOAR

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    This Fanfic is about Kenny and Ben. A scenario where both of them survived the alleyway! (And a possible beginning of a new friendship? Hell no...)

    Part1 - The Stache and the shitbird:

    The growling from the walkers drowned out nearly every other sound except for Ben's pained moans. Kenny and Lee stood back to back in defence as the two groups of walking corpses drew slowly but steadily nearer, enclosing the three men in the alley way. There was no way they could defend themselves properly without bullets or blunt force weapons."Please, don't let them get to me!" Ben begged from where he lay on the ground, a broken metal bar sticking out where it had been stabbed clean through his abdominal region. Blood soaked nearly every inch of the teenager's torso. Kenny could barely look at the gory scene for long.

    " You have any bullets left? This one only got one left in it! " Kenny asked. " I'm out. " Lee said. " Shit! " Kenny responded..." Get the fuck out'a here! Go back, she needs you Lee!" He said. " But Kenny... " Lee interupted. " This is not a discussion! " Kenny yelled. " Hell no man, i'm not leaving! " Lee said in a convinced tone. " What the fuck did i just say? " Kenny asked. After that happened, Kenny threw Lee out of the alley and locked the gate. " What the fuck Kenny!? " Lee screamed. " Lee, Lee it's okay! " Kenny said, quietly but convinced. " No Ken, no it's not! " Lee answered in an angry and scared tone. " It's just something i gotta know that! " Kenny respondet.

    And with that, Kenny turned and charged at the walkers with a battle cry. "KENNY!" Lee screamed, yanking at the locked gate with all his might as his friend disappeared from view. Kenny fought tooth and nail, beating each walker's head in with the other end of his gun, and each one fell to the ground, one on top of the other. Kenny was seeing red, letting all the pent of rage inside of him rush through his veins until he was nothing more than a killing machine. "Kenny!" Ben cried, terror in his voice. Kenny spun around, seeing a walker crawling towards Ben, only a couple feet away with its filthy, fleshy mouth hanging open, ready to take a large bite out of the helpless teenager. "Kenny, ple-!" Ben's plead was cut off by the sound of Kenny shooting his only bullet at the walker's face, sending sticky blood spattering all over Ben's own face. The walker fell with a muted thud on top of Ben, who let out a loud whimper as it did. He looked around, noticing that he'd taken out quite a few walkers in his blind fit of anger, and there was some time for Kenny to crouch down next to Ben, toss his gun aside and haul the once-female walker off of him. Ben was shaking, his face extremely pale from terror and loss of blood. His misty grey eyes were unfocused, looking unseeingly at the sky.

    "I need to take you off of this bar, alright? I gotta do this, so we can get out of here. Just brace yourself, kid, we don't got much time." Kenny said. Kenny slid his hands under Ben's torso, preparing to haul him off of the bar in one quick tug. The older man looked up into Ben's face. Ben gave a slight nod, and then squeezed his eyes shut tightly. Kenny yanked with all his strength, and managed to get Ben half way off. A scream of agony tore through the teenager's lips, and Kenny flinched but pretended he hadn't heard it, before giving one final yank, and with a wet, fleshy sound, Ben was free of the bar. Ben had lost consciousness before he even touched the ground again, slumping down lifelessly. Kenny scooped the kid into his arms and pulled him close to his chest, staying down on his knees and looking around wildly for an escape in the tight space. The walkers were drawing close again, but they didn't seem to notice Kenny and Ben quite yet. Ben was bleeding out, fast, and the warm feeling of Ben's blood soaking into Kenny's shirt was enough to launch the older man into frantic action. Kenny stood up, Ben held in his arms, and made a break for a small window in the wall. He fell to his knees again once he reached it and broke it open. It was dark in the building, there was nothing lighting the small room except for the sunset filtering in through a window. But the room was empty, and that was enough for Kenny to awkwardly maneuver Ben through the window, before crawling through it himself. The snarling of the walkers outside became muted by the wall.

    The room appeared to be a small kitchen. It was relatively tidy except for one drawer that lay upside down on the ground, forks and knives scattered artlessly about. There was a musky smell hanging in the air, but Kenny hardly noticed it. The smell of decay was always in the atmosphere, and usually drowned out all other scents. He turned his attention back to Ben. The ground beneath the teenager was already a small puddle of dark red, and Ben's skin was deathly pale, a sheen of sweat coating his face. Kenny cursed quietly, picking Ben back up and laying him out on the small kitchen table. Ben's feet dangled off of the edge, and Kenny smirked humourlessly at the sight. He did the best he could to clean up the fatal wound, and ripped up the sleeves from Ben's sweater to dress it. By the time he was done, every single rag was soaked red with blood. Kenny was worried, to say the very least, about whether Ben would survive this or not. With the wound he was currently bearing, Kenny didn't think living was likely for Ben. There was too much internal damage that Kenny had no idea how to repair. They needed help, and badly. But a doctor wasn't just going to appear out of nowhere, and nor were food and weapons going to.

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    Can't do a full review to your done

    Now this story has more serious tone to the last one you did and that takes real talent to be able to mix up your writing styles so well done there. In terms of the story sensational again full of action and violence very entertaining to read but also had very serious side which loved can already tell going to be quality story More Stache and thanks for share

    Kenny RAMBO kickass love it btw and title made me lmao

  • Thank you for your quick responds, i'm happy that you liked it!

    I will write part2 of this Fanfic tommorow!

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    No prob can't wait for the next part if anyone posts story here always take it seriously as want make this thread to be as legit as possible if see you anywhere else just be stache jokes lol but you deserve the praise just quality

  • I like to joke around (in particular Stache jokes) , but i can be a very serious person if i want to!

    I also wrote a very poetic poem in one of your other threads, do you remember? :D

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    Oh no loved that to was so beautiful and well written I didn't mean to offend you I mean from my perceptive I love the stache jokes lol every time I see you I just respond with a stache joke

  • Everyone loves the Stache jokes! :D

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    Just to let everyone know added Official to the thread title seems more badass to me and as well only thread that lets write your own stories in this section do you like it lol?

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