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  • Snatch Sol and Vinny B**** lol finally
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    No thank you for taking the time to write it even though your so busy was definitely worth the wait and adds another quality story to my thread I'm delighted thanks for the share really appreciate it Matt and can confirm your very talented writer you should be proud just superb
  • I wont lie to you, I did write a lot of it while I was at work during slow shifts, like right now it's 5 am and i'm not knocking off till 9.30 am. I haven't been on the forum much lately just because the company I work for is just throwing work at me.
  • Well thanks not sure to say great get so much work or say damn it feel bad your so busy must be wrecked but hope you enjoyed writing the story and I didn't cause more stress but thanks delighted with the story
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    Did this for a thread about Carley's backstory again so long might as well put it here tried something dark and disturbing because like doing something different and mixing up my styles of writing to see if I'm any good lol first time tried this type of story theme a creepypasta

    The reason Carley can't put batteries in anything?(threw something together don't be to harsh lol)

    Warning very disturbing tried feel story very dark btw

    Carley was asleep in her bed it was nice and warm it was her childhood bed.She was dreaming about her adventures as a child and her parents who always seemed to be there when she needed them deep down only reason she never had kids was because she always felt she could never be as good a mother as her own almost angelic in her thoughts.

    You see Carley never visited her parents much they were getting old and Carley had a job which required her to work long hours but in the end be worth it as at least she could eventually reach her dream job. Of course she quit in a moment to be back with her parents but of course her parents would never let her risk her future even though deep down they missed her.

    Suddenly Carley awoke to screaming the sound bursting her eye-drums it was pitch black. She closed her eyes tightly screaming to herself "PLEASE WAKE UP PLEASE WAKE UP" she then opened her eyes but the nightmare was still there. She quickly grabbed her torch and gun willing to risk her life to save her parents if anything happened. She sneaked out to the hall being as quiet as possible to kill the intruder before they could react or spot her. But she struggled as she was so scared and worried her breath seemed to want to scream and shout each step causing the floor to creak loudly she soon felt her only option was just to run for the door open it quickly and shoot. She sprinted for the door, opened it but then dropped her Torch. "SHIT SHIT" Carley screamed as batteries fell out till this day only regret is putting them back in this event scarred her for the rest of her life. With nerves and fear Carley couldn't put batteries back in as her hands shook with fear but managed it somehow.

    The light ran towards each corner of the room unveiling a horror film blood everywhere she then saw her parents "THERE ALIVE" she screamed with tears in her eyes as she ran over to hug them suddenly she froze in fear. It looked like her parents but as she looked into their eyes she didn't see the love and memories of her childhood but heartless monsters she coudn't understand why as they came closer.

    "MAM DAD ARE YOU OK ANSWER ME" Carley screamed in tears she was cornered her only chance was to shoot her parents in the head it was an easy shot which seemed impossible as her brain refused to let her press the trigger. "I'M SORRY" Carley cried she shut her eyes tightly and shot BANG BANG!! suddenly the noise stopped she only could hear was a thud on the ground the complete silence which followed seemed like the loudest noise she ever heard and fainted.

    The End

    The reason Carley can't put batteries in anything was because such an horrific event occurred and her brain blocked it out as it couldn't function with that memory and the regret over putting the batterys back in the torch it was central point of that memory making her unable to ever put batterys in anything ever again at risk of the memory coming back. Subconsciously her brain wouldn't let her


    Sorry for bad grammar or story just threw something together quickly
  • Did I write whole story just for that scene YES lol
  • Well at least you're capable of throwing something together quickly, unlike me which is very slowly XD.
  • It's about quality not amount of time it takes Matt if read my stories you know that lol XD
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    Speaking of amount of time...i won't be able to write the last part of my epic Fanfic today. I am still writting on it, but i'm not sure yet how i want the story to end.

    But anyway, i can spoil you one thing... It's coming super soon and is just around the corner!
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    No rather wait and get the best story possible then get it earlier and potentially be worse only post it when you feel it's the best story you can make it and truly feel can't be any better and your proud of it rather wait you have to finish this masterpiece the way it deserves in my opinion good luck stache
  • ( Insert Kenny " you got it " gif here!)
  • Speaking of which, whats going on with the forum, I have worked every day for the last 2 weeks and all I know is I hopped on today and a lot of the functionality is gone.
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    Trolls posted graphic pictures of baby's or something worse then porn I missed it by heard a rumor thats what it was forcing the mods to ban gifs, memes, features etc till they get better security measures on the forum
  • Be happy that you missed it, i am still having nightmares of this pictures! It were pictures of a dead baby, with his whole body opened, absolutely disgusting and sick!

    So yes, the mods did a good thing by making us unable to Post pictures and videos!
  • Fair enough, sounds reasonable. Anyway i'm going to bed on account of it being 10.30 in the morning rofl, i'm glad you enjoyed my fanfic Spark :P
  • Spark love it my sister called me that as a kid makes me feel epic thanks for remembering and thanks for the story and good night
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    Agreed I actually had to facepalm myself because whole day was criticizing the mods over the decision saying your letting trolls win and are punishing users etc because never knew what happened taught was just typical troll attack. When I heard what happened finally I completely agreed and was honestly ashamed of myself
  • I wasn't mad at all about this, because as i mentioned before, i saw this horrible pictures myself!

    It's just sad to know that there are sick people like this out there, who really enjoy such terrible things!
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    True I don't get offended easily even the porn pics but dead babys pic that's where I draw the line the mods had no other choice agreed not just liking them but getting pleasure from sharing them that takes sick to a new level
  • Awesome, awesome job dude. One fanfic I want to see happen is one where Ben is shot instead of Doug. Someone make it happen!
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    Thanks for taking the time to read and review it love the name btw sure someone can make that happen and I can confirm in most of my story's Ben ends up getting shot in the head lol
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    Just to tell users I will be going on holiday to Spain for a week tomorrow night the thread is still open for stories and I promise to thumb and review all stories left here during my absence when I return.(hand ownership of thread to users while I'm gone lol)

    Also give the origin story behind this thread for no reason lol


    I wanted to write a TWD/TLOU crossover but there was nowhere to post it but I also wanted to read TWD stories so if I could create a thread to have everything in one place just be a dream for me. I wanted a thread that would give users full control over their story's can be about anything only restriction is their imagination. Give users a creative outlet as not thread like this and give them proper feedback.

    Ps: All credit for idea goes to Dragon butter who had same sort of thread in TWAU forum


    I feel if someone puts the effort in to spend hours writing a story for my thread the least they deserve is a decent review. Also when I wrote stories on Dragons thread even though always appreciated when someone commented that's awesome, that's brilliant etc my first reaction is I would be grateful they liked it but always wanted to know exactly why they liked it. So I write reviews that I would want if I spent hours on a story I know as a writer exactly what review is required for stories of that length and what they deserve in my opinion.

    ps: Encourage users to comment on eachothers stories my reviews are so long because it's my thread and feel obliged even something as simple as "I liked that" on someone story can be really helpful and much appreciated


    Quite frankly feel this type of thread should only be used if your story is truly exceptional in most cases bad idea. I honestly felt my story was awesome but did it warrant a thread to itself wasn't certain enough to do it. I wanted to create a thread where users could share story's not kind where read my story then tell me how great I am sort of thing lol.

    PS: Tyler's and Boylan were of in the exceptional standard case and fully deserved individual threads


    Everytime as a user I visit these type of threads the story is already to advanced for me to catch up with trying to remember everything for the plot even when their summarized I forgot most of it lol. Obviously added restrictions of writing predetermined story following a certain path in the plot restricting your ideas to make any other sort of story then continuing someone elses already established plot. Rather give users full control to write whatever they want


    Not around when I made this thread but still would not of considered it like telltale illusion of choice your only input is an answer while constantly just reading someone elses story. If your great writer and if you have the patience to write a story everyday recommend it but personally a story everyday is not my thing rather see peoples story's and write couple of my own without added pressure only write a story if I feel I have great idea daily stories will force you to write stories without necessary time to perfect your ideas and time to really reflect and really perfect the concept plus don't get to see the users get creative and see their awesome stories.

    Ps. Boylan and Raging Blades,Harpar etc are quality writers capable of writing quality in such space of time each day they warrant this type of thread


    Can't draw at all and Tobi perfected it even the best artists don't stand a chance look awful compared to his thread and comic


    When you write the only restriction is your imagination you can create anything. Always wanted TWD/TLOU crossover and see how the characters would interact made that happen through a story exactly the way I would of wanted it to if they made a game. Wanted the genius of the Joker in TWD wrote another story and made that happen way I wanted the joker to be in TWD. You see anything is possible you can make anything happen or story interact exactly the way you want it to make characters behave and act the way you want perfect.


    I don't write unless feel my idea is worth sharing and worth reading try write a story if I was user the kind I would love to read. I try to fit in as much action, violence, heart, comedy and psychology as I can and make it as entertaining to read as possible because most of the time when I'm writing I try to entertain myself with writing intense and fun scenes as quite frankly get bored easily and have no concentration so when I write my inner kid keeps making me kill people and have lots of explosions and unnecessary over the top fight and action scenes but try to do it in intelligent way. I already know the start, middle and end before I write so each scene is structured toward a certain goal to either enhance the ending or certain upcoming part or beef up some upcoming scenes making them more powerful to the reader. I'm Inspired more by films then books so my story's are written like blockbusters films when visualize each scene when I'm writing. My main inspirations are Dark Knight, The Matrix, Inception, Shutter Island, Kill Bill, The last of us, Bioshock infinite, TWD etc have so many

    Heroes and Villains: Hate this method of story telling always try to make each side the anti-hero to make the reader question which side is truly right and which is wrong really down to perceptive always method to their madness no right or wrong just survival

    Moral: Always a hidden moral behind all my stories for example TWAU/TWD crossover it's about losing every battle till hope is gone and then facing impossible situation to never give up hope for that magic moment and bright future even when the light seems at its darkest.


    It surpassed my wildest dreams not only did my story get a positive response but all story's posted by users was of such high standard and still haven't read bad one yet that shocked me also felt intimidated as a writer to see story's that made my own look sh**. I felt I improved as a writer just by reading users story's as you notice little things they use to enhance their stories and through researching every detail in my reviews I fully comprehend how made it so good. I truly feel story's here are some of the best TWD fanfics ever written in my opinion


    IT SHALL LIVE FOREVER as long as a story can be told or a user has the courage to make a daydream a reality and let their imagination go wild about how they want TWD to be or just to read a quality story by the most talented users on the forum this will be the place.

    Few my story's on the thread can read when I'm gone all classics lol plus love any feedback

    The Last Of Us/The Walking Dead crossover in OP

    Clem Practice chapter top of page 3

    The Dark Knight/Walking Dead Cross over bottom of page 3

    The Wolf Among/ The Walking Dead Cross over middle of page 6

    Parody TWD Mini-story pg 11

    Creepy pasta Carley mini story pg 11(my only rushed story if think it's shit don't blame you lol)


    The Walking Moustache

    Clayton Boylan


    Tobi is a good buy

    Dragon Butter


    Raging Blades(? not confirmed)

    and many more quality guaranteed also check out Tobi's thread on wednesday to see next part of his quality comic

    Want to thank every user that contributed a story to this thread for not just taking the time to write it but believeing in this thread and taking the chance using my thread to post it very grateful always genius and very imaginative you all set the bar in terms of fanfic quality every last one without you this thread would be worthless and dead by now. Anyone who viewed, liked the thread or just commented contributed to make the thread what it is now thank you

    As always this thread open to any user to write a story or leave a link to a fanfic for me it's more about the bravery to a write the story then the quality don't be scared get creative the more and longer the better be creative and have a shot I'll thumb and review as always or just read a story on this thread love them all believe me.

    Miss you all don't cry to much only a week lol

  • You know, the character who play Sol in Snatch plays as Morgan in the Walking Dead?
  • YES seriously though MOAR lol
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    Thanks lol Not heading off till tonight this thread must live in my absence Clay your the boss of this thread while I'm gone serve it well
  • Once upon a time...the end.
  • Bumps...bumps everywhere.
  • Things I like

    The start

    The End



    Thanks for the share TWDfan86 short and sweet
  • Toy story Woody and Buzz lightyear come on to easy lol
  •'re getting better at the game!
  • Thank you and you're welcome! :D
  • Damn wrote disturbing story there after reread it messed lol but meh enjoy it tried something different from my usual stories
  • Clayton: Honor Guard, Seven Gun salute!

    (Seven guys come out of line and fire into the sky)

    Clayton: Mark, for the days you will be will be missed. (Crying)
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    I'm honored (Army salute)

    Mark: You have been my most loyal soldier Clay and served this thread and country to the highest standard imaginable also added so many stories of such high unreachable standard and I approve and award you the Markd Medal of awesomeness and Matt(Aus), Stache official Bro status wear it with pride

    I will miss you all
  • Dude, with all the potential spoilers on other threads this is the only thread I want to talk on right now. I cant wait till 203 is out so we can all get back to talking about nonsense.

    Also bump.
  • I'm gone for a week tomorrow so miss all the nonsense for a while lol but agreed all the spoilers are annoying I got s2 ep2 completely spoiled because I'm ps Vita practically every scene pissed me off
  • This is my last post here before I go tomorrow left post above to keep you informed and lots of other cool stuff and thangs while I'm gone enjoy
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