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Forum Of The Dead (Story Is Finished!)

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Welcome to the "Forum Of The Dead" interactive story!

In this thread, you guys will be the characters in a zombie apocalypse, similar to what Harpadarpa and Raging_Blades were doing(Harp left and stopped his) and you will get to vote on everyone's destiny by making choices like in TWD game when you pick an option. The story adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you vote, so choose wisely! I was going to do this around the same time Harp did his story, but since he started first I decided not to go with it, but since then, him and Raging have inspired me.


  • Gobananas01

    (!) We need to sneak out.

    "We need to sneak out." I told cameroncr95. "Now's our chance, with that smoke blocking them from seeing us. At least, WE sorta know where they are, from memory."

    "Alright. We could use another tear gas grenade, but they'll probably be expecting that." He told me with a concerned look.

    "Four bullets in the Glock. You throw it and then I'll immediately start shooting at them. I don't think that gas mask guy will be stupid enough to stand there and wait to get shot. Especially since they can't see us through that smoke in the middle." I told him. "There are some desks we can use for cover, until we reach the parking lot door."

    "Alright, I'll throw it first, and then you run out and shoot. Once that asshole moves, I'll dive over behind that desk." He pointed at the desk just outside my office.

    "OK. I'll wait for you there." I said to Cameron.

    "No. You head over to the parking lot door and leave it open. Once you reach it, I'll toss you the shotgun, and then I'll try to hop my way over to you. You keep them distracted by shooting the gun at them. They won't know where it's coming from, and probably assume it's in front of them. With two guys immobile, it'll be easier for us to escape."

    "OK, deal. Whenever you're ready, Cameron."

    Cameron pulled the pin off and threw it over. I quickly got up with the riot shield and started shooting blindly through the smoke. The gas mask guy with the megaphone could be heard swearing as the four bullets headed their way. Cameron got up and dove over to the desk. I made my way to the door and kicked it open. I placed the Glock in my empty holster and held the riot shield up.

    "Now! Pass me the shotgun!" I told my partner.

    Cameron was slowly crawling over until he reached a good distance to toss me the weapon. I looked outside and saw white smoke right next to their car. I couldn't see anything else, though. Cameron finally tossed me the shotty and I placed the shield down. I started shooting at the car. I heard gun shots being fired back and I saw them hitting the outside of my office. I could see that the plan had worked out. Cameron stood up, using the desk for support and dove outside the door. He rolled out of the way, and I entered the parking lot, closing the door behind us. I helped Cameron up and placed him beside a police cruiser.

    "Stay right here, Cameron. I'll go get my car." I told him while giving him the shotgun back and placing the shield next to him. The shotgun still had three shots left.

    "Heh, where am I going to go?" He responded, jokingly.

    I stood up and ran for my car. Once I finally found it, I unlocked it and started the engine. I drove out of my space and reversed back to get Cameron. Once I reached his location, I got out and went around to open the passenger seat. I couldn't hear anymore gunshots coming from inside the station, but I wasn't sure if the escaped prisoners knew that they had gotten fooled.

    "Alright, were getting out of here." I told Cameron as I picked him up and helped him get inside the car. I placed the shotgun and riot shield in the back. He started to sweat again, and wasn't really moving a lot.

    Once Cameron was safely in the car. I went to the driver seat and drove out of the parking lot. I went straight out, avoiding the escaped prisoners and we were finally safe. I was hearing gunshots and I saw people running around looting stores. I tried calling on my cop radio, but got no response.

    "The fuck is going on?! The fuck have these prisoners started?!" I said out loud.

    "I don't know... I don't now, man." Cameron said while breathing heavily. "I feel hot." He told me.

    I touched his arm, but he felt cold as ice. I needed to get him to the hospital. I wasn't sure if he was going to make it...



    (!) This isn't right. I have to help her. Throw the brick at them.

    I thought about it. "This isn't right. I have to help her." I said to myself.

    I opened my back pack and took out a brick that I found earlier. I saw that the window where those two guys were, was open.

    "HAHAHAHA! CornPopper, I love your style!" One of them with a trench coat said.

    "Goddamn fucking right, Markd4547! I'm going to rip her open and eat her heart! Bwahahaha!" The guy next to him said.

    Once I closed my backpack, and stood up. I gripped the brick and put my arm back, getting ready to throw it. I took aim and threw it as hard as I could.

    "Bwahaha--Oh..." I saw the guy holding a Magnum get hit on the left side of his forehead, and he went down.

    "THE FUCK?!" His partner yelled out.

    I put one foot on the ledge, with one arm on it and looked at him. "Hey, dumb-ass. Up here!" I shouted.

    The trench coat guy turned to look at me. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" He then quickly turned back around. "Fuck! She's getting away!"

    I tried to get his attention again. "Dumb-ass, up here! Do you have a hearing problem or something?"

    He turned his head back at me."Ohohohoho." He licked his lips and made a grim smile. "So, you think this is a fucking game? Who the fuck do you think you are, being up on that roof, Spider man?"

    I liked the sound of that. I smiled and said "Heh, yeah actually. That's who I am. I'm Spider man." I said jokingly and made a superhero pose.

    He turned back around, and then he looked down at his partner.

    "For fucks sake, dumb-ass! Jesus, man! Pay attention to ME! Do I have to spell out for you? P-A-Y A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N!"

    He turned his head back at me and made an angry snarl."Shut the fuck up, boy. You think being up on that roof gives you some sort of power over me? You let my prey get away. For that shit. I can't let you live. HAHAHAHA! I'm going to have so much fun with you, Spider boy!" He made a sickening smile after that.

    "Sheesh, you look really ugly when you make that face. Especially with that scar going across it, like a monster or something." I told him while cringing.

    He kept the smile and said "I'm not a monster I'm just ahead of the curve!! HAHAHA! Get ready to fuckin' die!" He pointed his AK47 at me.

    "Oh shit, time to go! Later, dumb-ass! Tell you're friend he was a good sport for taking that hit!" I told him with a smirk on my face, and then I ran off.

    I heard trenchy's gun being fired for only two seconds, and then I heard him yell out "Keep running, Spider boy! I'll fucking get you for this!"

    It seemed like I had just saved the day. I felt like a real hero, I hoped that the girl was safe for now. I made my way over to the other side of the building and hopped on down to the fire escape. When I finally made my way down, I ran into the forest, after running for a while and getting deeper into the forest, I noticed a huge train wreck. It looked like it had been completely demolished. There was no time to stop, though. I kept running. I needed to get back to the farm by tomorrow morning.



    (!) Ask him who he is.

    I took out a handgun and opened the door. "Who are you?!"

    He quickly turned around. "What? Oh shit! Don't shoot me, I'm just looking for my girlfriend. We got separated when those things came after us." He said while pointing outside the store.

    The zombies that were following him were banging on the shops window display. Slowly shattering it a bit. The kid seemed harmless, and I thought he was telling the truth. "You've led them to me. We have to escape, somehow. I will help you find your lost girlfriend, if you help me escape."

    "Sure thing... I'm, GuiltyKingOuraShu by the way. It looks like this store has been cleaned out though. There aren't any weapons around here."

    The zombies were starting to shatter the display glass. "My name is tntlee, quickly. Follow me to the back!" As soon as I said that, the zombies broke through.

    Guilty turned his head to look at them. "Oh shit! Hurry, let's go!"

    I held the door open and waited until he got in. Once he did I closed it and ran to my guitar case. I opened it and asked him "Do you know how to shoot a gun?"

    "Goddamn, That's a lot of guns and ammo. Yeah, I practiced a little bit before all of this happened. Give me a machine gun and I'll help you out of here. It seems like the front door is the only exit?" He asked me.

    "Yes. It is. I've looked around already." I told him while loading up a M4 Carbine for him to use. Once I gave it to him, I had my handgun ready to shoot him, just in case.

    He took it, ran out the door and started shooting. I quickly grabbed another M4 and closed my case, I put the sling around me and headed out to help Guilty. We shot and shot, until all of them fell down to the ground. We passed each other ammo when we ran out, and we finished any of the zombies that were still moving on the floor. Once we cleared the way, we ran outside.

    "Follow me, tntlee! The last time I saw my girlfriend was in the woods over there. Come on!" He told me while I followed him.

    We ran into the woods and he lead me to the spot where he last saw her.

    He walked over to a torn, blood stained piece of fabric. He went on his knees to pick it up. He made a fist with his hand and then punched the ground. "Fuuuuuck!" He yelled out in anger. "This was the last place I saw her before someone came here and started shooting at everyone. This was a piece of her shirt. It still smells like her perfume..." He told me while looking down at the ground.

    I had just met the kid, but I felt bad for him. He was in a tough situation, we all were. I said I was going to help him find his girlfriend. But, it seemed like she was probably dead by now.

    "You can leave if you want. I don't need your help anymore. Just go." He told me while still being knelt down and holding onto the fabric.

    I wasn't sure what to do. But I decided...

    1) Leave him. I need to get moving.
    2) You can join me. Maybe she's still out there.
    3) I'll give you a gun and some ammo. Good luck finding her.

  • I personally enjoy all of the characters you have made, Lee, and the story is very addictive. Great job.
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    Puncake32 BANNED
    Lee are we getting The next part today? I need to know If something bad has happened to my BOAT.
  • Pro, remember when I said I'd share my pizza with you? Now I really mean it! :p haha
  • I can't wait for chapter 2. I bet it would take place a week afterwards and there would be 3 groups. The farm, a city group, and boat. Boat will be the best though.
  • AllThatRemains

    (!) Rich, lets go down the road and see what we can find.

    I was still arguing with Rich. Telling him that I wanted to make sure my family was okay.

    Suddenly Belan spoke up. "Rich, lets go down the road and see what we can find."

    I got angry and turned to him. "What?! First you leave Jewfreeus behind and now, your telling Rich to go down the road, to who knows where and I'm not even going to be able to make sure my family is okay?!"

    eking backed Belan's choice. "Settle down, ATR. Belan thought there wasn't enough time to go back. We needed to leave. Besides, Jewf ditched us in the first place."

    I gave him an evil glare."Whatever, you two." I looked down and sighed. "Oh, Jewf. Why did you run away?"

    "This is bullshit!" Noncy yelled out in anger. "Only me and ATR want to leave to the city, it seems. What about about you, PaulKenneth?"

    "I don't give a shit where we go. Let's just go down the road, I guess." He said while trying not to move his leg.

    Rich put the car on drive and said."Alright, four on two. Were heading down the road, everyone."

    Noncy crossed her arms, and turned her head to look out the car window. "Ugh! Whatever then. Let's just go."

    "Looks like we have no choice." I said as I turned to look at Belan.

    "I'm sorry. I'm worried about my family too, but. I think we'll be safer away from the city." Belan said with an unhappy look.

    I sighed again. "Okay. Let's just go then."

    I heard Noncy whisper something next to me. "Where did you go, Tobi-Is-A-Good-Boy?..." She said to herself.

    Rich made a right turn out of the parking lot and onto the road. I turned to look back at the school which was slowly being overrun by these zombies, and more of them coming out of the woods. I kept wondering if Jewf was still alive.

    Belan turned to look at eking."You think I made the right choice?"

    "Yeah, man. Don't worry about it." eking responded.

    We were on the road for a while. It was pretty empty, everything was dark and quiet around us. It seemed like nothing crazy was going on.

    Rich spoke up. "Shit, you guys. Were almost on "E." I need to stop the car somewhere."

    "Oh, great!" Noncy said sarcastically.

    Rich made a turn into a dirt road leading to the river. I remembered how I use to come down here to go fishing with my dad on Sunday's. I really hoped my family was safe. Rich parked the car next to the river, and all of us got out. Rich, eking, and Belan helped get Paul out of the back of the pickup, and sat him next to a tree.

    "thanks, guys." He said to them with a half smile.

    "No problem, Paul. I'm going to go take a look around." eking told us.

    "I'll stay with the group and keep a look out. Belan, follow eking just to be safe." Rich said to him.

    I stayed next to Paul with Noncy. Rich was walking around with his gun, making sure nothing got close to us. Belan and eking went out to take a look around the river.

    "Holy shit! You guys come quickly!" We heard Belan yell out to us.

    Rich turned to look at me. "ATR, go check it out. I'll stay here with Noncy and Paul."

    I nodded and ran over to see what Belan was yelling about. When I reached their location. I was shocked at what he and eking had found.

    "Oh my god..." I said as I witnessed it...



    I needed to get Cameron to the hospital. I put the sirens on and tried to avoid hitting anyone in the streets. People seemed too busy looting the stores. I turned to look at Cameron.

    "Hey, man. We're almost there. You'll be fine."

    Cameron was just laying there. He didn't give me any response.

    "C'mon, Cameron! Don't give up now. I need you, partner. Don't fuckin' die on me." I turned to look up in front of us."Oh shit!" I said as I saw a bloodied man in the middle of the street.

    I turned the steering wheel, trying to avoid hitting him and we ran off the road, into the woods. The car flipped and was rolling over down the hill, until we hit the ground and we stopped. I felt a bit of pain, on my right arm, but It seemed like I was okay. I looked over to Cameron and he still wasn't moving. I unbuckled my seat belt an opened the door. I got out of the wrecked squad car and took a breather. I heard moaning coming from inside the car.

    I quickly focused my attention inside the car. "Cameron, you're still alive?!" I asked my partner.

    He turned to look at me, and I got chills going down my spine when I saw him. "Holy shit..." I said as I saw Cameron growling at me with his hands trying to reach me. His skin was greyish and his pupils were completely white."What the fuck happened?!" I yelled out to myself.

    Cameron was trying to reach me, but the seat belt was holding him back. Everything was going wrong. The people in the city were going crazy and Cameron... I didn't even know what the hell was going on anymore. I heard gunshots coming from above the hill and onto the streets. I needed to get out of here fast. I opened the back door and got the riot shield and shotgun out. Cameron still had a tear gas grenade and a knife on him, that could be useful. I went around the car to the passenger side and opened it. I placed the riot shield down. I had my shotgun ready, Cameron had his attention on me and was still trying to get his hands on me, while growling ferociously. I didn't know what to do...

    1) I'm sorry, Cameron. I don't know what happened. But I have to leave you here.
    2) Cameron... what the fuck?... I have to shoot you... I need to get that tear gas grenade and knife.
    3) I can't shoot you, man. I have to try to get that tear gas grenade and knife off of him somehow.

  • Shit, Cameron. That sucks =(

    2) Cameron... what the fuck?... I have to shoot you... I need to get that tear gas grenade and knife.
  • Jewfreeus

    While my classmates were distracted trying to get the SWAT guy's attention. I ran in the opposite direction and turned the corner. I saw a red backpack and quickly picked it up. I knew that the door to the exit would be locked so I headed up the stairs. Once I reached the top I noticed one of the cafeteria doors were open. I decided to go inside and try to get enough food for us, if by any chance we were going to end up on the road. I didn't want to tell my friends that I was doing this, since they would have thought it was a bad idea with all the zombies following us. I didn't want to waste our time explaining it to them either. I looked around the cafeteria and saw some trays with food on them. I took some unopened milk cartons and a few fruit cups, and put them in the backpack. I went over to the kitchen and took some fresh fruits that were in a basket, and put them in. I heard a bunch of footsteps running outside and thought it was my classmates. I needed to hurry and try to get to them.

    I hopped over the tabletop and ran out the kitchen. I spotted some water bottles to my right, and decided to go around to get them. I heard gunshots and a window breaking, outside of the hall. I didn't know what was going on but I was hoping everyone was OK. Once I reached the water bottles I quickly put them in the backpack and got ready to leave. I turned and saw a huge zombie in front of me who came out of nowhere, getting ready to bite me. I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping someone would hear me. "AHH! Shit! Someone help me! PLEASE!"

    I kept thinking about what Belan said. "Whatever, man. If it was you out there, you would want us to try and save you."

    I kept hoping that maybe one of them would come back and check if I was OK. The zombie was getting closer to me, I looked around and grabbed a tray. "Alright, fucker. You're messin' with the wrong guy!" I said at the zombie in front of me.

    I waited for it to get a bit closer and than I smacked it in it's head, with all my strength. I watched as it struggled to get back up."Yeah, bitch! How you like that, huh?!" I kicked it in it's face and made my way out of the cafeteria and into the hallway. Once I reached the door I looked to my right and saw Belan standing on a windowsill.

    "BELAN!" I yelled to him as loud as I could.

    I heard moaning and multiple footsteps coming to my left. I turned around and saw a bunch of zombies making there way up the stairs. I was alarmed at what I was seeing. "Oh shit!" I turned back around and I saw Belan looking at me and a bunch of zombies behind him as well. I ran back into the cafeteria and I needed to find a way out. I looked around and found a stool next to a vending machine. I went over to smash it. I quickly started to pick a bunch of candy bars up and put them in the backpack. I turned to look at the zombies making their way over to me.

    "Alright. That's enough, I need to get outta here." I said to myself as I zipped the backpack up and put it on. It felt about twenty pounds heavier. I was sure I had enough food for everyone. I remembered Belan standing on the windowsill, and I realized that they had jumped out. I picked up the stool and ran over to a window, and I threw it as hard as I could.

    *KSHH!* The window shattered and I ran over to look down. "Damn, kinda high up. But I think I can make it." I turned to look around and saw the zombies getting closer. "Shit! Fuck this, I'm out." I said as I climbed out the window, and grabbed onto the window sill. I looked down and got ready to jump. I heard a zombie and looked up, I saw one missing the bottom part of it's jaw trying to get me. "Goddamn, you're one ugly piece of shit." I told it, and then jumped down. I landed safely, got up and cleaned myself. I heard a car making a peel out in the front of the school. I ran over and got a quick look. It seemed like my classmates and teacher had left me behind.

    "Those motherfuckers! I can't believe this! I knew I shouldn't had tried to get food for them, the fuck was I thinkin'?!" I yelled out in frustration. I turned to look back and saw more of those zombies coming out of the woods. "Damn it!"

    I needed to go, but I wasn't sure which way. I could follow the direction my classmates were going, or I could go into the city. I needed to think of something fast!

    1) Go into the city.
    2) Follow my classmates.



    I was beginning to get tried, I had been running all day. Morning had passed, it was the afternoon and the sun was beginning to go down again. I knew that I needed to get to the farm before my friends would start to worry. I was getting hungry and I hoped that Mokonage would be able to prepare a good and filling dinner. He was such a good chef, I couldn't wait to see what he would make tonight. I also hoped that WhatTheDuck and PowerStache were getting along, since they almost got into a fight earlier because WTD was making inappropriate jokes. I couldn't leave him behind, though. He had saved my life and I owed him one. When I finally reached the dirt road that led to SweetPeaClem's farm, I started to walk. I took off my backpack and checked the supplies that I had picked up.

    "Alright, some toilet paper, canned food, tooth brushes. Let's see here... ah! Here it is! A slice of pizza in a small plastic container! SweetPea is going to love this." I opened it to make sure it was okay."All right! Still in good condition. Little cold, but she can warm it up in the microwave." I said with a huge smile.

    SweetPea would always talk about having pizza parties back in the day, when I used to visit her. It was her favorite type of food. I knew her face would just light up if I surprised her with it. I closed my backpack and put it over one shoulder. When I finally reached the farm, I noticed Betsy was still outside eating some grass. I walked over to her.

    "Hey there, girl. How are you? Did any strangers come around here today?" I asked her as she let me pet her.

    I took out an apple and fed it to her. "There you go." I said with a smile.

    As I was petting her, I heard a car coming out of the forest and onto the dirt road. I looked back at it and thought "What the fuck? Who's that?" The old, rusted pickup truck was getting closer and was driving pretty fast. I saw the dirt flying in the back of it as it came down the road. I was hoping that it would drive right past me, and keep going.

    They were slowing down until they reached me. Whoever was driving parked next to the farm fence, and they waited about five seconds before opening the door. I kept staring and soon enough, both the driver and passenger opened their doors.

    "Who are you, guys? What are you doing here?" I asked them before they got out of the car.

    I saw one foot step out from the passenger side, and then someone else's foot came out from the driver side. I noticed he had on combat boots.

    "I said who are you?!" I yelled at them for an answer.

    "Bwahahaha! Don't forget to bring a towel when we cut you up!" A man on the passenger side said as he was coming out.

    He got out of the car and pointed a magnum at me. I saw a cut on the left side of his forehead with dried blood on it, and realized who they were.

    "Oh shit..." I said.

    The driver came out of the car a few seconds later."HA-HA-HA. And I thought my jokes were bad." It was the trench coat guy from before, and his partner. He pointed his AK47 at me. "Hello there, Spider boy!" He told me with a sickening open mouth smile on his face...

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    WhatTheDuck BANNED
    Man,I bet the people that voted to leave Jewfreeus behind feel like shit now,you know who you are >_>.And I knew that when Spiderboy saved Gwen Stacy that would get him killed.Now I gotta read PowerStache's bio to see if I can kill/beat him up if I have to.
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    WhatTheDuck BANNED
    I just read his bio but it might just be me but it seems like me and PowerStache are the least likely to argue or fight each other.
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