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Do the Brothers Chaps hate anime now?

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At TV Tropes, there's a page full of wild mass guessing about Homestar Runner, and the newest theory there has me worried. It theorizes that recent events may have made the Brothers Chaps hate anime and Japanese culture and may have jeopardized the completion of Stinkoman 20X6 Level 10. The relevant text from that page is as follows:
Watch Behind the Bad: Episode 2. During Strong Bad's break-in, he notices an employee's desk littered with anime figurines. He promptly tells said employee to "move out of his parents basement." While I first thought of this as a simple, throwaway joke, eventually the 2008 Thanksgiving toon and 8-bit is Enough came out. Both of these portrayed Stinkoman, the website's anime parody character, as obnoxious and annoying, different from previous appearances. (Hell, in 8-bit is Enough, Strong Bad outright states that Stinkoman is no longer "kind of cool", and has to kill him to proceed.)

This all came to a head in the toon "4 Gregs", with the character Japanese Culture Greg. He can't speak a normal sentence without interjecting a random Japanese word, none of which make any sense in context. This is atypical of the internet's (not entirely incorrect) stereotype of the common weeaboo. To bring this full circle, his first line is him suggesting that his group of friends "stare at vinyl figurines", just like the ones in the Telltale office. I can't help but think that these things are linked somehow.

* Considering how embarassing the subculture is, I'm rather surprised they haven't poked fun at them earlier.
* It gets worse: when they finally acquired the services of their Flash game programmer Johnathan Howe again around the time of Dangeresque 3's release, rather than take the opportunity to finally make the long-awaited Stinkoman 20X6 Level 10, they instead made a one-room Dangeresque adventure game. The Brothers Chaps' new-found hatred of Japanese culture may have doomed the completion of Stinkoman 20X6.
Admittedly, I wrote that last paragraph, but I'm still worried. Can anyone at Telltale confirm or deny any of this?
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    BiggerJ;114898 said:
    Can anyone at Telltale confirm or deny any of this?
    Urm, I think it's safe to deny an absolute fabrication.
  • My internet connection keeps dropping out, so I may be posting too late.

    I was going to reply to that WMG post when I saw it, but I guess I didn't. I'm not sure how much refuting is okay to do on that page.

    Stinkoman's always been obnoxious. Just watch the cutscenes in Stinkoman 20X6. He cares more about a chicken bone in his soup than the fact that Pan Pan's been kidnapped, and he doesn't care that 1-Up's going to wander blindly through the dangerous Lava Zone until 1-Up takes his power crunch with him.

    There have been more Japanese media parodying lately, but they parody everything. Possibly they've just been thinking about it more lately. Or at least thinking about Stinkoman more. When you're trying to think of two more nerd stereotypes, Japanophile, if that's the right word, comes up pretty easily.

    Also, I think Strong Bad would've said that about any collection of figurines. They just happened to be anime characters.

    In fact I feel like the person who wrote the original entry was not all that serious about it. Most WMG posts aren't all that serious.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The Chapmans delivered that "someone needs to stop moving with their parents" line completely devoid of any context -- they just gave us a bunch of SB dialog lines which we were supposed to cut together into something coherent -- and Nick and I thought it would be funny (and appropriate) to make it so Strong Bad was ripping on Scott's collection of dorky anime and manga figurines. I imagine they recorded the line with the intention of it being related to someone's desk with a pile of toys or comics or games on it, but um I dont think its because they "hate anime now." You guys are weird.
  • Jake;114907 said:
    You guys are weird.
    Nature abhors a vacuum, so it fills it it with anything nearby. Nerds abhor an information vacuum, so they fill it with the most likely-sounding (to them) explanations and theories they can think of.
  • Jake;114907 said:
    (...)but um I dont think its because they "hate anime now." You guys are weird.
    So, it's not the Chapmans that hate's Jake and Nick?:eek:
    No, I am just kidding...actually I didn' even notice that the figures in the video are anime-related. It just felt right for Strong Bad to deliver that line, while looking at a desk with toys of some sort..
  • No, the Chapman brothers hate practically everything.

    Here's a short list of the things the Chapbros hate:
    • Manga and anime
    • American comic books (evident in alternate universe)
    • Dragons (evident in Trogday 2008)
    • Fans
    • Dumpy little brothers
    • Rappers
    • Pretty much everything
    Also, everybody knows Homestar is a communist.
  • Jake;114907 said:
    You guys are weird.
  • that is just stupid im sure tbc researched japanese so they would use words at the right time.
  • Yeah, how else would they have known "otaku" and "okaasan"? Even if they ust heard them somewhere, they must care somewhat to bother getting the definitions right.
  • I honestly don't believe that TBC do not hate anime. In fact, I would even say that this thread is, is, is, *brain snaps*
    *pant pant*
    Anyway, I think that BiggerJ might be jumping to conclusions a bit. They just happen to be parodying anime a little more lately, that's what I see.
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