The Walking Dead: Season Two Ep 3 - 'In Harm's Way' trailer & release dates

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The trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two Ep 3 In Harm's Way is here exclusively through Xbox - check it out below!

The episode will be available for download starting next week on the following dates:

  • Tues, May 13 - PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation 3 North America (SCEA)
  • Wed, May 14 - Xbox 360 worldwide, PlayStation 3 Europe (SCEE)
  • Thurs, May 15 - iPhone and iPad via the App Store

Additional platforms including mobile, handheld, tablets, and micro-consoles to be announced... stay tuned here and to Telltale Games on Facebook and Twitter for updates as they become available!


  • Why i think that Carlos will be killed? (1:18 - look at his daughter, it's weird...)
    And why I think that Kenny will fight / kill Carver XD? ("Go on. You don't need to see this." )
  • Yayeeee!!!! I can't wait!
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    I was thinking because of the rumour going around, I won't repeat it because I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, we would see more of the 400 day's cast. Doesn't seem to be the case by the looks of it Clem bring in the zombies by herself. If they aren't in ep4 I don't think they will appear. I will try and remember what Bonnie says, she might refer to 400 days cast.

    EDIT: Oh.....never mind. I saw Tavia re-watching the trailer. so where are.....who knows.....:(
  • Am I the only one who almost got an erection when Kenny said "Go on. You don't need to see this"?
  • Coming #soon Episode 3.....
  • I can't wait that much
  • "Go on then. You don't need to see this"

  • Ok so if I'm not blind, you'll release parts of a GAME on a MOBILE PHONE before the PS Vita? Are you serious? I bought the season pass for PS Vita Day-1 but I will receive new episodes with a delay, I just can't believe it. What should I do to get a refund? I paid the same price as the PS3 owners, I want new episodes on the SAME DAY!
  • puzzle box I am really excited about this but I have one question to you..please please please reply..was this episode going to be long in running time or like previous episodes i.e 1 hour and half or at least 2 hour or 2 hour and half ..please reply
  • i think all season 2 episodes are shorter
  • hum, so from what I see on this trailer, it was not a good idea to follow tavia after all! luck I have a file only bonnie goes....
  • It's not TellTales fault. if anything you should complain on the vita site they're the reason you have to wait.
  • ''Go on, You don't need to see this.''

    HELL YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm sorry telltale but you guys are slacking. I don't know if it's a money thing or if you guys are just slow as hell, but releasing an episode every 3 months is just ridiculous. I Love the game and franchise but that's exactly what it is obviously, A FRANCHISE. Why not give the walking dead fans what we want??? A constant story and extended gameplay??? I know you guys like making more money by releasing an episode every 3 months and charging $6.00 and think your giving us a good deal but in reality the smart gamers know what your doing and it is really disheartening. Maybe I'm just upset that I know the potential of a FULL telltale walking dead game would have or maybe I'm just tired of waiting , regardless I'm a hundred percent sure I'm not the only person that feels this way! Amen!
  • Yeah its bad enough the wait gaps are months at a time, they should at least release all platforms at once lmao
  • I'm glad just to\see Kenny is still alive!!
  • It's about time!!!!:)
  • Because you don't see them in the trailer means nothing. They are proabably determind to be there. and Alvin and Nick are also not in there
  • its Tues 13 of May no 3rd episode? I thought you guys said it would be coming out world wide. Did everyone else was able to download the 3rd episode? please tell me I am not the only one who can play in on pc.
  • But it'll make his inevitable death even more tragic T-T.
  • Season one had more 'filler' in them such as minor puzzles aka fixing the train was just time consuming which extended the game time. This time they seem to be focusing on character interaction rather than take A to B to access to C.
  • I waited this long for only one episode to be released?..well i guess i just keep on playing the other ones over and over again until then. lol
  • lol you certainly not the only one and I was starting to think i was the only one.
  • Man, Steam didn't release it! People who bought from this site can play Episode 3 damnit!
  • Why is not released yet?
  • so many people die in this episode omg
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    Thanks for spoilers!
  • PS3 hasn't released yet either. What is going on?!?!
  • is the game released for xbox 360 yet?
  • it's the 14th and i should be able to play it on xbox 360 right? when i go to download there is a circle with a line through it! is anyone else with xbox 360 having the same problem?
  • I cannot belive i waited 2 month for that so disappointed in telltale its Wo good but 2 month
  • I'm very pleased with this very fulfilling episode! I thought you guys were going to linger for multiple episodes, but you didn't! An awesome third episode!
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    Awesome episode! Easily one of the best Telltales made. I will say the wait does suck, but I'm glad to the see that the waiting pays off, these episodes are very well done!
  • Too short on this episode
  • Ahhh shut up ! You liar! We all hate how short episode 3 was, regardless of how epic the story is... c'mon mann!? We should all boycott telltale for being so lame.. Each episode is only 6.00 but still, it's a poor excuse.
  • Get lost and mature a little. You sound like you're 10 and shouldn't even be playing a Mature rated game to begin with. We don't need any of that waste of time filler crap we got in Season 1 Ep3 and so on. There was so much filler in Season 1. Find this find that, look here look there. Telltale cut that crap out and stuck with gameplay that actually meant something to advance the story, rather than roadblock it to buy more time. But no, you are only pleased because they tricked your little mind into thinking you got a "fuller" episode because you got an extra 30 minutes, WOW..... I'd rather have an hour and a half of 100% story advancement.
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