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Language PATCH !

posted by Gabelstapler on - last edited - Viewed by 6.5K users
hello telltale ! ( yes this goes out strictly to you ! )
I have a good idea : what when you offer language patches for free, which are developed by the fanbase ? you could make a event out of this and make a casting ( or somethin like this ) to find the best voices in each language !
I guess you fanbase would apreciate that very much and would even rise ?

please give reply to this idea !

we would love you for that ! :o


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  • so what you others think about that ? isnt this a great idea ?
  • No... noooo... nooooo! NOOOO!!!

    C'mon, no dubbing by fans. That wouldn't work out. Having a group of fans work on subtitles, that I could live with. But if there's voice work, I'd either want it to be done by professionals (Hans Gerd Kilbinger and Sandra Schwittau as in "Hit the Road" for the German version would be fantastic!) or just have it subtitled. Bone is getting a German dub, so maybe it'll work with "Sam & Max" as well.

    EDIT: Thanks for your "nice" PM, Gabelstapler. I'm very sorry that I have an opinion on this topic. And I'm also sorry, that I'd like to have a QUALITY German version of the game, and not some amateur work. I'm sorry that I upset you, and I'm even more sorry that my comment might make TellTale think, that an fan-dub might NOT be a good idea. Did I say I'm sorry? Yes? Sorry, I didn't mean THAT...
  • I agree with Laserschwert. Fansub... yes. Fandub... no. And I don't really want a PM about my opinion :p
  • I'll second that! No fandubs, only fansubs (if wanted by the community)!

    (Seems we have ourselves a little german get-together here :D)

    Edit: Make that continental europe ;)
  • Hello,

    I'm french and I 've just finished the demo version.

    You are talking about language patches and fansub ?
    Can a french team do a french patch for a Telltale Game ?
    If there is a possibility to do this sort of things, i really want to try !

    If you know how to make it, it'll be great !

    Thanks !
  • Germans always want language patches, they are too lazy to learn English.
  • Rantanplan;11793 said:
    Germans always want language patches, they are too lazy to learn English.
    I think my English is quite reasonable... yet, I still want a language patch (and that's probably because of "Hit the Road" being dubbed perfectly... at least Sam and Max).
  • actually there is a tool for changing the subtitles for the CSI games... i think it's on mixnmojo.

    my suggestion - start making a translation pack and when you have something to show , then talk with telltale.
    ithink they will be more open to accept something when it's based in a strong ground and it's quality can be checked
  • Can you imagine Sam and Max speaking in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

    Because I can and that would be hilarious.

    But seriously, that would simply cost too much to do for all the dubbings.
  • I can live without a language patch. I just supported the no dubbing league ;)
    Just finished the game - a bit too short, but I can't wait for the next episodes :D
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