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Can't Preorder - [PayPal temporarily unavailable]

posted by grimsqueaker on - last edited - Viewed by 4.3K users
So I logged in to TellTale this morning and jumped for joy! Sam and Max was available for preorder!

I added it to my cart and proceeded to check-out, where I was met with a sinking feeling in my tummy. :( Where is the paypal option? I've already said before I'm unable to pay using a credit card - but I'm loaded with paypal and I want you to have my money (pleease) and even my first-born child if necessary.

I must be able to preorder! *twitchy* Could someone get back to me on this? Thanks!
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  • So are we going to be able to preorder the season with paypal. This is the only way i can get the game and i would like to buy the package. Update guys? :)
  • And here's another one who want's to buy Season I with PayPal. Please make it work again!
  • As you may have noticed there are soooooooo many people around the world who want to buy not only the game but the whole season to support you in making more games of that kind... so PLEASE see what you can to do to solve the problem ASAP :)
  • yes, please!!! yes, please!!! yes, please!!! i already played the demo - but it just isn't enough, no!!! :(
  • Just adding my hopes that PayPal will soon be available for ordering the full season. If not....well I might have to wait for a boxed retail version.
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    Me too. I've got $34.95 burning a hole in my PAYPAL account with Sam & Max's names on it. Not sure if that makes it legal tender or not.

    Come on guys, even I've sold things though PAYPAL for preorders, I think your ecommerce team need a kick up the keister.

    Wait all these years, then the game is out and I can't buy it. There's something vaguely evil about that... ;)
  • We've said in several threads now that we're well aware of the demand of paypal, and we're working on getting it fixed asap. We very much want to let you buy the game, and it annoys us too that Paypal still isn't working, so please bear with us.
  • long past bedtime now here in germany...

    there goes another day without sam&max :( :( :(

    but here's still hoping that there is some kind of god and that the problem gets fixed before the weekend! :)

    so, i guess there is only one thing to say:
    good night & good luck :cool:
  • The system is not perfect and can be fickle but if you should try again. Log out first then start again. I had a similar problem with but the second time worked fine.
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    Playing Devil's Advocate for one moment, but if this were my store, I'd set up another item in the store 'PAYPAL only Season One'. As the first part is available, you can set the whole product as available for PAYPAL purposes and process as normal.

    There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do that, and that would be a quick fix and would take a matter of hours to set up, and not days. Then, you guys can take a breather and get the situation sorted at your own leisure.

    Just a suggestion.
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