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What if the final choice...

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...determines whether or not Clementine lives (or is bitten)?

I mean, by having to choose whether or not to save Sarah or Luke or someone similar (and choosing to save them means sacrificing Clem's own life.)

One problem I've seen many people experience this season (myself included) is trying, somewhat in vain, to retain at least some part of the kind and sweet season 1 Clem's ideals and innocence, while also being pragmatic enough to keep her alive.

I think it might be interesting to see the final decision be something like this, where to save someone else means Clem getting bitten (and possibly dying), but to choose otherwise and survive means that Clem must live with the decision to just let someone else die for her own selfishness for the rest of her life.

It also could mirror what Lee did for Clem in season 1 (was bitten and died in order to save her.)

What are your thoughts? If this happened, what choice would you make? And could you see it happening?
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