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Contest winners / entrants activation coupons?

posted by jp-30 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Hi Telltalers,

Sorry to be a drag when you're all obviously running around sorting tech issues. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but may I meekly ask when the people who submitted "do random stuff" contest entries / won the season might expect to receive an email with activation instructions?


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  • Thanks. :)

    Just played through the demo and it looks GREAT.
  • I'm sending them out right now. you'll have your code in mere minutes :)
  • Got it!

    Thanks so much!
  • Does this include the people who got Culture Shock for participating? I didn't get an email. :( (After investigating my inbox thoughroughly, anyway. :p )
  • I got sent my code, went to the page and put it in. Sadly though when I did, absolutely nothing happened the "Get my Game" button greyed out and it just sat there. I'm wondering if my pop up blocker stopped the shopping cart loading up or something.
    I'm really thankful for the coupon and I'm hoping you can whack the interweb gremlins on the head for me so I can play it!
  • Copying this over from my reply to the blog - just in case you don't check those comments again...

    "Um, I haven't recieved my coupon for Culture Shock. It doesn't really matter as I'm probably going to order the whole season, anyway, but I was looking forward to trying out the first episode, before ordering the whole thing.

    This is assuming that by 'everyone', you mean 'everyone who entered the competition' rather than just the winners.

    Now, I'm worried that you didn't even recieve my entry in the first place. I never got a confirmation that you'd recieved it or anything, although I guess you might not do that.

    Well, whatever the case, I'd appreciate some answers. Thanks."
  • We didn't send out confirmations for the entries, so don't worry about that. :D I'll check with Doug this morning and make sure coupons went out to both of you. SamnMad, is your email address for the forum the same one you used to send the entry in? (Azurice, I know who you are. :D)

    Azure, Doug's going to have to help you with that. He's the coupon guru.
  • SamnMad, is your email address for the forum the same one you used to send the entry in?
    Yup, that's the one.
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