Characters most likely to die next episode

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Nerissa for obvious reasons
And also Toad.


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    Toad OR maybe it will be a twist.
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    Toad has to go to The Farm and live long enough to fight and die in the war in The Homelands. You see his name on a gravestone after that storyline when they're burying the dead.
  • Can't you also see toad in the animal farm storyline?
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    Maybe, I haven't actually read the early comics for a while. Still waiting for the next issue to release.
  • TJ: Toad's son. Maybe as a message to Toad?

    Holly: Maybe she will die of her gunshot wound?

    Nerissa: This just seems like a major possibility.
  • I hate to say it because I really liked her character, but I feel like Aunty Greenleaf will probably die next episode. She'll either commit suicide if you burned her tree or she'll be killed by the people she was afraid of.
  • Nerissa obviously. Aunty Greenleaf probaply. Toad Jr./Holly/Gren maybe.
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    I hope not! I pretty much forced Greenleaf to take the job on the 13th floor.
    But in her real folklore, she is shot by silver bullets while in her deer form and when she returns to her house to die the doctor finds silver bullets in her spine.
    Maybe Bloody Mary will shoot her with those silver bullets :(
  • I would say Mr. Toad but i hope im wrong
  • Holly has already been treated from her gunshot wound so no for her.
  • I would have to say either Holly or Gren. The pair fell into a deep sleep and would have no idea what would be heading their way. Or Greenleaf....who knows. :)
  • Hmm i coulda swore i saw a toad that looks like him during duns meeting in the barn and again during the battle of fabletown. Anyone able to take a look for me?
  • The other Tweedle
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    What use does Crane have now? It would be nice to see Crane get a lynched execution from the mob. Crane has given all the possible information he has to offer. Crane cannot possibly repay his debt. When choosing the farm or the axe, lets see a killing. Unless he is not the murderer, he shouldn't really be left in the game.

    The real killer should murder produce another ripper as twisted.
  • That can`t happen, Crane is alive when the comics begin.
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    Should I be reading the comic's for spoilers? Is this not a fairytale based loosely within the fable universe using characterization when based in theme? Adding another scenario or story, into a computer game?

    If Crane is immortal. What possible use can his character still have to be in this game? Because upon wanting a sequel, meaning, that as a game it will never kill off any of the same comic lead fables. In these comic's which I have not read. How does Crane's character escape a certain lynching? By running or escaping away, getting incarcerated for his crimes? Or does he wait for all of the other fairy tales to forgive him? Or does he redeem himself by killing them all, or the killer? Then they all can live happily ever after.

    That is not to say there isn't another possible scenario though?
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    Bigby may save him from The Crooked Man, or maybe The Crooked Man himself will send him somewhere far so that he won`t be able to divoulge anything about his business. Crane knows that if he doesn`t run he`ll go to jail for money embezzling. About immortality, it only helps them not to age. Fables can die. Popular fables are more resistent but I don`t think the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is very popular, so i doubt Crane will revive.
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    Why would Bigby save Crane, just to incarcerate him later? Already breaking his nose and slapping him about? What information has Crane got about the Crooked man that we don't already know? The information that Crane owes a huge debt, or that the Tweedle's are debt collectors, or that Bloody Mary is his bodyguard? His address from Georgie?

    Why would the Crooked Man send Crane away in exile, when Crane has no money owing a vast amount of money to the Crooked Man? Crane has even been stealing money, now he has no more income, and is facing jail time. Leaving his debt unsettled, he is also the assumed murderer from the Tweedle's investigation.The Crooked Man can simply just kill him, like any other mob boss would do in that same position, doing a service to the community. Why do you assume when The Crooked Man sent all of his muscle down. That he wasn't after Crane to possibly question him then kill him anyway, If all he was going to do was protect a loser?

    Yes of course Fables can die, they are dying. Who cares about Sleep Hallow when there is murder all around. No Fable is immortal which was the point I was sarcastically making. I honestly just don't care about any pixels in a murder game, they can all die, when Bigby goes postal, or the whoever else who murders.

    No I'm not saying I am correct at all. There is much game left to play, but in any thought, is there any point to Crane's character now? Saying that because Crane is alive in the comic's, he won't die in this game is a fantasy. This game is only a loosely based adaptation of the comic's. With a separate set of scenario's, although quite similarly set within the same fable universe, in containing the same characters in similar settings and themes. But a quite different story.

    Yes Crane is greasy little escapist when running from the Headless Horseman, although really give damn about him? Unless in that typical fashion of Shittywood where the scriptwriters never kill off any leads, making it up as they progress along. Because they always want yet another sequel, never ever ending, but always leaving open. Only killing off the nobody's, because with the millions of viewers they just don't want to replace talent, who are always bulletproof until they get a better job offer. At least GoT kills"em although adds much away from source content to give more air time to any leads. Mostly though on actual endings they cannot get them right like in Dexter, Hero's and so many countless others.........
  • I believe Crane won`t die because the game is supposed to be a prequel to the comics even if some small things don`t add up. Maybe he`ll be lucky and escape when/if Bigby kills The Crooked Man. You`re right about him owing money to The Crooked Man. I`m thinking he knows about something really illegal The Crooked Man did, maybe even killing some fables who couldn`t pay him back or didn`t wanted to work at Pudding and Pie. It`s just an assumption, and even that wouldn`t be enough of a reason for The Crooked Man to spare Crane. We`ll have to wait for the next episodes and see what happens.
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    We will have to wait and see what the big twists are. I honestly don't think Crane was in the loop, as a mafia boss you keep a close family. Unless of course Crane was just a puppet pulling the strings for the Crooked Man and getting Bloody Mary blowjobs as favours. But quite unlikely because Crane has an outstanding debt large enough to cause him to steal. Unless the debt was extortion on blackmail for the photo which he would to make payoff for? Then the Crooked Man or associates killed the blackmailer or er's. To make an all around win? But then why set up Crane for the fall. Leaving the question of specifically what other information could there possibly be to keep Crane alive for? No the Crooked Man came knocking in force to grab Crane when attempting to kill to get at Crane. Then he didn't kill Bigby leaving the only outcome as the obvious.

    Who knows though? We all have are own assumptions. When, Yes! We all are waiting for the next installment. Although I am not gonna start naming Toad or a nobody like Grant, but I would want another ripper case as well to keep it lively.

    Although quite wildly twisted Crane could have the spear of destiny something more then he has been attempting to pork Miss White with. Which unlocks the Heedless Horseman and just the type of weapon that the Crooked Man wants to acquire, gaining to make his evil empire, just a little bit more evil. Hence keeping Crane alive. When later in the game Crane remains alive because he is the only person, who can now also kill the Heedlessman. MUHAHAHA. Then they all lived happily ever after, the end.
  • Nerissa and holly
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