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Mhh.. A new error. *grins*

posted by Archannon on - last edited - Viewed by 724 users
Hey, at first I had the error everyone else has/had. But, it just got replaced with a new one:

Invalid password (ARM1016)

Now, I know it's the right password, as you can see I just made a forum account here, besides, I copied it straight from the email.

I'm rather confused, should I send another support mail? (I already send one for the other error.)

- Arch

Edit: I got it fixxed, in a rather odd way. I went to the change password function, entered the password that didn't work, entered a new password. (Apparently nothing was wrong with the old one as it changed it to the new one..) and I tried the new one and voila, game valid. O.o
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    You need to give that screen the password you entered into the shopping cart when you bought the game. That password is totally separate from your Telltale account password.


    Yes I know that's awkward, but what can you do? :( Hopefully you remember what you typed in the "Order password" field when you purchased the game. If not, hit "Activation Support" in the game launcher and send us your hardware fingerprint and order number and we'll hook you up with a manual activation.
  • Yeah it probably was me being silly and filling out fields without realising I was doing that.*laughs* In any case, it's working so.

    Loving the game <3
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Cool, glad it's working!
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