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Forum Of The Dead (Story Is Finished!)

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Welcome to the "Forum Of The Dead" interactive story!

In this thread, you guys will be the characters in a zombie apocalypse, similar to what Harpadarpa and Raging_Blades were doing(Harp left and stopped his) and you will get to vote on everyone's destiny by making choices like in TWD game when you pick an option. The story adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you vote, so choose wisely! I was going to do this around the same time Harp did his story, but since he started first I decided not to go with it, but since then, him and Raging have inspired me.


  • LeeTheProfessional

    We were driving down the city. TWDFan86 was giving me the directions to his Apartment. We needed to get there no matter what, we needed to make sure his family was okay. The deeper we drove into the city the crazier it seemed to get. We saw people all over the place looting stores and taking everything they could carry. We saw walkers eating people and what appeared to be a bunch of escaped prisoners shooting back at the police. Gunshots and explosions everywhere. Buildings on fire and people asking for help. I was just trying to drive right passed the whole thing.There was no time for any of that. We had to find TWDFan's family.

    "Open the glove box, TWDFan." I told him.

    He did just that and said. "There's a gun in here, and some skin tight black leather gloves, with a slim strap on them." He turned to look at me. "I'm guessing you want them, huh?"

    I kept my eyes on the road. "Yeah. Take the gun though, you'll need it."

    "But I don't even know how to shoot a gun, Pro." He told me with a worried tone.

    "It's alright. I'll teach you everything you need to know, later. Just take it with you for now. The safety is on so don't worry about shooting yourself. Just keep it hidden." I told him.

    "Alright, I guess so." He said back.

    I found an empty spot down the road and and parked for a few seconds as TWDFan passed me my favorite gloves. It was a while since I last put them on. They felt good on my hands. Like it was where they belonged. TWDFan just stared in silence. I put my SUV on drive and proceeded where TWDFan told me.

    "Over there! Make a left over there! Just around that corner, and we should be there soon!" He said in excitement.

    "Got it." I told him as I made a left turn.

    "Holy shit..." TWDFan's eyes widened.

    I stepped on the breaks as hard as I could. A loud screech was made, when I did. Me and TWDFan both looked in front of us. almost a hundred of those living dead monsters were blocking the way. They all heard the loud screech and spotted us. They began heading our way.

    "Oh my God. Go back, go back!" TWDFan shouted.

    I put the car on reverse and drove back. I stopped and put it back on drive.

    "Is there another way to get to your apartment?!" I asked TWDFan.

    "Yes! Try going around, hurry!" He told me.

    I turned to look at him and he was just shocked. How could there be so many of them this quickly? How long was it going to take for everything to be back to normal? Was it like this all over the world? All these questions were running through my mind. TWDFan just put his head down while holding it and shook it in disbelief. He was losing hope. I stepped on the peddle, until it was all the way down and the speedometer jumped up. we needed to get to his apartment as fast as possible...



    (!) Firedog, help me!

    The walker was about to start chewing on Clayton's leg. I was nervous as all hell. He turned to look at us. "Firedog, help me!" He yelled out. I had my handgun pointed and got ready to shoot.


    "Holy fucking shit!." Clayton yelled out.

    Puncake and Jon ran up to him. My hands started shaking and I could barely hold on to the gun. I was just staring at it the whole time.

    "Get over here, Firedog!" Puncake told me.

    I looked up at them and made my way towards their location.

    "Is he okay?!" I asked.

    "Yeah, you got him, man. Thanks. Holy shit..." Clayton said as he was holding on to his leg and breathing heavily. "That thing almost got me, man. What the fuck." He was still shocked.

    "Good job. You got that fucker right in the head." Puncake told me as he put his hand on my shoulder. "Here you go, Jon. Sorry for takin' it, but I just wanted to make sure nothin' happened to your friend here." Puncake explained as he gave JonGon his shotgun back.

    "Not a problem, man. Thanks for not killing us with it. I guess that proves that you're both trustworthy, and that you were telling the truth about these... zombie things." He told Puncake. He turned to his friend Clayton. "Shit, man. You okay? That was way too close."

    "Yeah, yeah, I'm good. I'm... I just need to smoke something." Clayton said as he got up and took out a small bag of weed, and a lighter out of his pocket. He went to the counter and started rolling it up in a dutch, he lit it up and smoked it. "You guys want some? Nah, nah fuck it. I... I need this for myself. Shit." He was still kinda shocked at what just happened. He could've died, but I saved his life. Even I was surprised at that myself.

    I sighed and got up. "Oh shit. Puncake look!" I told my friend as I pointed to the front of the store.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUUUCK!" He yelled out in anger. "We need to leave, now!" He told all of us.

    There were at least twenty walkers banging outside the store. *KSHH* one of them broke through and a few of them started to crawl in.

    "Damn! Everyone to the back exit, follow me!" Jon said.

    I grabbed my backpack and followed them to the back. Jon was holding the door open as we all went outside. He closed the door behind us and we were crouched beside a dumpster container. We looked around and there were a few of them outside in the back. I wondered why they didn't hear the noise from before. Maybe they did, but something must've distracted them in the woods.

    "Shit! More of them?!" Clayton spoke out.

    "I'll get them." Jon replied as he was pointing his shotgun and got ready to shoot.

    "No! Noise will get their attention, and soon they'll be on us. You saw what happened back in the store after I shot my gun." I told both Jon and Clayton.

    Puncake agreed "He's right. We have to sneak away somehow."

    "Alright. I guess so. My car is parked over on the side of the street there." Jon said while pointing to the front of the gas station. "I have my keys on me, but I'm not a very good runner. Clayton here knows some parkour, maybe that could help."

    Clayton laughed. "Heh! I think I'm getting to high to try to run over there." His eyes were starting to turn red, but he had a smile on his face the whole time.

    "Well I'm a pretty decent runner, but I don't know if I can make it over there." I told the crew.

    "Shit, well I ain't a runner, but why don't we all try gettin' to Jon's car?" Puncake told us.

    "Seems risky, but staying here is as well. Those zombies haven't spotted us yet. We just need about 5 minutes." Jon said.

    "What are we going to do guys?" Clayton said smiling at everyone.

    Puncake put his head down and started thinking. JonGon was looking around. Clayton was still smoking some bud. I looked over at Jon's car, and then behind me where there were about 8 roamers staring into the woods. We just need 5 minutes. I decided to say something...

    1) JonGon. You go.
    2) Puncake, take Jon's keys. You can make it.
    3) ClaytonBoylan, you're probably the fastest one here. You go.
    4) JonGon, give me your keys. I'll go.
    5) Let's all go.


    I kept thinking about my family, and the huge argument I had with them earlier in the day, before the zombie apocalypse started. How I regretted the fight I had with them. I was sure they were okay, though. I was on a supply run, this was my fourth time in one day, heading into the city. I was climbing a dumpster container in an alleyway, while the walkers were distracted by the gunshots, explosions and all the other craziness going around. I stood up and jumped to reach the ladder of a fire escape, I gripped my hands on it and landed on my feet as it came down.

    "whew. First try. Nice." I said to myself as I got ready to climb up.

    Earlier in the day, I was in Mokonage's restaurant. He was good friends with my dad, and I had come down to visit him for a while and talk about what happened. Then these zombies came out of nowhere and started biting everyone. Some people thought it was a bunch of kids going around pranking others. They got too close and ended up getting killed. Soon a huge panic started and me and Mokonage had to run away. We ended up in an alleyway and I tried grabbing a fire escape ladder so we could reach his apartment and get some supplies for the road. I told him I knew about a farm where I used to visit my friend, SweetPeaClem over the summers, just outside the city. When I attempted the jump for the first time, I missed by an inch and ended up falling on my back, unto the edge of the container and slicing myself open. Mokonage was looking around and screaming for help. Soon enough a guy holding a white box, that was running in our direction stopped to look at us.

    "Holy nipples! You really fucked yourself up! I'm, WhatTheDuck. I'm a surgeon, I think I can help you guys out." He said as he leaned over to me.

    I didn't know whether we could trust this guy or not. But I was bleeding out and we needed to get into Mokonage's apartment window, since the front was blocked with a bunch of people trying to get in and out of the apartment. I was holding on to my side, thriving in pain.

    "How did this happen? Did some crazy ex stab you for not giving her enough loving?" WTD said while smiling.

    "No, man! He tried jumping up there to bring the ladder down, but he missed it and hurt himself..." Mokonage explained to him.

    "Oh! I see. Haha!" He turned to me. "Imagine if you had landed on your ass! I don't carry my butthurt potion with me. So you would've been ass raped, and I wouldn't be able to help you out. But, luckily for you, I have my first aid kit with me." He said as he started to open it.

    "Can this guy really help me?" I thought to myself. I had a problem trusting people, and I thought they needed to prove themselves first. He checked the cut and cleaned it a bit. Sewed it up and put a bandage on it in a matter of minutes. This guy seemed to know what he was doing, even though he seemed a bit crazy. I thanked him and told him about the farm and that he should come with us. He agreed and said that he would like that. It was still painful to move, so he told us that he would get the ladder down for us. Once he did, he said that he would keep a look out. Me and Mokonage went up and into his apartment room. We grabbed a bunch of things and headed out. I lead Mokonage and WhatTheDuck out of the city and into SweetPea's farm. Once we reached it, I told her about the chaos that was going on and she said she knew about it from the news. She and PowerfulStache agreed to let us stay, but I told them that I would go back into the city and grab as much supplies as I could, and bring them back. They thought it was a bad idea since I was injured, but it was what I wanted to do. I went back the first time with no problems, and then a second time, and then a third. I was getting better with my parkour skills, and was getting used to running. Plus, the pain on my side didn't hurt anymore.

    Once I got in the building I started loading my backpack up, with a bunch of supplies and food. I heard some hysterical laughter outside the window coming from the building next door. I looked out and saw two guys laughing at each other while holding guns. I saw a girl wearing bloody clothes in front of them. She spotted me and her eyes widened. She seemed scared at the moment. I overheard the two talking about crazy and sickening ways to kill her. I quietly climbed out onto the fire escape. I went all the way up onto the roof, I was only one floor down before, anyway. I looked down and I could see the two guys still laughing. Luckily, I had a brick with me. I took it out and stared at it, and then at the guys by the window. I thought about it...

    1) I'm not an asshole. But, I should leave. It's not my problem.
    2) This isn't right. I have to help her. Throw the brick at them.



    I was still at the gun shop, sitting on the floor, with two dead zombie corpses beside me. I had A guitar case full of guns and was ready to kill anyone or anything that tried to get near me. I opened the door a bit, and I looked at them, roaming outside the shop. Just waiting for their next victim. They looked disgusting, some had bullet holes all over their bodies, with limbs missing. I saw one with it's body torn in half, but somehow still crawling. I remembered earlier in the day, I was with my mariachi band playing a song for the people outside, when all of a sudden a car crashed into the front of the gun shop, but missing the door. Everyone scattered and tried to get away. A few people went over to try and see what happened and they realized that the passenger was still moving. A guy went over and opened the door. He unbuckled the seat belt and then it happened... the passenger bit the man on his arm and others tried to pull the passenger off. Another man got bitten trying help, and everyone watched as this crazy lady was ripping his throat out with her teeth. The more people tried to help the more people ended up dying. Soon a bunch of people started going crazy and breaking into all the stores around the city, trying to take everything they could, while people were distracted. My band members ran away and we got separated in the crowd. I ended up running into the gun shop with a bite victim and the owner.

    Later that night the bite victim turned and killed the owner that was tending to his care. I had to stop them both by putting a bullet in their heads. I packed my guitar case with guns and ammo, and headed into the back room. I heard people looting the store for weapons, but luckily for me, no one seemed to bother checking the back. I closed the door and was just wondering if my friends were okay. I was getting bored and hungry, but all of a sudden I heard a noise outside and someone talking.

    "Damn! There's just so many of them out there!"

    I heard a voice say. I got my handgun ready and took a peak out the door. I noticed a young man wearing a black shirt with jeans and sneakers. He still didn't know I was in here.

    1) Say nothing.
    2) Ask him who he is.
    3) Wait in the back room, like I have been doing this whole time.

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    Oh and I see you've been usin some of my posts as ACTUAL lines,pure fucking gold.So I'm going to write down some of my quotes for you to put in ok? :P
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    Ok whew I'm done just gotta type it now.
    • EDIT: Alright, Duck. Got them!
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        Anyones you liked particularly?
        • This is very dangerous(insert character name here),you have to watch the dead,even when they're dead,because the dead become undead,and when they're undead we can shoot them and make then dead-dead,but then sometimes they become undead-dead which is undead squared and thats DANGEROUS.

          I see your a woman,I like that in a man. Lol, what?

          Find me God's left testicle. Lol the fuck.
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            I have done well. :P
          • I want dark knight quotes for my character please Lee

            Why So Serious?

            • Noted. Will do. Especially that "Why so serious?" line. B]

                YES!! that would actually make my day I'm such a fanboy lol thanks

                Noted.? like telltale say I love it Lee very professional if you excuse the pun lol
                • Lol, Joker is bad-ass. B]

                  Thanks, Markd. For participating and reading!
                  • No thank you Lee for creating such high quality stories everyday for me to read this is one of my favorite threads.
                    • Thanks, bro! If you want, you can type some quotes up that I could use in the story. I'm going to do one more part, since I'm trying to get to a certain situation in the story, as soon as possible. B]
                      • Yes!! type up quotes but I don't mind if you don't use them only story suits them no pressure at all

                        Powerful agents to the uninitiated but we are initiated

                        So you're gonna have to play my little game if you want to save them!

                        Then you will have my permission to die

                        I'm not a monster I'm just ahead of the curve!!

                        You think the dark is your Ally you merely adopted it, I was born in it molded by it I did not see the light of day until I was a man

                        Indeed honorable but mistaken

                        You think that gives you some sort of power over me!

                        There's fight in you, know I like that!

                        Hahahahahahaha ho hi hi ha ha ho hi ha ha. And I thought my jokes were bad

                        Disrupt the established order and everything becomes chaos and now the thing about chaos it's fair

                        In fact I could just type out the whole script of the films or if think of different one add it lol
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    Quotes-Jimmy cracks corn and I just cracked your head open.I see your a woman,I like that in a man.Listen they don't call me Nag McNags for nothin'.Don't worry mam I'm a professional that's why I'm throwing people out of windows.This is very dangerous(insert character name here),you have to watch the dead,even when they're dead,because the dead become undead,and when they're undead we can shoot them and make then dead-dead,but then sometimes they become undead-dead which is undead squared and thats DANGEROUS.Sergeant Dickpants now in twelve flavors.Find me God's left testicle. Mini Quotes-A skittle in labor,cheetah administrator,Teddy Porngrumps,Incest Muffins,Surfin' Stalin,a seagull named french fries,Carame Catastrophe,Molten Chinchilla,Sneeze Bologna.There finished. :P EDIT:Whoops just refreshed and saw your post sorry bro!KISSES MWA *kisses*
  • I like how my character's been snark-wise, but I think I might prefer him to show more of his aggressive side when confronted.
    Otherwise, I'm really loving all these stories. I like that we're not directly making choices as it can get quite messy that way (though I'd hope that the choices we make as users is affecting how we act as characters when something goes down a certain way).
    • Noted. Yeah for now it's only the first day of the ZA. Raging is the only one ahead, one day though.

      Some examples.

      "(?) TWDFan86 will remember that." When Pro helped him out. He's starting to warm up to him, and trusting him more.

      "(?) What the hell have I gotten myself into..." When Raging met WhatTheDuck. He's not sure about him yet.

      "(?) LeeTheProfessional appreciates your help." When TWDFan86 decided to go to his place first. It's the Reason Pro is determined to look for his family and help him out.

      I'll try to add more of these. I forgot to put some in other parts.
  • Puncake32

    (!) Let's all go.

    I was looking down and thinking about what we should do next. Suddenly Firedog spoke up. "Let's all go." He told us.

    I turned to look at Jon and Clayton. "Yeah, I agree. I AGREE!" I told them with a huge smile. "We need to leave now! C'mon you, guys."

    We all got up and checked the front. It seemed like the walkers were probably still distracted, but it looked like a few of them were roaming around the gas station pumps. Some of the pumps were knocked down and there was gasoline all over the ground.

    "Now or never, then." Jon told us. "Let's go!"

    Jon lead the way, and we followed. Clayton was surprisingly keeping up right behind him while smoking at the same time. I was behind Clayton and Firedog was behind me. We ran past the walkers and some of them noticed. They started following us to Jon's car. When suddenly...

    "Ahh!" I looked back and saw Firedog on the ground, with the supplies he picked up earlier. "Shit! I Tripped and they fell out of my bag!" Firedog said while looking back at the walkers getting closer to us.

    I turned to Jon and Clayton and shouted "Fuck! You guys, Firedog fell and dropped the supplies we need!"

    "Clayton help them! I'll go get the car started, hurry!" Jon said to his friend.

    Clayton came up to us. "Help, Firedog with the supplies. I'll keep them distracted." Clayton said to me with a smile.

    The kid seemed like he was high as a kite. I wasn't sure if we would get out of this alive. I started helping Firedog while Clayton ran over to the pumps and started whistling at the walkers to get their attention. He ran up to one and kicked it in it's head, knocking it down. The others noticed and headed his way.

    "That's the last of the supplies, let's go!" Firedog told me as he zipped up his backpack and got up.

    "We ain't leaving, Clayton!" I said.

    We heard a car honking and we turned to see that Jon was waiting for us.

    "Go on ahead, Firedog. I'll help Clayton out." I told my friend.

    "Alright, but be quick. We don't have a lot of time." He said and he started making his way to the car.

    A few walkers noticed the honking from before and they were heading my way. I turned to look over at Clayton and he was fighting some of them off. I ran over to him as quickly as I could.

    "Shit, man. I feel like everything is in slow motion, haha! These fuckers can't touch me!" he said with an open mouth smile.

    "C'mon, Clayton. JonGon's waitin' in the car. We have to go now!" I told him as the small horde of walkers were getting closer and closer.

    "Right. Go on ahead. I got this." He said while tapping my arm, and then kicking the shit out of some walkers.

    "I can't leave you behind, man. We need to leave together!" I shouted at him.

    "Hehe. Alright, man. If that's what you want, then we can go." He said as he ran back.

    "Hey, wait for me!" I shouted at him.

    Clayton stopped a few feet away from the pumps and reached for something in his pocket. I caught up to him and he said "Ah, here it is, Puncake!" He said as he showed me his lighter from before. "Gonna light these shitheads up!" He told me with a smile, and looking back at the walkers, who were trying to make it to us.

    He flicked the lighter and threw it towards the gasoline that was on the ground. We ran back and made it to Jon's car, just in time. We got in and watched as the gas pumps exploded and fried those fuckers up. Limbs, blood and debris flew all over the place.

    "Going to miss that place..." Jon said as we were all looking back at what used to be JonGon's Gas Station.

    "Sorry, bro. Had to be done. I'll miss it too." Clayton said as he tapped Jon's shoulder.

    "Sorry, guys. It was my fault for falling down and dropping the supplies..." Firedog explained.

    "Nah, man. Forget it. You saved Clayton's life earlier. We can't repay you for that." Jon said while looking back at us.

    "You, guys already have." Firedog said with a smile.

    I looked over at Jon. "Alright, brother. Time to go. Let's head to the river, where my boat is." I told him with a smile.

    "Yes. Let's" Jon said as he shift the gear on drive, and we started driving away.

    A few seconds later down the road, Clayton spoke up. "Shit, guys... now I don't have a lighter for my bud." He sighed. "Oh well. Guess it was time to quit anyway. Thanks, Jon, Firedog and Puncake for saving me." He told us as he looked out the window.

    We had what we needed and we met some good people. "Boat! Boat! Boat! Boat! Boat!" Kept running through my mind. I hope we could make it back to the river with no problems.



    (!) Come on! We can't do anything, let's go!

    "Come on! We can't do anything, let's go!" I told PaulKenneth and etitheking.

    "Alright, I'm jumping" eking said as he turned to jump.

    I ran over to the window and looked down, to see if he was okay. "He made it!" Richmond1226 yelled out.

    I turned my head over to, PaulKenneth. "You're turn, Paul. Hurry!"

    He nodded and sat on the windowsill. He looked down and said "Whoa. Uh... I don't know about this."

    "It's okay, just go! The zombies are almost here, go!" I shouted at Paul.

    "Alright, whatever. Here goes!" He told me and then jumped out. "AGH! Fucking shit!"

    I looked down and and saw Paul holding his ankle. "What the fuck?! What happened?!" I asked them.

    AllThatRemains looked up and shouted back. "He twisted his ankle when he hit the ground! Other than that, he's okay!"

    "We'll take care of him. Jump down hurry!" eking told me.

    NoncyFlippledorp and Rich helped Paul by moving him out of the way. I looked behind me and saw the zombies about 10 feet away from me. "Oh shit!" I said as I quickly went on the window sill and looked down.

    "BELAN!" I heard a voice from the opposite end of the hall.

    I turned to see who it was and I saw Jewfreeus with a red backpack on, looking at the zombies who were making their way up the stairs.

    "Hurry up and jump already!" Noncy yelled out.

    I looked behind me as the zombies were inches away from me. I turned to look at Jewf one more time before jumping down. I saw him look at me with a shocked face before running back into the cafeteria. I looked back down and jumped.

    I landed safely and rolled on my side. "It was Jewfreeus! Jewf was in there!"

    "What?! What do you mean?" Noncy asked.

    "Jewf was in there? What are you talking about?" ATR asked.

    "Who the hell is Jewfreeus?" Rich asked us.

    "Ugh... he was a classmate... he ran off somewhere before we found you." Paul explained to Rich, while holding his ankle in pain.

    eking walked over to me and helped me up. "Shit, man. You said we needed to leave. No time to go back for him."

    I cleaned some grass off my shirt and sighed. "I guess you're right."

    We both turned and started walking over to ATR, Rich, and Noncy, who were tending to Paul's twisted ankle. Out of nowhere we heard a loud crushing noise behind us, and someone moaning.

    We turned to look and saw a zombie on the floor trying to crawl towards us. "Oh man, they're trying to get to us, by falling out the window!" I yelled out to everyone. "Hurry, let's take Paul and let's go!"

    We ran over to help everyone pick up Paul, and then we ran over to the parking lot. There were a lot of cars parked outside, so Rich decided we should take one. We found a pickup truck and placed Paul in the back. Rich used his MP5 to smash the window and unlock the car. He hot wired it and started the engine. Noncy got in the front with Rich. While me, ATR and eking tended to Paul in the back of the pick up. Rich drove to the front and asked us which way to go. He told us that he was just in the city, and it was overrun with these monsters and crazy people shooting all over the place.

    "I want to make sure my family is okay!" ATR yelled at us.

    "We know that, but it's too dangerous in the city. You heard what Rich just said." eking explained to her.

    "I'm with her." Noncy said. "The news told us to head into the city. That they would handle the situation, and that everything would be taking care of soon."

    Rich turned to look at her. "Lady. Didn't you just hear what I said? I lost my team back in the city, I ran for my life trying to get away from those things, until I found the school. I shot a window, since the doors were locked, and I made my way inside until you guys found me."

    "So it's your fault we're in this mess to begin with!" Noncy yelled at him.

    "Hey! What else was I supposed to do?! I didn't want to run off into the woods, I wanted to find a secure place!" Rich shouted back at her.

    "Guys, settle the fuck down!" Paul spoke up. "Can we just fucking get to any fucking place, where I can get some medical treatment for this fucking ankle of mine? Fucking please?!"

    "I'm agreeing with ATR. I don't care what you've seen!" Noncy was still arguing with Rich.

    ATR was siding with Noncy. "Listen to us. I need to make sure my family is okay!" She yelled at Rich.

    eking turned to me. "You told us to leave. So now decide where to go for us. Come on, Belan. I trust you."

    Rich was still arguing with Noncy and ATR. Paul was still laying down holding his ankle. I didn't want to be the one making a decision, but eking was waiting for me to say something.

    1) Rich, let's head into the city.
    2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.
    3) say nothing.
    4) Screw this. I can't deal with you guys, right now. I'm going out there on my own.

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    Hey, Lee. Can I put down my character now, or should I wait when you ask for some more?
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    I love this part :)
  • Well fucking done Pro! Your thread is off the charts awesome! I have about double your pages and you have more comments :D. This is just quality, and quantity combined. Can't believe you haven't started this earlier! This is probably the #1 Interactive Fan Fic out right now! Keep up the good work, you deserve the praise!
    • Well if it wasn't for you and Harp, then I probably wouldn't have done this. I was going to start it way back, but never really had an idea on how to start it. You guys inspired me, and I love both of your stories! Thanks for taking the time to read and participate Raging. This is actually my first time doing something like this and I'm glad you guys like it. You're all awesome!
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