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Characters most likely to die next episode

posted by Ascari on - Viewed by 2.1K users
Nerissa for obvious reasons
And also Toad.
  • I hate to say it because I really liked her character, but I feel like Aunty Greenleaf will probably die next episode. She'll either commit suicide if you burned her tree or she'll be killed by the people she was afraid of.
    • I hope not! I pretty much forced Greenleaf to take the job on the 13th floor.
      But in her real folklore, she is shot by silver bullets while in her deer form and when she returns to her house to die the doctor finds silver bullets in her spine.
      Maybe Bloody Mary will shoot her with those silver bullets :(
  • Nerissa obviously. Aunty Greenleaf probaply. Toad Jr./Holly/Gren maybe.
  • I would say Mr. Toad but i hope im wrong
  • I would have to say either Holly or Gren. The pair fell into a deep sleep and would have no idea what would be heading their way. Or Greenleaf....who knows. :)
  • The other Tweedle
  • What use does Crane have now? It would be nice to see Crane get a lynched execution from the mob. Crane has given all the possible information he has to offer. Crane cannot possibly repay his debt. When choosing the farm or the axe, lets see a killing. Unless he is not the murderer, he shouldn't really be left in the game.

    The real killer should murder produce another ripper as twisted.
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