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Serious Sci-Fi Adventure(s)

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1. No stupid commetns, these will be ignored.
2. put "> " in front of everything you say
3. At certain points, You will get hint items (More on this later)
This will be a serious adventure Inspired by Starfox (All the people are Animals, Just like Starfox), So, Let's get started.
The year is 559X, On a group of planets the size of a large galaxy called the Azura system, a system with a bloody history, There exists a Planet called Arcada, a planet which has had 5 years of prosperous rule by it's current monarch, Princess Misuzu. Our tale begins on a satellite not far from this planet, and so, it begins...

--Arcadian Millitary Academy--
A large sound wakes you up, and reluctantly, you jump out of bed with the thought "...What was that?!". You spot a mirror and mutter under your breath "Yup, still Kitsune Ketsu, Foxiest (hint hint) girl in the academy". You're are completely naked aside from some underwear, and you change into your blue jumpsuit, and proceed out the room with only the thought of "Surely I wasn't the only one to hear... Right?"

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