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Rejected Carachters

posted by Snicklin on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
Who would you resurrect if you could? Find em' all here.

Oh, and I accidentally wrote "One" even though you can make multiple choices. Just so you know.
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  • Only one month left! Quick people, let's try and get The Unguraits back up there! Or The Hurricane. She's cool, too.
  • TrogLlama;116087 said:
    Now what the hell did you do that for?
    Snicklin;116090 said:
    To get it back up there!

    That IS what a bump is for, right?

    This poll ends next month. Get ready!
    Yes, but bumping without adding anything to the discussion tends to be frowned upon in most Internet communities.

    And I still like Homeschool the best, even if that's kind of a cliche and he's kind of redundant with Strong Sad around. He's the only one with any personality at all other than Preshy and Rafferdy. And I like him better than I like them.
  • They should make a Sequel to 4 gregs called '5 1/2 Gregs' adding Homeschool and RTS/FPS Greg.
  • Ray-The-Sun;116117 said:
    I can picture a movie being made out of this...

    'This Year, from the people who brought you Flame Warz and The Trollening, Comes the action packed blockbuster of the year...
    TrogLlama: "We can't let heem get away with dis!"
    Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger as TrogLlama...
    Snicklin: I'll revive all of the dead posts, And be HAPPY FOREVER!
    ...Frankie Muniz as Snicklin...
    Ray: Y'know, I'm gettin' a littl' Freakin' sick o' havin' to pick up afteuh all this ****!
    ...And Falco as Ray-The-Sun...
    Snicklin: YEEEEEESSSSS


    Actually, On second thoughts, best not.
    It'll be a masterpiece!
  • Trivia time is like the only rejected character that wasnt realy rejected. He appars as a cookie yar. However, a real trivia time would be nice.

    What about Preshy and rafferdy? Those are awsome. One of the homestar dvd,s contain a clip from the cartoon.
  • theres a reason behind these characters not appearing, and i think the series would be a bit too cluttered if ANY of these characters were to appear. think about it...

    homeschool winner: too many shows have a standard "nerdy" character, besides strong sad half fills this role

    the ungraits: these guys look like little terrorists. im sure SOMEBODY would get offended by the racial factor and other unnecessary insinuations.

    champeen: theres no need for a female homestar wannabe. why have the same character twice?

    dijjery-doo: its funny when various characters do pranks at different times, the doesnt need to be an official prankster character. besides, can you even pronounce that horrendous name?

    trivia time: a dog? seriously? besides the walrus in best caper ever and the bats in SBCG4AP: BOTB, has there ever or will be an actual animal from this universe? no. they just dont fit so well in the hr universe

    preshy and rafferdy: ugh, i cant stand these kids (dont even get me started... but i will), they look like strong sad mutants, they have bad squeaky voice acting, etc. the most i could see out of these characters would be what used to be dangeresque 3. you hear about it quite a bit but never see it.

    the hurricane: i really dont know what to say about this one, but she looks weird. err... weirder than most things in the hr universe. shes the closest thing to a new character the series could get due to the fact the was prepped for animation and everything.
  • freakmanguy;117340 said:
    trivia time: a dog? seriously? besides the walrus in best caper ever and the bats in SBCG4AP: BOTB, has there ever or will be an actual animal from this universe? no. they just dont fit so well in the hr universe
    You mean bloated se lion carcass, not walrus.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, there have been multiple appearances by the KoT's sheep, and a puppy and kitten in Homestarloween Party. And thus, we have real animals in the h*r universe.

    Also, if I'm not doubly mistaken, Trivia Time, although originally intended to be Pom-Pom's dog, is not necessarily a "rejected" character; he sometimes has a cameo as a cookie jar.
  • I agree with everything freakmanguy said, save one thing: How do the Unguraits look like muslims('terrorists' is a little over generalizing)? All I see is a midget in a little green robe with a bandaged head. You could say they look to much like a final fantasy black mage and that they would get sued by Square Enix if they ever put them in a toon!
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