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If your life were a film, what would the soundtrack be?

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Okay, if this thread is supposed to go in the Forum Games section, then someone please move it if need be.

Anyway, these are the rules:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every category, type the song that's playing, along with the artist and the album name
5. When you go to a new category, press the next button
6. Don't lie.
7. Only do this two three times, one for the original movie and one for the "sequel" one for the "sequel", and one for the "third sequel that nobody really asked for but got anyway". But please, wait until at least 8 10 replies have already been submitted before you do another. The playlist replies, I mean.

Alright, these are mine:

Opening Credits: Driving with the Top Down by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (so...much...awesome...)
Birth: Ignition by TobyMac - Portable Sounds (a bit awkward for child birth, but what the heck)
First Day of School: Back in Black by AC/DC - Back in Black (I can just imagine me swinging into the doors of my school with this music blaring behind me XD)
Falling in Love: Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (...Wow, and right after AC/DC...:confused:)
Fight Song: Iron Monger by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (Yeah, this fits. This fits real good.)
Breaking Up: Cheer Up, Coach Z by Homestar and Coach Z - Hooked on Decemberween (I'd like to try breaking up with someone by singing them this song XD)
Prom: In the End by Pickin' On Series - Bluegrass Tribute to Linkin Park (Okay, I have no idea if I should be impressed or terrified...should be one interesting prom)
Life: American Dream by Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity. (Much better. This could work as my theme song :p)
Mental Breakdown: Confessions (What's Inside My Head) by RED - Innocence & Instinct (Whoa, this actually fits...o_o)
Driving: Everything You Know is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day (YES. This fits PERFECTLY. I just cracked up when I heard this.)
Flashback: GO-4 by Thomas Newman - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (You know this actually fits...somewhat.)
Wedding: Surfin' Bird (Bird is the Word) by Trashmen - (no album name given) (This is one awesome wedding...)
Birth of Child: The Traveling Song by - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (eh, not bad, not what I was expecting...I was expecting Back in Black again XP)
Final Battle: The Feeling by Kutless - To Know That You're Alive (w00t (' ')\m/)
Death Scene: Put On Your Sunday Clothes by Michael Crawford & Company - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (Holy...crap...apparently, I'm going to have some hallucinations on my death bed. "Is that...*censored* angel? Why, yes, *censored*, St. Peter, I would love to *censored**censored* play with you! *giggles gleefully, then five censors*")
Funeral: Hardware Store by Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat (...Well, it IS my funeral, so...)
End Credits: Stars by Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown (And it fits. Now this is my theme song!)

Just take out my songs and replace them with your own, and that's it!

EDIT: You can also comment on other people's songs they came up with.
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  • That's actually a pretty cool idea. Guess I'll take a crack at it.

    Opening Credits: Universally Speaking by RHCP (not really fitting at all, but the shuffle's word is law)

    Birth: Mother Earth by Within Temptation (Hmmm... nope, doesn't work either)

    First Day of School: This Is The Place by RHCP ("This is the place where all the junkies go..." Heh, nice one.)

    Falling in Love: Meet the Creeper by Rob Zombie (... No comment)

    Fight Song: Denial by Sevendust (Pretty perfect, actually. Was hoping for "Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson, though.)

    Breaking Up: Honeymoon Suite by Lacuna Coil (Very perfect.)

    Prom: Outlaw Torn by Metallica (Ohhhkay then...)

    Life: The Speed Of Pain by Marilyn Manson ("When you want it, goes away too fast, times you hate it, always seem to last"... Yup, good choice.)

    Mental Breakdown: I Want To Disappear by Marilyn Manson (Works on every level.)

    Driving: One by Metallica ("Fuel" would have worked a lot better.)

    Flashback: O Fortuna by Therion (Eh... not really flashback-y.)

    Wedding: Special by Garbage ("There's no way in hell I'd take you back"... Must be a pretty bad wedding.)

    Birth of Child: I Don't Like The Drugs by Marilyn Manson (Natural childbirth, then?)

    Final Battle: Fuel by Metallica (Sure, NOW it comes up.)

    Death Scene: One More Soul To The Call by Akira Yamaoka and Mary Mcglynn (Nice choice!)

    Funeral: A Place In The Dirt by Marilyn Manson (I swear, that's what came up. Wow.)

    End Credits: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (Yes!)
  • Opening: The Entertainer by Scott Joplin (That sounds forshadowing...)
    Birth: CaremellDansen by Caremell (Wait... What?!)
    First Day of School: Don't Stop Believing by Journey ("Just a city boy")
    Falling in love: Albuquerque by Weird Al Yankovic (I think my life's a comedy)
    Fight scene: Macho Man by the Village People. (-_-)
    Breaking up: Here it goes again by OK Go. (I'm confused)
    Prom: Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. (Makes sense sorta)
    Life: Your the Best around by Joe Esposito (No comment)
    Mental Breakdown: The Witch Doctor by ??? (Wow.....)
    Driving: Tainted Love by Soft Cell ("Sometimes i've got to get away")
    Flashback: Hamsterdance by Hampton and the Hampsters (....)
    Wedding: Janie's got a gun by Aerosmith (I get married whilst I play unfitting music)
    Birth of child: Gourmet race by Nintendo (no comment)
    Final Battle: Hip Hop Dance by Coach Z
    Death scene: More than a feeling by Boston (Makes some sense)
    Funeral: Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles (LOLWUT?)
    End credits: Leekspin song by ????
  • Opening Credits: Half Day Closing- Portishead (Sounds like I'ma have a creepy movie *insert cackling maniacal laughter*)
    Birth: We're the Replacements -They Might Be Giants ( kinda fits...)
    First Day of School: Waiting - Shiny Toy Guns (no clue what to make of this...)
    Falling in Love: Every Planet We Reach is Dead - Gorillaz (Sounds....optimistic....O-o)
    Fight Song: Vzglyani Na Nebo - GTA4 (Now that I listen to kinda fits...Maybe...)
    Breaking Up: It's a Fire- Portishead (Yep, it fits.)
    Prom: Ruled By Secrecy- Muse
    Life: The Darkest Star - Depeche Mode (Coincidence? I think not!)
    Mental Breakdown: Wild Dances - GTA4 (Oh, that's one awesome breakdown...)
    Driving: Big Girl (You are Beautiful) - MIKA (Epic driving song. XD)
    Flashback: Sister of Night -Depeche Mode (Oh, nice. :D)
    Wedding: I feel Loved - Depeche Mode (Lovely. Get it? Ha!)
    Birth of Child: Experimental Film - They Might Be Giants
    Final Battle: Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix) -Depeche Mode ( Oh, that's an awesome battle. As long as there's no talking...)
    Death Scene: War (Demo 2) - Art of Noise. (No sense whatsoever)
    Funeral: Hold Up - The Raconteurs (This would only fit if....I were getting a sequel as some zombie spirit....or not...darn...)
    End Credits: Bedtime- John Powell (and I end with Horton...great...)

    That was fun. :D
  • StinkomanFan;114431 said:
    Birth: CaremellDansen by Caremell (Wait... What?!)
    Wow, you must have had a pretty awkward childhood. Did people try to stay their distance away from you at the snack table?
  • Opening Credits: Paramore – emergency (yeah right)

    Birth: yellowcard - back home (works in a way)

    First Day of School: opeth – heir apparent (maybe)

    Fight Song: dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - boom, shake the room (or not....)

    Breaking Up: coheed and cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 (no just no)

    Prom: blink 182 – first date (actually this could kinda work for someone)

    Life: nine inch nails –only (eh)

    Mental Breakdown: biffy clyro – joy discovery invention (sorta)

    Driving: ash – detonator (not really)

    Flashback: flood of red – oh yes there will be a flood (traumatic one maybe)

    Wedding: straylight production – foregone destruction (nope)

    Birth of Child: pendulum – the terminal (yeah drum and bass for childbirth)

    Final Battle: black sabbath – paranoid (could work)

    Funeral: reuben - song for Saturday (yeah)

    End Credits: almost lost – inme (maybe)
  • Opening Credits: The Night - Disturbed (yep, that makes zero sense; pretty neat song though)
    Birth: Fight On - Powerglove (a metal cover of music from Killer Instinct.... pretty weird song to play at my birth, but, again, a good song nonetheless)
    First Day of School: Ride the Lightning - Metallica (I'm starting to doubt the abilities of the music managers for this film)
    Falling in Love: Mega Man 2: Wily Part 1 - NESkimos (yep, I need new music managers)
    Fight Song: Nostradamus - Judas Priest (after firing my old music managers, my newly hired team finds a song that almost sounds good with the situation; not quite, though)
    Breaking Up: Baba O'Riley - The Who (good song, and funny to listen to while watching the break up, but the effect isn't exactly what would be desired)
    Prom: Mega Man 2: Wily Part 2/Showdown - NESkimos (I'm beginning to get the feeling that my life is being portrayed in 8-bit)
    Life: Your Sweet 666 - HIM (how disturbing)
    Mental Breakdown: Pain Redefined - Disturbed (this definitely makes the most sense so far)
    Driving: The Unforgiven III - Metallica (this scene was shot in the middle of a torrential downpour; unfortunately, a convertible had been purchased for the shooting of this movie, and the overall effect calls for this song to played)
    Flashback: Metroid - Minibosses (a flashback of me playing Metroid, I suppose... not exactly entertaining)
    Wedding: Another One Bites the Dust - Queen (yes. very yes.)
    Birth of Child: The Time Warp - Riff Raff Columbia Magenta Narrator & the Transylvanians (it's just a jump to the left)
    Final Battle: Power, Wisdom, Courage - Powerglove (somehow, a metal filter of songs from The Legend of Zelda makes sense here)
    Death Scene: A Lonely September - Plain White T's (where's Another One Bites the Dust when you need it?)
    Funeral: Mega Man 2: Crash Man - NESkimos (I can just see my child sitting in the corner playing Mega Man 2 at my funeral)
    End Credits: Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple (whoopee)

    Somehow, the abundance of video game metal throughout the movie makes me wonder if I someday become a game designer. Or a musician, that plays video game metal.
  • metalkombat;114444 said:

    Or a musician, that plays video game metal.
    so doesn't make any money
  • patters;114446 said:
    so doesn't make any money
    Yeah, you're probably right. I don't have any idea how much money someone like Powerglove makes, though... perhaps I surprisingly make it big.
  • I should have mine up soon, just found my strusty, 3rd gen Nano... out of power. Here'es hope that some Flight of the Concords is in my soundtrack!
  • You know you can just do it from iTunes, right?
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