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The most incredibly random dream you've ever had?

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Alright, just wanted to post this without trying to bump another.

I remember one dream where I was going over to the local Damon's for a Halloween party (which is odd since I had this dream in November) and when I got at the door, I saw the famous Christian rock band Relient K. Then I decided to completely ditch the Halloween party and go to a random forest. I started walking aimlessly around the tree and then I got bit by a rattlesnake.
This is where it gets funny. Apparently, my brain didn't exactly know what a snake bite looked like, so it registered as a bleeding mosquito bite. :D
Anyway, I walked over to a tree, and it sprouted eyes, and turned into a werewolf. It started growling and roaring at me in short bursts of high-pitched rhythm.
It was my alarm clock.
I woke up.

And that's it. Anyone else got any dreams?
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    The other night I dreamed I had to climb a mountain-sized pile of drum sets to get to my buddy's house. Try to decode that one.
  • Ray-The-Sun;116434 said:
    All I can say (You know why) is Sally and Bunnie.

    Oh god, I've watched too much SatAM.
    First there was the guy on the other forum who though HoYay between Pokemon was 'cute' and now this.
  • TrogLlama;116456 said:
    First there was the guy on the other forum who though HoYay between Pokemon was 'cute' and now this.
    Well Excuuuuuuuuse ME Princess, It's not like I can control my Subconcious is it?
  • Ray-The-Sun;116465 said:
    Well Excuuuuuuuuse ME Princess, It's not like I can control my Subconcious is it?
    Discipline and lots of sugar.
    Worked for me.
  • TrogLlama;116467 said:
    Discipline and lots of sugar.
    Worked for me.
    Yeah, but we're not in the military, and obviously we don't need to control our subconcious, so why bother?
  • Okay folks, I just woke up and immediately went to type this.
    I dreamt I was at a small beach together with my family. However, for some reason, Max was also there and he kept making these crazy, witty remarks. Anyway, we were swimming close to the shore, close to a bridge, and my grandma - who was apparently there and sitting in a beach chair - told us that we should get out of the water if we see any huge fish, because it could be dangerous.

    A little while later I was standing on the bridge above the water, when I saw this humongous carp (say about 4 meters). I was apparently the only one who could see it well, so I shone my flashlight at it and people were all surprised about its size.

    The huge fish keps going in circles in a certain spot of the water, so I decided to jump in and see what it would do if I got in its way. It wouldn't quite be able to eat me because I am about a bit too large for that, I thought. The fish approached.

    I think my subconcious didn't think of me jumping in the water or something, because as soon as the fish tried to eat me in one gulp everything got blank. I decided to wake up at that point, and so I did.

    Max made a whole slew of comments and remarks during all that, but I can't remember any. I think my dream might also have been mixed Dutch-English or something because my family AND Max were there (I'm Dutch).
  • I seem to have the strangest dreams when I'm sick and have a fever.

    For example, I once dreamt that I was in my room, standing right next to my bed, but was about an inch tall. Also, the lights kept turning on and off, and once it got annoying enough, I began to cross the rough terrain of my carpeted bedroom. Once I reached the light switch and realized I couldn't reach it (being an inch tall), I woke up to find myself standing next to the light switch, turning it on and off. It was then turned on, and I spent a moment contemplating how to turn it off, did so after about a half-minute of thought, then went to bed.

    Another time that I was sick, I dreamt of an indian girl rowing down a river in a canoe. I woke up and, for whatever reason, cried for about 10 minutes. Sickness likes to warp my mind, I suppose.

    Even when I'm in my right mind, I have strange dreams. I once realized that I was dreaming, and had fun controlling my dream for a few minutes before I woke up. I ended up eating Jelly Belly's and flying above Manhattan, which was pretty nifty.
  • Similar thing happens to me.

    At least it explains that dream where I was Chaco X.X
  • I love lucid dreams.
  • I dreamt all the famous women in Hollywood came together for one big porn movie. It was great.
    Not so random or weird, though.
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