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Please finish the Bone games.

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You really should make the rest of the Bone games. It doesn't seem fair for you to just stop in the middle of the story. Is there any chance that, when the Bone movie is released, you will start making more Bone games? I really like the comics and I probably would have bought the games instead of Sam & Max if there were plans to finish the series.
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  • meretchen;102163 said:
    Yes, but then what about the dragon? Why were the rat creatures out to get the Bones? Will Thorn respond favourably to Fone Bone's romantic advances? What is it with grandma and the dragon? There are many unanswered questions.

    It would be nice to have a third Bone game - or at least an ending to the story somehow, even if it is just in a comic book or a film.
    You could always read the original comics...
  • Maybe we prefer video-games to reading?
    Not me but I don't like buying "things" online, don't mind a download but actual stuff seems too risky too me, don't have a good experience with online buying.
  • Didn't Max outlaw reading?...
  • Well, now that SBCG4AP is done, maybe the team will have enough time to go back and do the next game. Oh, wait, they still have Wallace and Grommit to do, and probably the new season of Sam and Max. Nevermind, then.
  • Some Manner Of...;106099 said:
    Didn't Max outlaw reading?...
    Im living in Ireland so Max has no control over me!
  • The Burninator;105967 said:
    Maybe we prefer video-games to reading?
    Not me but I don't like buying "things" online, don't mind a download but actual stuff seems too risky too me, don't have a good experience with online buying.
    Can you not buy them at a bookstore? They're all over the place here in Canada. (By the way, I'm assuming that you were talking about buying the Bone Comics online.)
  • The Burninator;105967 said:
    Maybe we prefer video-games to reading?
    Not me but I don't like buying "things" online, don't mind a download but actual stuff seems too risky too me, don't have a good experience with online buying.
    There in every major bookstore I've been to and even school bookfairs.:)
  • Telltale has improved so much over time, if they went back to make even one closing episode (and maybe improve the first two in some ways) I'm sure it'd sell well and everyone would be happy that it's not an unfinished series just lying about.

    Of course, it's still up to TTG. I'll support these guys no matter what. :)
  •'s's possible..
  • A single episode would be a pretty weird way to wrap up the series, when the first two are based on two out of nine books. Granted, a book per game is not necessarily how they should continue to do it (and in fact, they stated that they would not do it that way back when additional Bone games were treated like near-future projects), but there's still a good 75-80% of the story left to tell. Seems like an awful lot to cram into a single episode, unless it's going to be a giant, feature-length game that they'll retroactively label the first two games as a "prologue" to.

    I see three options regarding how they can handle Bone (aside from abandoning it), should Telltale ever see the endeavor as feasible from a financial and scheduling standpoint:

    1) Continue the story in the form of sparsely released, not-publicly-scheduled episodes that are similar in terms of length and format to the first two games. I personally like this idea, but obviously have no knowledge of the type of internal issues it would introduce (though I'm guessing it isn't any less than would stem out of returning to Bone at all after this long of a moratorium). The benefit of this is that they don't have to change the format of the series midway through the story. Bone is on an extremely different episodic model than what Telltale adopted for all subsequent projects, and it's basically been said that this is because the company was still trying to figure out what they were doing, but I also argue that there are story-related reasons for keeping Bone on a "mini series" structure as opposed to a "sitcom" structure (Telltale's terms). I could live with, say, yearly releases of new Bone episodes if that's the only way Telltale can get the story finished without screwing up all their other projects. Since Telltale evidently has a hard time finding room for Bone amidst the seasonal productions and since the Bone story ends when it ends, dragging out the series into an annual or semi-annual (the original idea for it anyway, I think) thing does make some sense. Since the Bone team is said to have become the Sam & Max/Strong Bad team, Bone episodes could, say, be a project that is tackled between Sam & Max seasons. This biggest obstacle this idea would face would be from a marketing standpoint - having to remind the world of the series' existence every time a new episode comes out. Still, the idea of there being an "annual installment of the epic Bone adaption" doesn't seem utterly preposterous to me.

    2) Continue the story in the form of a scheduled season a la the other series. This could work, but would be tricky to pull off. Would the first two episodes comprise the first two episodes of the "season," which would otherwise be handled like Sam & Max/Strong Bad/W&G? If, for example, the series turned out to be six episodes, would the first two just be a free third of the season, or at least free to those who had already bought them, and the season a customer would purchase would just be Episodes 3-6? It could conceivably work with some creativity and the proper education of the populace, but there would be a lot of confusion to address. There's also the issue of storytelling - the first two Bone games are a lot less self-contained than most other Telltale episodes, ending on major cliffhangers. Would Telltale continue to do that within a seasonal type approach? (Granted, there's nothing saying they can't.) I would also have pointed out the matter of episode length consistency (under the assumption that a "seasonal" continuation would mean shorter episodes as a trade off for higher release frequency), but frankly the Strong Bad episodes and the latest Sam & Max episodes have been pretty on-par with the length of Cow Race, so that's really not an issue anymore.

    3) Start all over, and call the first two episodes failed experiments or "Bone specials" or something. I would highly dislike this, but it's probably the easiest thing to do from a marketing perspective and eliminates the issue of stylistic/tonal/length/tech continuity that would probably be a factor thanks to the gap between Cow Race and any third episode. There's also the fact that the team hasn't worked on a Bone game in three years. It may or may not be easier for them to start anew than try to continue something that was abandoned three years ago. There's also the benefit of being able to improve the adaptations thanks to experience and better tech. I'm pretty happy with the first two Bone games, but some things that were cut, like the winter season in the valley, probably wouldn't have to be cut at 2009 era Telltale. Of course, they could also, as has been suggested, update the first two games before starting on a third. With the Director's Cuts they already did that kind of revisionism.
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