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    still no news about In Harm's Way.

  • I wouldn't count on it.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator

    Wikipedia isn't reliable since it can be edited by anyone. When using Wikipedia to check facts, always check the source linked in the article. If the source doesn't have an interview or a statement released directly by a staff member at Telltale, then don't trust the source.

    In general, only trust dates released by Telltale staff either on this forum, on the Telltale blog, on the Telltale Facebook page, on Telltale's twitter, or in interviews or statements with large gaming sites that have direct confirmation from a Telltale staff member in the articles. Don't trust the large gaming sites if they don't have confirmation by a Telltale staff member, since they have a tendency to put up placeholder dates that are just guesswork.

  • I just had to look up her name to know who you're talking about. I dunno, I'm not too interested in her - I think a bit more of Colin would be amazing ;)

  • That is also editted by people. The only plan to trust release dates from telltales are here or game sites that confirmed it from here.
  • You can also trust gaming news sites such as IGN. They usually get advance info from Telltale.
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    http://www. classification. gov. au/Pages/Results.aspx?q=the+wolf+among+us&t=lfc

    It's there!!!!
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    All aboard the hype train! *Choo Choo!*
  • 2 Episodes of Telltale at once? Or just a Week or so between them? My Dear, what happened? [insert overreacting Meme here]
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    A Classification... Already? We have not even gotten Ep3 for The Walking Dead. Not sure how to take this...
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    Unfortunately I must object. IGN is like Fox News for Video Games. After my 17 years of following IGN nothing unusually good has come out of it. Never trust IGN to release legit information unless the developer can confirm it themselves. This is what the famous term IGNorant come from. If you've seen Fox News you probably understand what I'm talking about.
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    They could be trying to push the remaining episodes of TWAU and TWD out faster so they can have time to hype up and release the Tales from the Borderlands by fall. Can't complain if we get faster releases just that i hope the overall quality of the remaining episodes doesn't suffer because of it.
  • I take it well cause we might get both this month
  • ...Bloody Mary...

    Let's tango.
  • Welp, there goes my social life! :) Can't wait for the 4th episode! So close!
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    May 20th release perhaps?

    One can dream right?
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    They will likely deliver the remaining episodes a bit faster, but the classificaton board is not an indicator of this.

    Those boards don't judge the game's functionality - like Sony and Microsoft will. They will evaluate narrative content only: graphics, text, voices. We can assume that these and only these things are done if the game receives an age rating by various sources. They'll probably get a barely functional preliminary build of the game, a far cry from the version the console manufacturers are willing to test.

    So while the classification definitely signals 'progress', it doesn't say much concerning episode 4's release date - might be late in May, might be early June...
  • Wonderful :)
  • A Crooked Mile was definitely the most intense episode so far. Can't wait for the future episodes - maybe we'll get the chance to see Bigby's final form :D
  • I could guess two weeks
  • i cant wait i cant wait
  • But the fact that Telltale are considering themselves to be finished with the content of episode 4 (otherwise they wouldn't have sent it for classification) shows that a release may be earlier than June.
  • Well they did make Jurassic Park which had a huge T-Rex so i guess they can make a huge wolf too. I certainly hope so :)
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    They might not consider it finished yet as episode 2 was classified on Jan 9th and didn't release until Feb 4th. Puzzlebox said they sometimes send a unfinished copy of the game to be classified to make the release process faster.

    The classification board shouldn't be classed as 100% fact they they are close to release but hopefully Telltale are now working faster and release it sooner.
  • That's very true.
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    they probably just send parts where's there's intense blood/cursing/ anything to boost up the rating
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    guys stop lol ep 3 is coming out next week for twd, this wont come out until the first week of june.
  • We're sooooooooooooo soon over on twd forum that the episode is.... Less Than a mile around the super soon corner.
  • Various users?
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    Soo..what does everyone play on when it first comes out?

    I play on X360, but sometimes I play on PC just because I can't wait an extra day to get the episode.
  • dojo32161dojo32161 Moderator
    PC, I only get it on one system, and PC seems to be the easiest, at least to me.
  • PC...IPad....Xbox 360. In that order.

    Just Me,
  • Pc..though i own a ps3
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