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Forum Of The Dead (Story Is Finished!)

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Welcome to the "Forum Of The Dead" interactive story!

In this thread, you guys will be the characters in a zombie apocalypse, similar to what Harpadarpa and Raging_Blades were doing(Harp left and stopped his) and you will get to vote on everyone's destiny by making choices like in TWD game when you pick an option. The story adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you vote, so choose wisely! I was going to do this around the same time Harp did his story, but since he started first I decided not to go with it, but since then, him and Raging have inspired me.


  • For now I'm looking for 20 people to be in the story, first come, first serve. I will use your username so it can be easier for others to identify you. Just answer these questions if you want to have your character in the story. I'll start off with mine.


    Whats your personality like? Sarcastic, witty, brave, calm, cool and collective, like to joke around and make people laugh, sometimes I can be very serious though. Doesn't judge anyone, will be friends with just about anybody. Willing to help those in need.

    Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? Yes. If I need to, I will do so.

    If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? It would be hard, usually I would say no, but If the other person tells me to do it and it's what they want, then I might have to.

    What did you want to be when you were growing up? Police officer, SWAT, Hitman.

    Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? I'm usually the Lone-Wolf, but I don't mind sticking with a team that can communicate and have each other's backs. I'm a born leader but don't really like the leadership role unless I absolutely have to do it.

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      CornPopper BANNED
      1. calm, quiet, psychotic, too smart for his own good
      3.hell yes architect
      5. alone
    • I'll be Brave,Calm,serious killing on walker
      Helping Family/Friends
      I want to have a group
      I want to be Swat on story

      And in story they can call me Rich
    • 1. Sarcastic, witty, and can be mean but means well most of the time. Lacking in social skills.
      2. I would like to think so. Least I wouldn't go out like a punk bitch.
      3. I wouldn't be ready and willing, but if it was absolutely necessary, I would.
      4. I wish I had an answer for that. Guess I considered teacher at one point.
      5. A group is best, as long as it's a group who can get along.
    • Name: Clayton Boylan
      Skills: Took Krav Maga, knows minor First Aid, good negotiator (and a good liar, but doesn't lie often, only to make others have hope), can pick locks (if he has the necessary pick-lock set), took some survivalist training. Speaks English and Arabic fluently, and speaks a little bit of Turkish and Russian. Practiced parkour before the apocalypse.
      Weaknesses: He's not the greatest at shooting, doesn't like risking lives (he will prefer to risk his own), smokes weed when stressed out, kind of anti-social and feels weird when talking to people he doesn't know (though in an argument about saving someone, will speak up in order to protect them). Will get headaches quite often, and will smoke weed to get rid of it.
      Personality: Optimistic, intelligent, open-minded. Good with calm kids and adults he knows and likes, but bad with loud people or people he doesn't know. Sarcastic at times. Doesn't like it when children swear. Doesn't like hurting people.
      Background: He grew up in a military family, who all died before the apocalypse. Used to work as a gas station attendant. Volunteered at a local Primary school. He enjoyed Ottoman history. His favorite music artist is Tupac Shakur.
      Age: 17
      Ethnicity: Russian American
      What he looks like: My profile picture
    • 1. Quiet, snarky, pessimistic, easily upset.
      2. Only if I knew for sure that it was the only way.
      3. Yes, but not if I didn't have to.
      4. When I was little, an astronaut.
      5. Alone, but I think it's also important to have friends who can help you.
    • personality: The guy who does the stuff that needs to be done, without fearing the consequences. I appear cold and stoic and use people's fear of me to keep them in line. Though I act like a heartless bastard, I actually care about people close to me, but I don't show it all too well. I keep the image of a capable man in front of others, but question my actions when I am by myself or people I trust to keep my weak side a secret. I am the type to sacrifice people "for the greater good" as long as it isn't a person I care too much for (e.g. family, girlfriend). I know the sins I commit will eventually be my downfall, but I accepts that fate and choose to fight until I can't anymore.

      willing to sacrifice for family/friends: only on last resort and only if the people are very important to me. If I don't care about them, I will let them die and if I can use someone else's death to save who is important to me, I will do that as well.

      doing evil to survive: absolutely.

      what I wanted to do when I was young: I was undecided

      alone or group? I would rather go for the group, but since people tend to dislike my character, I will probably be alone most of the time. Especially since I like to take charge and people often end up questioning my methods. When I am a leader, I tend to try keeping most alive with whatever methods possible, though I am willing to make sacrifices if there is no other way. I would even save people who I dislike, though there is a limit of how much shit I can take from someone. If I deem someone too much of a nuisance/asshole or possibly even a danger to the group, I will dispose of them. The safety of the group goes above all.
    • Quiet but will help if you need it
      It depends. If the person is actually asking me to do it.
      A chef
      Even though I'm quiet, it is best that we are in a good group that can work together no matter the situation.
    • Mark(finish now

      Personality: Liar, Destructive, funny, crazy


      Will do anything to protect his family and will kill anyone or do anything to survive or get any sort of advantage in any circumstance

      Calm no matter the circumstance probably feels the most at ease in high tension moments

      A master manipulator can portray any type of person to hide his hidden agenda or motive a wolf in sheeps clothing

      Will do random acts of violence or chaos just to entertain himself when his bored

      Has no fear

      Doesn't harm children or women though

      Will make sometimes cheesy oneliners when he kills someone

      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? I would concentrate on murdering the son of a b**** who done it first.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? Do anything to survive or anything necessary if see anyone as a threat

      What did you want to be when you were growing up? Joker fighting the establishment by doing great evil making things fair for the fun and chaos

      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? The group or alone either way I'm the lone wolf I can pretend to portray a caring character to get myself into the group become the leader and steal food and supplies like the governor

      Need anything else I'll expand or if it's to late it's ok lol
      • NO! It's my worst enemy! Mark, we meet again.
        • Clay I would see you as enemy but I don't see you as a threat more of an unnecessary problem. Your ignorance to my power amuses me I'd chose your next words carefully while you still entertain me lol.
          • Ha, you're drunk with imaginary power, and I shall show you as you are staring up at me, flat on your back with a couple rounds in your chest. Your foolery is a mere sign of your very understanding of how powerful I am as a foe. You shall not survive!

              HA! Rounds in the chest lol what are we having a pillow fight might as well be shooting me with a water pistol. I only kill with headshots.

              You think your worst faith is death no your punishment must be more severe you will watch everyone you love die and your home and any object you own will burn then I will give you permission to die. Your facing a villain with no morals or motives unpredictable your finished beg for mercy lol
              • Your threats...are they supposed to frighten me? When I was in Afghanistan with the Soviets, I spent twenty four days in a cave, being tortured. But I clawed my way out of that hell-hole, just to be mocked by a...a fucking clown?! No, no, no, my friend, you are playing with fire. You best tread lightly, if you intend to survive.

                • You were captured I think I overestimated you even though was expectation was already so low captured by the Afghans what did they capture you with sticks and stones as weapons.

                  First off I'm not a clown the make up is a representation of society I'm not afraid to show my true colours the way people live blindly every move controlled and monitored while they live in ignorance that they are actually free they are only free in chaos where rules and plans set by the powerful and rich are meaningless making it FAIR AND EQUAL!!

                  ps: that was probably one of the funniest videos I ever seen so epic
                  • I know right? That video was funny as fuck.

                    You were captured by a single man in armored tights, with no gun. I was captured by fifty+ armed Afghanistan Militia, ready to cut me up and feed me to the goats, but I escaped. You are a known and feared throughout a city. I'm renowned throughout the world! You're true colors could be seen on any ballerina!
    • Name: John Kozlov

      1. Usually cool-headed, but when others threaten me or my friends and family he is not afraid to throw somebody against a wall or stab somebody to get it through their thick skulls that he is not to be fucked with.

      2. Not if there was any other choice.

      3. See above.

      4. Police Officer, Soldier, Store Bagger

      5. I like being with a very small group at first and building up the numbers as I go and then splitting off after a while to find a new group.
    • I'll play.

      1. Brave, Sarcastic, Calm cool and collective. Can sneak easily, pick pockets (Don't ask), and can get out of trouble using words.
      2. Depends on the person.
      3. Yes, and again, it depends entirely on the person.
      4. A police officer, and I am currently in police academy and will be one in two years.
      5. Both equally. A group for a home, but when you go out for supplies, id be buy myself.
    • Why not I would like to be a villain this time... (my character is based off of Carver to an extent)

      1. Brutal, sadistic, cunning, intelligent, manipulative, can be known to show morals, a philosopher of realty, believes in balance of order, power hungry, ambitious
      2. No I need to leave to lead my community.
      3. Yes. I would do anything to survive and put people in their place, making examples out of them. Showing who's their true leader. The weak shall adapt or they'll perish, while the strong survives.
      4. A teacher of American history in High School
      5. With people. But I must show them that only I can lead them if they want to survive.

      Are we using our user names? Cuz mine is going to be very ironic. XD
    • 1. I'm realistic, sweet, caring, calm, introvert, a little sarcastic, and I love to annoy people and make them laugh. Oh, and I'm a pussy. :b
      2. Yes, no doubt.
      3. Maybe I could do stuff like stealing something, but I'd never hurt anyone.
      4. A ballerina. Meh. :3
      5. I think it's safer to be with a group, as long as everyone is able to get along.
    • Yea I'll be in it! I just have to get home to type my info, if you don't mind.
    • James

      1. Kind, forgiving, and graceful, but not naive. All he really wants is people worth living and dying for.
      2. Yes. If there is nobody worth living for, then death means nothing.
      3. It really depends on the situation. I'll do what I have to to survive, but if I'm causing more pain to good people than I'm preventing, I won't.
      4. I wanted to be a doctor. I want to help people, and learning more about the world and us and how to help people is what I want to do.
      5. With a group. Like I said, life isn't worth it unless there's people worth living for.
    • Here's mine, if there's any room left :)

      1.) Like Clementine, I'm not perceived as much of a threat. I like to make people laugh and I value morality and fairness. I'll help others, given the chance. I am a deep thinker and an introvert, but people warm up to me quickly. I have a dark side when provoked. Blood and guts don't disgust me, and I can keep calm in front of most things people would vomit/be horrified at. I am real tiny and don't weigh much, so I can fit in places others can't. I am fast and particularly adept at hiding and spying. I appear very non-threatening as a 16 year-old girl, and I can easily manipulate others.

      2.) I have no problem sacrificing myself for someone I love, or for the innocent.

      3.) I will steal.

      4.) I wanted to be a vet or a forensic anthropologist.

      5.) For me, I'd be safer in a group so I can have people defend my back and me theirs. Being with other people who have their own skills and knowledge gives me the opportunity to learn new things and better my chances of survival.
    • Am I too late for this? It's totally cool if I am.


      1. Whats your personality like?

      I can tend to be sort of quiet and serious at times, but I can also be kind of humorous and sarcastic once you get to know me. I'd like to say that I'm fairly level headed, and can make tough decisions. I don't get angry very easily at all, but when I do, I go all out. I'm not fearless, but I think I am fairly brave. I don't have many friends, but I'm really easy to get along with, and would say that I'm pretty loyal.

      2. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends?

      Yes, I can't think of any better way to die.

      3. If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you?

      I would never kill a friend, or anyone innocent. I would consider stealing from someone if they had a large amount of supplies and I was desperate. I don't think I would screw anyone else over to keep myself alive though.. unless those people are bad people.

      4. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

      I had no idea, still don't (which is bad considering I am in

      5. Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group?

      Exact same answer as you Pro.
    • 1. Gentle, optimistic, love to make people laugh.
      2. Yes, for sure.
      3. No, but I will let the others do it,
      4. Humorist
      5. In a group, it is very boring and dangerous alone,
    • JonGon

      Whats your personality like? Calm, rare to see me angry, patient, quiet but not afraid to stand up for myself or others. I'm good at being friends with everyone. When I'm pissed off I psychologically destroy someone.

      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? Yes. If I need to, I will do so.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? I would only do it if absolutely necessary for the survival of my group. I would kill my friend if he asked me to. I would steal only from obvious bad guys. And I would torture someone if I needed information to save someone else.

      What did you want to be when you were growing up? Lol I actually wanted to be a Police officer, SWAT, or a Marine just like you.

      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? I work well alone, but I don't mind working with others in a group. I can't stand arrogant/egotistical people who try to lead, it's either a team effort or you're out.
    • 1. brave, calm and angry only when people threaten me or others I am with

      3.If I really had to then yes I would

      4. undecided as my character is still in school when the outbreak started?
    • 1. Very smart, nervous, selfless,moral.
      2. Will hesitate but will do it.
      3.No, firedog122 is very moral.
      4. Medical doctor
      5. I fell safer in a group. Makes things easier.
    • What's your personality like?
      Calm, likes to joke around with people, will be friends with anyone, enjoys the presence of other people, slightly annoying (Maybe not so slightly), will always help someone who needs it, or asks him.

      Willing to sacrifice yourself?
      Being put in that situation would absolutely devastate me, but yes, I would.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive?
      I would NOT kill a friend, although I would steal something in a heartbeat, and it depends on who I'm torturing, if it's somebody I REALLY hate, if he has also tortured someone, then yes, but under most circumstances, then no.

      What did you want to be when you were growing up?
      Doctor, army, and police.

      Do you think it's safe to be alone or with a group?
      I will ALWAYS prefer being in a group, no matter what. I would prefer a group that I could trust though.
    • Sarcastic but friendly. Brave but smart. Yes I would die for my family and friends. I wouldn't call it evil but I would do anything to keep OTHERS alive. Especially women and children. A mariachi player with a guitar with guns in it like the movie Desperado. A group unless there is constant bickering then I would go alone.
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      Deceptio BANNED

      Personality: 1. Brave and tough. I'm not fazed by too much stuff, I can easily handle gore and scary stuff (scary images, appearances, thoughts, etc.). The only fear I have is putting other people in danger, losing a limb, and death.

      2. Very "chill", calm and collected. I always try to avoid panicking in a scary or bad situation and stay calm and think things through. I also usually don't mind what people think about me at all. I very rarely get angry with someone. Doesn't really care if bullied or pushed around. But if there is any violent contact between me and someone else, I will willingly fight back.

      3. I am also nice and caring. I never usually get angry with people unless, again, someone tries to fight me. I always try to cheer people up if they are sad or need any help. I easily feel bad for people if they are mistreated or "embarrassed" (for example, if someone makes a joke that isn't funny and no one laughs, I will laugh even if I don't find it funny at all). I never like to make enemies and make as much friends or allies as I can.

      4. I have fast reflexes and I have the ability to move very quietly and be stealthy.

      5. Absent Minded. Lots of times I zone out and relive memories. Reliving memories is one of my favorite things to do, and sometime I almost cry because of how much I miss those memories. A lot of times I may just zone out for no reason, and not pay attention as much (for example, I wouldn't notice any of my surroundings if I were zoned out).

      6. Perfection. This isn't the type of perfection where everything must be perfect, like things have to be set up perfectly or thins have to go perfectly, but more of not messing anything up. If I am given a task, a lot of times I will ask the same thing multiple times to make sure I don't screw anything up and put other people in danger. I absolutely hate it when people get mad at me or get disappointed with me and although I may not show it, I am usually very sad and I don't usually talk to anyone unless someone talks to me first.

      I would think yes, but if the time every came, I may be too afraid to do it and end up not doing anything, which I will most likely regret and hate myself over it for a long time.

      No way, I would never do this. I wouldn't be able to handle a person in pain.

      The main thing I wanted to do when I grow up was be a professional basketball player in the NBA (this is where I get my fast reflexes from). If that didn't work out, my second priority would be a computer graphics designer.

      I think it's safer to be with a group, as I would think that I would be too vulnerable if I were alone. My group numbers would be a preferred 4-7 people. I'm usually a follower, as I would not be able to handle a leader position.
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      TDMshadowCP BANNED
      Name: TDMshadowCP
      Sex: Male
      Age: 14
      Whats your personality like?

      I am an outgoing and funny person most of the time, and a rebellious type. (A bit flirty with girls too), but I can change in seconds when my friends or if I'm in danger. I become more hostile against who ever is trying to hurt my friends. I sometimes will be willing to do the hard tasks, such as scavenging. I am also clever and sly.

      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends?

      Depending if they haven't messed with someone I care about.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you?

      I would only do it to a stranger, but not to a friend. I'm very loyal.

      What did you want to be when you were growing up?


      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group?

      In a group. Two heads are better than one, am I right?

      Another note. My character is a bit of Kenny. I can be friendly and an asshole too. I also become good friends with WhatTheDuck (If he still alive, lol)

      EDIT: (Didn't actually happen) Before my father died, he gave me a red pocket knife and I keep it close to remember my father. And I'll add some strengths and weaknesses.

      Strengths: Fast runner, very sneaky, smart, knows how to defend himself, and skillful with his pocket knife,

      Weaknesses: Depression hits TDMshadowCP when he thinks about his mother, and can't kill walkers at the moment, because they remind him of his mother (which is roaming around somewhere), can be an asshole sometimes, and doesn't know how to shoot a gun.

      Catchphrase: "That's pretty... Pretty fucked up."

      Looks like:My profile picture.
      Wears: Black jeans, black baseball cap, and has a black jacket over a bloody white shirt.
    • Hey, here is my character info:

      Personality: Calm, optimistic, witty, friendly and kind (but not to a fault, i'm not naive), clever, introvert and quick thinker. Some flaws of mine are that i can be rather indecisive, i sometimes am afraid to take risks, and that though i am mostly rational i do tend to act based more so on my own emotions (which can be reckless given situations).

      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends?: I really don't know..if it was the only way and i knew for sure that i could save them by sacrificing myself then i probably would.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you?: I would only ever kill a friend if they were a danger to the group (lol that make me think of Nick's Carlos impression) and by danger, i don't mean a burden, but if they were nuts and trying to kill us or killed another member in cold blood, then yes i probably would (though i would try to avoid it as much as possible). I would steal, and depending on the circumstances i may possibly torture someone if there is no other way around the situation.

      What did you want to be when you were growing up?: an Artist.

      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group?: I prefer to be alone, but i feel that strength lies more in numbers and that i'd be better off with a group than be alone. I don't really like being a leader. I'm more the kind of person who sits in the background and occasionally advices the group on what's more wise or what's the better option. I guess i'm just the trustworthy and loyal one who tries not to do anything dumb.
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      SaltLick305 BANNED
      Personality : I'm a sarcastic person. I take pride in being a smartass and I love speaking for those who can never be heard. I'm the voice of the voiceless. I'm brave and I have a good heart, but, I can sometimes come across as a douche since I'm a coky SOB. I'm perfectly fine with murder and I love getting my hands dirty.

      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for friends or family? :If it's someone I care about, no doubt.

      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive would you do it : Yes, I have the balls to do what needs to be done. Nothing more needs to be said.

      What do you want to do when you grew up? : I'm a lawyer.

      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? : With a group I can trust. I'm a leader. However, I'd rather be by myself instead of being stuck with a bunch of fuck ups.
    • imighthavebrokenit (Jen)

      Personality: Sarcastic, comedic, semi-serious, strong (emotionally), ambitious, and generous.

      Willing to sacrifice myself? If it calls for.

      Evil for life? Not at all.

      Job? Video Game Developer

      Alone or Group? I would say that a group would be more effective.

    • Nothing to see here. Just me being a tard and posting in the wrong place ...

    • Whats your personality like? brave smart caring nervouse
      Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? if its not an asshole , yes
      If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? killing or torturing no but stealing yes
      What did you want to be when you were growing up? a writer , journalist or a history teacher
      Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? i would like to be in a group but if i had to be alone i will be alone

  • Chapter One: A REAL NIGHTMARE


    It was a warm and quiet night, the moon in the sky was bright and everything seemed peaceful. I was on a train heading back home, I noticed a man coughing loudly a few seats in front of me. He stood up and looked around. The man appeared pale and sickly, his eyes were bloodshot red and he was also sweating profusely. His wife was yelling at him, telling him to take his heart pills while she followed him into the restroom. I took a look outside the window and noticed a big cloud of black smoke in the distance where the city was. Before I could think about what was happening a loud scream was heard coming from the restroom that the couple entered a bit earlier.

    "What the hell is going on?!" A young man said.

    "I don't know, let's check it out." An older fellow replied with a concerned look.

    Everyone watched in silence as the two got ready to open the door. They tried turning the knob but it was locked. The older guy then proceeding to kick the door down, as soon as he did there was a look of surprise on his face.

    "Get the fuck off of her!" he yelled as he entered the bathroom and tried to pull the other guy off of the woman.

    The older gentleman got closer but as he did, the man in the bathroom grabbed him and took a big chunk off his neck. Everyone started panicking and screaming as they saw the horror before them. The guy was ripping the mans stomach open with his bare-hands and eating his intestines. The younger man ran back and couldn't believe what he was seeing. A door opened and the train operator came out.

    "What's going on here? What's with all that scream-" before he could finish his sentence he noticed the man eating another guy's organs.

    "Hey! Get off of him you freak!" He yelled as he ran up to the guy.

    The train operator grabbed him and tried to pull him off, but he suffered the same fate as the older gentleman and got his throat ripped out. Everyone ran to the back of the train in a panic. There were three dead people and a crazy guy was eating them. He turned around and saw everyone running back, his eyes were opened wide and he was slowly heading towards the young man who tried to help before. I looked behind the lunatic and noticed his wife coming out of the bathroom, she was covered in blood with her organs hanging out.

    I thought to myself. "Are these... Zombies?"

    I knew about them from movies and T.V. shows. I knew that the head would be their vulnerable spot. I looked around for any type of weapon, but the only thing I could find was an umbrella. The young man ran up to me.

    "Let's get out here, man!" He said.

    "We have to try to stop the train. They appear to be Zombies, if we destroy their brain, then maybe we can stop them." I replied.

    He gave me a shocked look. "Are you nuts?! Even if you do kill them, do you even know how to stop this train?"

    "No idea, kid. But we have to do something. What's your name? I'm LeeTheProfessional, and you?"

    "TWDFan86. Look we can't stay here, but If you're right about this, then maybe we can do something." He said with a serious look on his face like all his fear had disappeared.

    The train was moving fast and there was no time to waste. The two walkers were heading towards us, I needed to make a choice.

    1) Try and kill the walkers, and stop the train.
    2) Run to the back of the train with everyone else.
    3) Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help.

  • 3 and you just inspired me to write my own stories :)
  • I'll just walk in here and take a part.
  • 3) Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help.
  • Alright, guys. I'm going offline, but for those of you who want to join just reply to the comment above that has the questions, I will only accept the first remaining people that I need. Please vote as well by replying to the first part of the story, the more people vote the faster I can start writing the next parts. Don't vote by making a random comment, that way we can keep from making a mess, thank you!
  • User Avatar Image
    Well, me if it's still open :P

    Name: AWESOMEO

    Personality: First bold (and strongest) quality is willpower, the guy never loses hope, and he will do anything for his closest people. Most of the time he's a funny, well in spirit guy, but if he recognizes a threat, or is pissed off, he can become shit serious and he will not fear anything to protect the people close to him. He has a problem of trust, he thinks that if people want to gain his trust, they need to show him that they're loyal to him, if his bullshit detector doesn't go off, he will quickly accept the stranger as his friend. He has a short fuse, and he's a talkative guy, and very persistent when arguing. As a guy who's justice is his biggest priority, he will do everything to keep the balance in this world, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who endangers his group or doing horrible inhuman things to others.

    When he is in shocking and critical situations he's the first to react, not letting fear control him and uses his instincts first. But, that means that if someone sneaks up on him he may hit him without hesitating, no matter who it is, so he has to keep that in mind.

    He has no significant combat skills, but if he sees people in danger or has a goal, he can take multiple people at once, even if they're going to beat the holy shit out of him, he won't stop fighting until he's the last one standing.

    He had problems with the family last time he saw them, but since he moved away and shit hit the fan he has been regretting leaving them and wants to find them.

    If the ends justify his means, he would do anything to anyone, but the problem is that these ends almost never justify the means :P

    Description: Brown hair and eyes, short, average looking, skinny. Mostly wears t-shirts and jeans, and shoes fit for running. Agile, thus making him a good supply runner, plus he learned how to free run in the apocalypse so he could maneuver without wasting too much energy. He has one hatchet and one sharp military knife he found in the street, and he duel-wields them when in tight spots. He also has a Glock he found in some dead guy's hand, it has some bullets but he hasn't had the time to inspect and use it.

    He's 20, he is really interested in politics and he loves to learn about the world, he always had a passion to seek answers for his questions and he likes making theories, whether about Hitler or about a video game. He's writing stories to keep himself busy while he was at college with his brother, and he kept on doing that after the outbreak. But he didn't get to start his first college year since the outbreak started, he was alone for a long time, and in the present he has 2 more people with him, a friend of his and a stranger they met.

    He wants to find a group, and he believes that together, people can make the best out of the new world and create a new society founded on the basic natural rights of democracy, while learning from past mistakes and correcting the society.

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    Count me in..... if it can :(
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