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The Pros and Cons of Culture Shock

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what did you like,what worked, and what would you like to see?
what didn't you like, what would you like improved?
start listing! :D
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    I suggest releasing a demo before the game's release.
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    Mike, it's essentially shareware, so it will undoubtedly have the same "try before you buy" strategy as Bone.
  • Pros:
    Its Sam and Max, finally!
    Script is magnificent
    Max's voice acting
    Graphics are stunning and highly polished

    $10,000 Puzzle was poor
    Sams voice acting
    Having to wait for part 2!
  • I love the game.

    The one thing I thought could be improved, was the controls. Like people've mentioned; it felt a little weird not having a right-click option; the interface felt a little bit constraining actually, which is not a good thing when you already have a really limited/closed environment (not many locations). The result is what feels like a pretty "small" game.

    In addition, I felt the controls were a little "slow". It would be great if you could set the mouse speed manually within the game. I'm used to working with a very high mouse sensitivity and speed, so the control felt kinda sluggish.

    But this is nothing. The game was GREAT.
  • Hehe, the first thing I did when I played it for the first time was exactly that: Trying to right-click. But I got used to it pretty quickly, and it never bothered me.

  • It was too short :P

    Now what am I going to do for the other 29 days of November? University work?
  • Mikkel;11560 said:
    it felt a little weird not having a right-click option; the interface felt a little bit constraining actually, which is not a good thing when you already have a really limited/closed environment (not many locations). The result is what feels like a pretty "small" game....
    ... The game was GREAT.
    I couldn't agree more!
  • Pros:
    -I was laughing a lot. In fact I found the humour in Hit the Road to be kind of gentle in comparison... I don't mean less funny, just sort of a different type of humour. I didn't really laugh out loud with HtR, but I did here.

    -For such a short game, SO MUCH STUFF. I was overjoyed being able to click almost everything in the office, although I wish we could have seen the 'back' of the office too (you can see it while Sam/Max are talking sometimes)

    -The graphics are fairly amazing. Nothing is blurred, backgroundy stuff; you can read all the text on everything (like the post-it on the calender). Even parts which aren't really seen are that detailed, like the office back.

    -References back to HtR. Especially liked the comment about the old car.. I was wondering about it ;D This just made it seem like Telltale were way more involved than LucasArts would have been perhaps. Like a fan game, but, you know, actually good (fan games almost never are, eh!)

    -Logic/smart-assery in item combos is rewarded with different lines instead of the standard not-doing-that lines.

    -Inventive! I loved the whole psychoanalyis dream part. It was neat. As was the hypnosis dream part.

    -Others seem to hate it, but Sam's voice was cool; he was the only break in the high-pitched irritation of Max and the Soda Poppers too. It sounded fairly HtR-ish to me, but I might be an idiot.

    -I was this close to trying to strangle Max. I feel more instances where Sam says something alone are needed, but that might be because I find Max's voice irritating.

    -No seperate look and use buttons, although you could right-click inventory objects to look at them. The inventory would then close just to annoy me. Ack.

    -Sometimes if you use an item, then right-click to skip dialogue lines, your cursor will get stuck as that item until you use a different one or go to another place.

    -Fairly slow plot, as plots go. Most puzzles were straight-forward too, except one or two I got stuck on. They did turn out to be logical enough, I just wasn't getting them.

    -I know this was kind of what I expected, but even for a short episodic game, it felt... SHORT. Maybe due to not much happening in the plot?

    -I feel a little animation of Sam TRYING to hit the Soda Poppers wouldn't have gone amiss. Because the first time I saw them run away, I was like "what the hecks just happened?" maybe I'm just dumb. :x I - I mean - if I were Sam I would have hit them while they were doing the run-away pose just before they leave. Y'know.


    I wrote lots. :'( I wrote lots cause I CARE. I seem negative but... for the amount of time the game took (2 and a half hours, for me), awesome overall. Awesome. We heart you Telltale :'D
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    Sean A Telltale Staff

    Nearly everything. The voice acting was great, though I think the timing needed a little tweaking, but that'll come with experience. I actually found myself liking Max on an equal plane with Nick Jameson's (Hit the Road) Max, which surprised me more than anyone.

    But, all in all, from art direction to difficulty to humor, was rounded and excellent.


    THE MOUSE CURSOR. Oh my god, if that thing was any laggier...I wanted to put my fist through the screen. I mean, I have a P4, Nvidia FX5200 256, 1.5GB of RAM which can run Half-Life 2 @ 1440x900 with high graphical settings and everything but anti-aliasing turned on. A cursor should not be lagging in this game. Period. I hope they get it ironed out in an update, or at least by Episode 2.

    But I still loved it.
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