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Pyscho Session - Absolutely Stumped

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I got though the first two sessions. On the blot test, I answered everything about money. On the word association I tried to shoot her when she mentioned the word associated with dentistry. But, for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the dream to talk about my peers getting older.

I figured the dead leaf meant death. And that the nothing on the dart board meant end of life (nothing to shoot for), though the toilet brush could be in reference to how my parents (who are older) always talk about getting more fiber. For the water cooler, I tried the nothing there (again, end of life) and the self loathing magazine (growing to hate yourself). I tried these with Sam (banking on myself being closest to my peer) and Max (who is my colleage and peer), and Sybil and Bosco (both are peers, as in store owners and proprietors on the street).

But, with all of this, nothing. Can someone tell me the answers to this third one?
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