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sam and max season 3 release

posted by presidentmax on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I'm sure this has been asked before but i'm curious as to when your aiming to release the 3rd season of sam and max.

Is it still coming out this year? is it going to be right at the end of the year as a guess?
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  • patters;111546 said:
    its cancelled they are going straight to season 4
    LOL, oh, they are pulling a Leisure Suit Larry on us then?:P

    Ok, seriously thanks for replying guys, and especially mikew, that brings things into perspective and i guess i was right saying we'd have Wallace before season 3 of Sam and Max :p It's all good. I can wait a few more ... :confused: ... :eek: ... *faints*
  • Im sorry for what I'm about to do, but I can't help myself.
    langley;111535 said:
    Depends on your basis of comparison. For shows on HBO like The Sopranos, Six Feed Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Flight of the Concords, the season will starts on different months, sometimes more than a year apart. The same is true if you look at other networks... like FX with Nip/Tuck and its other shows, or the BBC with The Office.

    Hmm, apparently I watch more TV than I thought I did.
    Grammatical e--*shot*
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    langley Telltale Staff
    16_BIT_MARIO1;111551 said:
    Im sorry for what I'm about to do, but I can't help myself.

    Grammatical e--*shot*
    Back at ya! I'M sorry. :)
  • langley;111560 said:
    Back at ya! I'M sorry. :)
    YOU DARE BRING ERRORS TO MY LAIR?! YOU MUST DIE!! *Writes Langley in Death Note*
  • You guys should put the option to go around the whole building even the sub basement of solitude
  • I can not wait for Season 3, hopefully to be launched this year!
  • *cries* still no season 3
  • I sware, reading this and past S3 threads, I think some of you people are severly addicted to S+M... TTG, you better be careful or guys are gonna be busted for selling e-crack! ;) lol
  • Saaaaaaaaaam and Maaaaaaaaaax, i need Saaaaaaaam and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
    *Evil zombie growl*

    Max:Sam That guy is looking at me weirdly. Can i polonaise,colonize and beet the snot out oh him, pretty please!
    Sam:Can think of a reason not to.
  • I had not played Sam and Max for over a decade, and when these games came out I was hooked from the first episode. Well done TellTale you took a hard game to top like HTR and made something awesome.
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