New screenshots for The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 3, 'In Harm's Way'

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The next episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two is nearing release! Here's a sneak peek at what Episode 3 - In Harm's Way has in store for Clem when the group is captured by a brutal new leader...

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Stay tuned for official release dates!


  • Welp, I don't have a good feeling about Carlos...

    No wonder he is the way he is...his group's all holed up at a Lowe's!
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  • Looking nice!
  • i guess we won't have to wait for episode 4 for Clem to put on her warpaint :D
  • No, it doesn't . Did you miss all that blood everywhere? XD
  • I seriously hope that's not Clementine Carver is beating upon.
  • Omg not only is Carver beating someone, he's using a broken walkie talkie. Guys...I really hope that's not Clem's...I have a feeling he got it from someone Clem knows...hopefully he's not beating them with it...I hope it comes out next week :D
  • The #WarmPuffyRainbows thing is funnier when you've seen the Screenshots :D
  • Ahhh! I'm SOOOO excited for Episode 3!!!

    But my Episode 2 still says "Coming Soon" so I haven't got a chance to play it. Even though my Epsiode 1 was fine! If anyone knows how to help, please check out my post about it on my profile and comment if you know how to fix this glitch, and my bio has more info on my problem. Thanks guys! :(
  • I bet this will be even better then episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us! :-D
  • Looks like she´s upgraded her hammer.

    Looking forward to it!
  • Wonder if the episode ends with the zombie herd overrunning the camp, or if it happens halfway through and they manage to keep it from penetrating while it passes around the camp?
  • This screenshots show me that episode 3 has a chance to become even better then episode 2. :) Can't wait for release date.
  • Finally Clem got a warm jacket. I was freezing along with her for all of Episode 2.
  • holy shit dude good eye damn that's a very interesting theory u got my like for that
  • guys remember the preview of episode 2? in episode 1 it looked different then the episode 2 itself so the preview in episode 3 wont be like episode 3 itself either
  • They all live in a supermarket?
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    lets gets the ball rolling on episode 3 harms way its taking to fucking long for me man
  • (has an orgasm)
  • Carver seems like a copy of the governor in original TWD; and the new place will probably be a copy of Woodbury. A little dissapointing story, but also makes us wonder in what way will ttg interpret it.
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  • If its not Clementine that Carver is beat up then it could be Sarah, Rebecca or Sarita. All those three have a blue top on and have dark hair witch is pretty much all you can work out from that angel. If it was Sarita I could see Kenny losing it - apparently Carver is fighting Kenny at some point in this episode.
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    wait it could be a zombie
  • This is going to be great on Vita :)
  • If you look at Achievements for the episode you know that's not true. Long Way Down - Witnessed a murder, Always the Quiet Ones - someone is going to steal radios, Not in Nottingham - Got beaten down.

    DO you really think Carver is going to be good guy? Seriously? Come on
  • That picture of Carver would be a great wallpaper. For my room.
  • Is this where we violently pummel and beat up Bonnie with a hammer? Grrrrr.
  • What if it's Nick? Oh god.
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