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Clementine gets a boyfriend?

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What if Clementine got a boyfriend? Clem's flirty nature just comes so far in season 1. Like putting a bug under someone's pillow....

UPDATE: Not that kind of boyfriend. The relationship of like what Joel and Tess had in The Last Of Us.
  • *cocks shotgun* What was that about Clementine getting a boyfriend?

    Haha, but no, seriously, no thank you. I'd prefer her to not, just stick to developing the relationships already established this season such as the friendships between Clem and Sarah or Clem and Luke.
  • Inb4 downvotes. I think it would be cute on a personal level. On a game level, I don't really know how that would play out...
  • we'd have to approve of him first :P
    • Lol I agree. This comment made me think of her as my daughter and her boyfriend asking me permission to take her out.
  • I think Clem would be too busy with surviving to have any time for a boyfriend.
    • That's not true! Romance is definitely still possible in the apocalypse even if you need to think about surviving! Just look how well it turned out for Omid and Christa!

      Or Kenny and Katjaa. Or Walter and Matthew. Or Lee and Carley.

      • Or Glenn and Maggie. Fuck you Negan.
  • When is Clem going to even have the TIME to be romantic, flirty, or in any way attracted to another person? Not exactly a world where people can "settle down".
  • No no no no! Unless Carl from the TV show magically appears in the game, there's no chance.
  • Naw. #AroAceClem
    • yessssss have all of my likes
    • What does AroAce mean, if you don't mind me asking? :)
      • AroAce = Aromantic Asexual
        Aromantic: One who lacks little to no interest in or desire for romantic relationships
        Asexual: One who does not experience sexual attraction

        I'm not fully educated on either identities, but that's basically them in a nutshell.
    • Forgive my ignorance, but why is not having any romantic or sexual desire a good thing? Those are pretty large aspects of the human experience and not really something that I want Clem to miss out on. It's like saying you want Clem not to have a food she really likes or a hobby she's really interested in. Doesn't that make her life a little less rich? Apologies to anyone who might be offended by my assessment. I'm honestly just curious.
      • I'm a bit offended by your implication of asexuality/aromanticness being a bad thing. It's a person's own choice if they want to engage in a sexual or romantic relationship or not, there's no shame or badness in not wanting either. And besides, not experiencing sexual and/or romantic desire is something a lot of people simply can't help, but implying that they're missing out on a great aspect of life isn't a very tactful thing to say, especially considering how oppressed and ridiculed asexuals and aromantic people are.
        Personally, while I'm not asexual or aromantic, I don't see the big deal with sex or romance, and therefore I can't really see from your point of view on it being such an enriching part of life.

        If you don't agree with my headcanon and you personally would like to see Clem in a relationship someday, that's fine, I don't mind. She's fictional, after all.
        • Well, yes. I assumed that we were talking about the cases in which people can't experience romantic or sexual desire, and not cases in which people simply choose not to. But just because someone can't help having a certain condition doesn't exclude the possibility of it being an undesirable condition.

          Some people have allergies to fruits or shellfish or nuts or chocolate. It's certainly not their fault and there's no reason they should feel ashamed for having that allergy, but it would still be weird to wish that allergy upon another person. And those are just classes of food. An asexual/aromantic person would be deprived of an entire category of human interaction.

          I'm not a particularly romantic person either, but I can still appreciate that the feelings that come with those romantic love can be among the most intense and profound that a person can experience. Why else would so much of our art, music, and literature be centered on those things?

          Look, it's fine that your preferred headcanon involves Clem never finding love or a stable partner to share her life with. But, personally, I don't see the appeal of wishing upon her the inability to find enjoyment in one of the few attainable pleasures she has left in the world.
          • Hey, I'm asexual. Not aromantic, though, just ace. Some people can be both (like the Clem headcanon above), but not always. I, personally, get crushes and feel romantic affection. I can love people and relate to romantic art, music, and literature just as you can. However, sex just isn't my thing. That doesn't mean I'm allergic to it or that I'll remain celibate my whole life. It just means I'm not as into it as other folks are, and I don't need it's presence in my life to fully love someone.

            I can't speak for aromantic people so forgive me for not going in depth on that, but I hope I was able to shed a little light on asexuality?
    • Aroace Clem is the BEST.
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    Nope,I can see Kenny saltlickn' all of em' tho!!
  • She will put a bug under Luke's pillow......which is right next to her pillow LOLOLOLOL
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