What if the final choice...

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...determines whether or not Clementine lives (or is bitten)?

I mean, by having to choose whether or not to save Sarah or Luke or someone similar (and choosing to save them means sacrificing Clem's own life.)

One problem I've seen many people experience this season (myself included) is trying, somewhat in vain, to retain at least some part of the kind and sweet season 1 Clem's ideals and innocence, while also being pragmatic enough to keep her alive.

I think it might be interesting to see the final decision be something like this, where to save someone else means Clem getting bitten (and possibly dying), but to choose otherwise and survive means that Clem must live with the decision to just let someone else die for her own selfishness for the rest of her life.

It also could mirror what Lee did for Clem in season 1 (was bitten and died in order to save her.)

What are your thoughts? If this happened, what choice would you make? And could you see it happening?


  • darn, that's a thought choice. I don't know what id do.
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    All I can say is there's gonna be a lot of dead Sarah's if we have to choose between her and Clem
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    I don't know, from all the people alive in season 2, Clem is the one that deserves to live her life most, she's only a kid that never experienced the good things in life, my goal in the game is to keep her alive in hope she'll find some sort of community to live in (like Wellington), she deserves it most.
  • I wouldn't save Sarah if it meant getting bitten.
  • id save myself(as clem) no doubt. found sarah kinda creepy tbh... i thought she was like 9 but she's 15 lol.
  • hahaha, this comment made me laugh.

    no but i'd actually make the choice to save someone else over Clem, at least in the spur of the moment! i know i'd want myself to make the other decision and keep her alive, but usually i make the 'kinder' decisions in the split seconds i have to decide. also, it's what coincides with what i think Clem would want

    probably would rewind though afterwards if she died
  • but what determines who deserves to live? :? wouldnt the baby rebecca's having deserve it more if they're even younger (and still alive at that point)?

    i do agree with you though, i want my Clem to survive and make it to some nice place where she can finally be happy and be a kid again
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    Yeah, but I think that it's almost impossible to grow a baby on the run, too much supplies and food needed, a baby also needs a lot of sleeping hours, which we don't have to spare there, and most importantly, every 20 minutes the baby will start crying and attract walkers, it's just too risky.

    In the end what determines who deserves to live is your own opinion, like every other choice in this game.
  • Clem has plot armor all the way up to season 10
  • I've been saying this for quite a while. Wouldn't be surprised if they go with this, it'd be a neat choice between survival and morality.
  • It's not going to happen. The final choice is between pizza and ice cream.
  • OP and who would you play as for the rest of the season?
  • I said the end of the season. No one. That's what end of the season means.
  • If this is last Clementine season there will be 2 endings.
  • Yeah, that's what I meant - our final choice as Clementine being the above and leading to two different endings (dead Clem or living Clem.)
  • My Clementine wouldn't sacrifice herself for Sarah, she barley knows her. I don't think anyone would choose Sarah over Clem, other than just to see the other ending. I don't like any of the new people other than Nick.
  • Haha, you are actually implying that your choices matter.

    When Clementine is supposed to die, she will die either way.
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