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So..when's the next season of Sam & Max?

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I mean TWD and Fables is pretty cool and all but I can't wait for more Sam & Max. :(

  • We might see stand alone episodes, but whole season is unlikely at the moment.


    Bruner also emphasized, "We love Sam & Max and certainly haven't forgotten about them! I think you'll see something smaller (more like Poker) than a full Season, and probably not for a bit, but we have NOT forgotten about them, we've just been super busy growing like crazy."

  • Well, Telltale seems to have a legacy for doing one or two seasons of something then moving on... Given all the irons they had in the fire at the time Season 3 came out, I'm actually still surprised that we even got that third season when we did.

    Even their wildly popular walking dead game, I would not be shocked if that only lasted for another season before they abandon it as well... That's just how they roll, they burn through 2-3 IP's a year and never come back to them.

    It's not really a good thing or a bad thing... But I do agree with a lot of review sites that say TT is getting to big for their own skin.
    • Actually, since you mention it, there was a point I was originally gonna raise earlier, but I didn't want to ramble.

      Have you noticed that TWD is the first non Sam & Max game to GET another season? The thing is, the marks of a chosen telltale franchise seemed to be characters with a timeless sort of appeal - the kind of thing that you'd likely enjoy just as much 10 years from now, as you would today, and a goofy, creator-driven sense of anything-goes.

      Homestar's a perfect example of that, as is Wallace + Gromit and Monkey Island. Telltale had a good streak going, they likely could have done perfectly well with a second SBCG4AP, but the S&M were the only franchise that didn't make you ask, "would a sequel really add to the franchise, or would it just be more of the same?"

      But nowadays, I feel like the current philosophy is picking what's hot now. There was a definite transitional feel during the Universal era - BTTF is an absolute classic, and it'll never get old, but it didn't really have that same natural fit. Jurassic Park, eh. I think it wasn't a bad game, it was just trying to be something that the fans didn't want it to be. And it doesn't feel like a coincidence that that film is memorable, but the characters don't quite reach that memorable status.

      I just replayed Strong Badia the Free yesterday. Yeah, I love me some comedy, but even ignoring that, I just don't see TWD reaching that kind of replay value. And we're talking about a game that was touted for its player-based choices. The lack of a skip-dialog button seems like a testament to that. The game design did not account for the kind of people who'd want to click on everything, just to hear what a character would say. I don't think they've lost "it", though, and Borderlands could very well prove to be a compromise between the two styles, although I'll have to take other peoples' word for it.

      (just to drive the point home more, fondly recalling the Homestarmy draft scene was my sole motivator to replay. I hadn't played any other games for months.)
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        Jennifer Moderator
        CSI was actually the first Telltale season (all of the CSI games were still a Telltale style season, but all five cases were released at once rather than monthly, like was done later with Jurassic Park) to get a sequel, even before Sam & Max. It also holds the current record for the most amount of sequels, with four seasons (each with five cases).

        I've said it in another thread, but the current direction of Telltale in regards to their choosing of licenses isn't really much different than it always has been. They have their comedy games (Sam & Max, Monkey Island, and the first Poker Night prior to 2011, and Back to the Future, Borderlands, and the Poker Night sequel from 2011 onwards). And then they have their serious games with large licenses (CSI prior to 2011, and The Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones from 2011 onwards).

        The only property (outside of properties that are mostly Telltale creations such as Telltale Texas Hold'em, Puzzle Agent, and Poker Night) that Telltale had licensed prior to Back to the Future in which it is even possible for them to make a new game for is Sam & Max. Wallace & Gromit sadly can't get a sequel because Telltale lost the rights (the same goes for Bone, which is a shame because even Jake Rodkin lamented the fact that Telltale no longer had the license while he still worked at Telltale, since he said current Telltale could make a great Bone game). Tales of Monkey Island is also most likely out of question, since Disney now owns LucasArts and they have currently only shown interest in licensing out the Star Wars properties. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is also out of the question, since was created completely by two brothers and their wives, and they're all very busy with other projects now (so much so, that the website was only just updated once this year after a hiatus of over three years). Even CSI seems unlikely, as Ubisoft has moved away from releasing CSI games for PC and console and are now releasing CSI games only for Facebook and mobile platforms.
  • If they do continue with Sam & Max games, then I hope they use the graphic style they've been using with their recent games (Borderlands, Wolf among us, etc). I think Sam & Max would translate perfectly in that way. It keeps all the "gritty-ness" of 2d drawings without sacrificing the 3d element.

    • I hope your joking. :/
      I have no idea how they would have Sam look like in that style
      It may look good, But I think they are fine as they stand
      Plus, that would be a shit ton of new assets to make

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        Jennifer Moderator

        The Sam & Max games actually started out as comics, so a comic book style aesthetic like Wolf Among Us would work great. Poker Night 2 is the closest Telltale has ever gotten to making the characters look like their comic book counterparts, but there's definitely still room for improvement.

        • I know they have started in comics before (Not trying to be arrogant) an I just think they look even more beautiful then the comics.
          And that it shined in season 3. Also, the comic style makes it look gritty and non-colorful even though it can show off a lot of bright colors.
          Sam and max have always been colorful and full of humor, and thats why I think the first art style truly shines

  • Yeah it has been over 4 years since we last saw a sam and max game. I really hope they listen to us one day.

  • Think its well overdue. But sadly I think there letting the ip die. I hate seeing my favorites die :(

    • Well, they're working on something Sam & Max related; we just don't know what it is yet. And from what my brother told me about how close before the release date they announced Poker Night 2, we'll probably be seeing the same kind of thing. No news until shortly before release. Then we can ecstatically freak out :D

  • I don't think the series is dead yet I mean we are in the generation in of Reboots so a franchise like this only needs the right PR.

  • Come on telltale give us something! If your not going to make a season 4 at least give us some stand alone episodes! Deep down I think if Borderlands does well telltale will consider some more Sam & Max...In my dreams I guess hugs my surfing the highway book

  • There may be hope if you recall the Doom's Day Scenario depicted on "They stole Max's Brain". All we need to do is try and contact either TTG's bigwigs or Steve Purcell and suggest they cook up the very scenario for the new season!

  • Hi, everybody.
    What's new for Sam & Max season 4 ?

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Telltale announced back in 2013 that a new Sam & Max game would be coming. It might just be one episode, but there's a chance that it could be more as they only said that it wouldn't be a full season, but not necessarily that it would be just one episode.

      They just started making a small miniseries with The Walking Dead Michonne. They also apparently copyrighted the term "Telltale Miniseries" according to the logo), so a three episode miniseries (or something of a similar length) of Sam & Max is possible.

  • I don't care if it's even just a half of a episode if it involves Sam and Max I will be so pumped for it!

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