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Why I love Telltale Games!

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 780 users
[*]Excellent customer support![/LIST]These guys actually respond to our problems every single day of the week, and they do it well! None of this automated stuff that doesn't help -- they actually know what they are talking about.

2. They listen to their customers!

When we wanted different lines recorded in the Sam and Max episodes, what did they give us? Exactly that! When we wanted a poster print of the DVD cover, what did they give us! Exactly that! Unlike a lot of companies that don't actually care what the people think as long as they make money, Telltale listens!

3. They talk to their customers!

The fact that they keep a blog telling us what they are up to at stuff like Comic-Con is really interesting and makes you feel like one big, happy family! ;)

4. Episodes in games

People were sceptic about the episodic style, but Telltale pulled it off extremely well and I support the idea. Instead of long gaps between games, you get them every month or so which really fullfills your need for the games.

5. Sam and Max

'nuff said. Come on LucasArts, sell Monkey Island rights to Telltale...
note to telltale: I'm not sure if Monkey Island would work in episodic format... but y'never know!

There is much more, I just haven't mentioned it/can't think of it at 10:15pm! Three cheers to Telltale!

P.S. Post here what you love about Telltale! :D
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  • I think the best thing about telltale is the fact that, even though they are a small company in a big market, they still went bold and tried new things...Not many companies would have taken on a francise like Sam & Max, let alone make it episodic, and also then make a DVD that actually had great audio commentaries...

    I also love the fact that, as a few people mentioned, they take the time to come on the forum and give us news first hand, as well as support and just mess around...XP
  • I consider TellTale one of my two favorite videogames companies ( since i threw Blizzard out of the 3 ).

    Great service, great games, Sam and Max, great people. Of course they are not perfect. I mean... i'd like some new Sam and Max info to make me happy but heh, i just need to be patient. Games that i am interested in buying are few and far betweens. In fact, REALLY far betweens. But besides Bones i own all of TellTales catalog. Maybe i'll check Bones out soon. I really enjoy whatever they come up with. Who knows. I think i'll buy out the store one day.
  • They make great adventure games with great characters, and each games is only like $10, which is amazing when you're a college student.
  • yeah

    I really hope they don't do what many small company that becomes big do. Wich is, become more and more money hungry and changing attitude. Well, as long as they remain as they are now, i live a more happy gaming life.
  • A, They make games that are actually funny, A rare sight to see (Outside of Indie and Flash games).

    B, They haven't caught Electronic Artitis, Which is cut out what the consumer wants and make things that make money SPORE SPORE SPORE.

    C, They give us access to Forum games, Intellectual Discussions and The ability to Jump to conclusions.
  • Oh Jon and Shauntron, isn't that joke a bit too obvious? =p
  • I like Telltale games because:
    1) They make adventure games. I like adventure games.
    2) They do this WELL. Plenty of bad adventure games out there.
    3) They picked up a world that I LOVED in the first game made for it (Sam & Max of course).
    4) They have humor and amazing skills and people onboard. Ties in with point 2.
    5) They keep the games fully aware that we're living in a modern world and they do wicked stuff with it (think Reality 2.0 and Robot Abraham Licoln).
    6) They listen to their audience. :)
    7) Their games are amazingly cheap, especially for their quality, and they're even a little bit cheaper for an European like me. :D
    Armakuni;37091 said:
    What I like about Telltale -
    - online activation but this goes for all online game companies so this is not a specific complaint towards Telltale.. and besides, they removed it in favor of CD checks on the Sam & Max disc which is AWESOME!
    About this... You'd only have to login one in more recent games and the next game woulld just auto-activate without you having to type anything. That doesn't sound so bad now, does it? Having to pop the DVD-ROM in can be a bit more annoying than just double-clicking, activating once and playing, I think.

    (Plus the license agreement in the DVD install told me that it could only be installed ('activated') on one PC. Aww.)
  • I love TellTaleGames, because I loved the old LucasArts Point-And-Click adventures, and Telltale Games are just like the old LucasArts graphic adventures, only that the games are not as hard because you have to think in a logical manner rather than have stupidly difficult puzzles.

    Also, I like how the Telltale team interacts and listens to their fans.
  • I love TellTale because everybody's so nice!
  • Right now i like TellTale, but if you want my love... BRING TEX MURPHY BACK!!!;)
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