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The most incredibly random dream you've ever had?

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Alright, just wanted to post this without trying to bump another.

I remember one dream where I was going over to the local Damon's for a Halloween party (which is odd since I had this dream in November) and when I got at the door, I saw the famous Christian rock band Relient K. Then I decided to completely ditch the Halloween party and go to a random forest. I started walking aimlessly around the tree and then I got bit by a rattlesnake.
This is where it gets funny. Apparently, my brain didn't exactly know what a snake bite looked like, so it registered as a bleeding mosquito bite. :D
Anyway, I walked over to a tree, and it sprouted eyes, and turned into a werewolf. It started growling and roaring at me in short bursts of high-pitched rhythm.
It was my alarm clock.
I woke up.

And that's it. Anyone else got any dreams?
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  • I dreamed there was a sequel to Cave Story where everyone goes back to the island and a version of Sue comes back from the future, or... Something
  • The one where I hunt rats/spiders/snakes for some stupid McDonalds-quality plastic toys.
  • Cave Story sequel? That's not random enough!

    I remember several dreams when I was younger where I would turn into some sort of novice Super-man and I was practicing how to fly. Sometimes the dreams were actually lucid dreams so I could try to concentrate more on flying - and it worked! Other times I instead fell right down into the water (often waking up).

    I've had weirder dreams... Vaguely remember having a nightmare where the sky was completely black and huge Space Invaders-like ships came down (really huge, TV-pixellated like). Everything flashed like crazy and for some reason the dream was really scary because of all this.
  • Ness threw a hamburger at me and it turned into a bazooka and fired Duster's wig at me. I seriously need to stop playing those games for a while.
  • I had a dream about Twelfth Night being performed by some cartoon characters I made. Male creatures playing girls acting like men.
  • My dream is basically the reason why I no longer eat a box of Milk Duds before I go to bed.
  • I dreamed that I was Balrog. 'Nuff said.
    Also; Huzzah!
  • One time I dreamed that Sam, Max, and I were all secret spy-things in this virtual reality place.
    And I can't really describe in words what happened. But it was a really cool dream...
  • Last night I dreamed that Lanky Kong and the grown up version of Tiny Kong were going to get married in Chrono Cross, which appeared to be Chrono Trigger with different maps. The reason I switched to playing as Lanky was because I found a blue golden banana and only he can pick up blue bananas.

    I think I might have overdone it on the Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong 64.
  • All I can say (You know why) is Sally and Bunnie.

    Oh god, I've watched too much SatAM.
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