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    Mark(finish now

    Personality: Liar, Destructive, funny, crazy


    Will do anything to protect his family and will kill anyone or do anything to survive or get any sort of advantage in any circumstance

    Calm no matter the circumstance probably feels the most at ease in high tension moments

    A master manipulator can portray any type of person to hide his hidden agenda or motive a wolf in sheeps clothing

    Will do random acts of violence or chaos just to entertain himself when his bored

    Has no fear

    Doesn't harm children or women though

    Will make sometimes cheesy oneliners when he kills someone

    Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? I would concentrate on murdering the son of a b**** who done it first.

    If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? Do anything to survive or anything necessary if see anyone as a threat

    What did you want to be when you were growing up? Joker fighting the establishment by doing great evil making things fair for the fun and chaos

    Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? The group or alone either way I'm the lone wolf I can pretend to portray a caring character to get myself into the group become the leader and steal food and supplies like the governor

    Need anything else I'll expand or if it's to late it's ok lol
  • NO! It's my worst enemy! Mark, we meet again.
  • Name: John Kozlov

    1. Usually cool-headed, but when others threaten me or my friends and family he is not afraid to throw somebody against a wall or stab somebody to get it through their thick skulls that he is not to be fucked with.

    2. Not if there was any other choice.

    3. See above.

    4. Police Officer, Soldier, Store Bagger

    5. I like being with a very small group at first and building up the numbers as I go and then splitting off after a while to find a new group.
  • First off wow I like your violent and gruesome style I quality love it

    3) Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help.

    You need all the help you can get plus more action and violence YES
  • Clay I would see you as enemy but I don't see you as a threat more of an unnecessary problem. Your ignorance to my power amuses me I'd chose your next words carefully while you still entertain me lol.
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    I'll play.

    1. Brave, Sarcastic, Calm cool and collective. Can sneak easily, pick pockets (Don't ask), and can get out of trouble using words.
    2. Depends on the person.
    3. Yes, and again, it depends entirely on the person.
    4. A police officer, and I am currently in police academy and will be one in two years.
    5. Both equally. A group for a home, but when you go out for supplies, id be buy myself.
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    Why not I would like to be a villain this time... (my character is based off of Carver to an extent)

    1. Brutal, sadistic, cunning, intelligent, manipulative, can be known to show morals, a philosopher of realty, believes in balance of order, power hungry, ambitious
    2. No I need to leave to lead my community.
    3. Yes. I would do anything to survive and put people in their place, making examples out of them. Showing who's their true leader. The weak shall adapt or they'll perish, while the strong survives.
    4. A teacher of American history in High School
    5. With people. But I must show them that only I can lead them if they want to survive.

    Are we using our user names? Cuz mine is going to be very ironic. XD
  • Ha, you're drunk with imaginary power, and I shall show you as you are staring up at me, flat on your back with a couple rounds in your chest. Your foolery is a mere sign of your very understanding of how powerful I am as a foe. You shall not survive!
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    HA! Rounds in the chest lol what are we having a pillow fight might as well be shooting me with a water pistol. I only kill with headshots.

    You think your worst faith is death no your punishment must be more severe you will watch everyone you love die and your home and any object you own will burn then I will give you permission to die. Your facing a villain with no morals or motives unpredictable your finished beg for mercy lol
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    Well, me if it's still open :P

    Name: AWESOMEO

    Personality: First bold (and strongest) quality is willpower, the guy never loses hope, and he will do anything for his closest people. Most of the time he's a funny, well in spirit guy, but if he recognizes a threat, or is pissed off, he can become shit serious and he will not fear anything to protect the people close to him. He has a problem of trust, he thinks that if people want to gain his trust, they need to show him that they're loyal to him, if his bullshit detector doesn't go off, he will quickly accept the stranger as his friend. He has a short fuse, and he's a talkative guy, and very persistent when arguing. As a guy who's justice is his biggest priority, he will do everything to keep the balance in this world, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who endangers his group or doing horrible inhuman things to others.

    When he is in shocking and critical situations he's the first to react, not letting fear control him and uses his instincts first. But, that means that if someone sneaks up on him he may hit him without hesitating, no matter who it is, so he has to keep that in mind.

    He has no significant combat skills, but if he sees people in danger or has a goal, he can take multiple people at once, even if they're going to beat the holy shit out of him, he won't stop fighting until he's the last one standing.

    He had problems with the family last time he saw them, but since he moved away and shit hit the fan he has been regretting leaving them and wants to find them.

    If the ends justify his means, he would do anything to anyone, but the problem is that these ends almost never justify the means :P

    Description: Brown hair and eyes, short, average looking, skinny. Mostly wears t-shirts and jeans, and shoes fit for running. Agile, thus making him a good supply runner, plus he learned how to free run in the apocalypse so he could maneuver without wasting too much energy. He has one hatchet and one sharp military knife he found in the street, and he duel-wields them when in tight spots. He also has a Glock he found in some dead guy's hand, it has some bullets but he hasn't had the time to inspect and use it.

    He's 20, he is really interested in politics and he loves to learn about the world, he always had a passion to seek answers for his questions and he likes making theories, whether about Hitler or about a video game. He's writing stories to keep himself busy while he was at college with his brother, and he kept on doing that after the outbreak. But he didn't get to start his first college year since the outbreak started, he was alone for a long time, and in the present he has 2 more people with him, a friend of his and a stranger they met.

    He wants to find a group, and he believes that together, people can make the best out of the new world and create a new society founded on the basic natural rights of democracy, while learning from past mistakes and correcting the society.

  • Your threats...are they supposed to frighten me? When I was in Afghanistan with the Soviets, I spent twenty four days in a cave, being tortured. But I clawed my way out of that hell-hole, just to be mocked by a...a fucking clown?! No, no, no, my friend, you are playing with fire. You best tread lightly, if you intend to survive.
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    You were captured I think I overestimated you even though was expectation was already so low captured by the Afghans what did they capture you with sticks and stones as weapons.

    First off I'm not a clown the make up is a representation of society I'm not afraid to show my true colours the way people live blindly every move controlled and monitored while they live in ignorance that they are actually free they are only free in chaos where rules and plans set by the powerful and rich are meaningless making it FAIR AND EQUAL!!

    ps: that was probably one of the funniest videos I ever seen so epic
  • Kinda like Lee's job, I like it ;)
  • 3) Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help.

    Nice story, but I think you should stick to the origins and have everyone shocked about the zombies, as they weren't invented.
  • Lol, young adult. I used kid in a good way/ B]
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    Thank you Mark! I'll try to involve action, drama, violence, some twists and turns, and hell if you guys want even some romance, but it's up to you guys on that part.
  • Lol, you were supposed to reply to the comment with the question so you could join, but I'll let it slide this once and add you in. B]


  • I can replay, You want me to copy it?
  • Oh I know, lol. I better not die! :)
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    1. I'm realistic, sweet, caring, calm, introvert, a little sarcastic, and I love to annoy people and make them laugh. Oh, and I'm a pussy. :b
    2. Yes, no doubt.
    3. Maybe I could do stuff like stealing something, but I'd never hurt anyone.
    4. A ballerina. Meh. :3
    5. I think it's safer to be with a group, as long as everyone is able to get along.
  • Heh, yeah since I made my character a bit older in the story. So far you haven't, but we'll have to wait and see. B]
  • Great. Another thing to wait for xD
  • Count me in..... if it can :(
  • Yea I'll be in it! I just have to get home to type my info, if you don't mind.
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  • Lol, sorry guys the next part might take a bit longer, I'm writing all the characters down. Hopefully I'm not busy later on. I'll at least try to get one part out today.
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    Yes, reply to the comment that has the questions in the beginning of the thread and I'll include you.

    EDIT: All spots are filled. I'll use you for chapter 2.
  • No, it's alright I have your character down already. B]
  • Oh, that's fine. Take your time. I'm sure most of us, including me, are too busy taking finals through the next couple of weeks.
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    Name: Puncake
    1. Brave, Cool and Funny.
    2. Depends on the person.
    3.Yes, and again, it depends entirely on the person.
    4. Fisherman, BOAT!
    5.I want to be In a Group.
  • James

    1. Kind, forgiving, and graceful, but not naive. All he really wants is people worth living and dying for.
    2. Yes. If there is nobody worth living for, then death means nothing.
    3. It really depends on the situation. I'll do what I have to to survive, but if I'm causing more pain to good people than I'm preventing, I won't.
    4. I wanted to be a doctor. I want to help people, and learning more about the world and us and how to help people is what I want to do.
    5. With a group. Like I said, life isn't worth it unless there's people worth living for.
  • Yeah! Awesome! Can't wait until it starts!
  • The first part is up :p and I got your character down, I can say that I'll use you fairly early, though.
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    Oh. Awesome :D. I'll get reading. Thanks for doing this :)
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    Pro: Look kid, we can kill them, but I'll need your help.

    Nice job so far! Great start and I like how it started on a train :D.

    Edit: Ooopss lol. Didn;t see the voting was closed.... Ah well haha
  • Lol, yeah it sucks. Vaca is just around the corner so I'll have more time to do this, hopefully.
  • Romance? Hell yeah! XD. Just hope it doesn't end up like Carley and Lee.... They were just beginning something and then... You guys know what happened after.
  • Hey now, don't give me ideas ;) haha.
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