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What about a deluxe version with better bitrate for voices ?

posted by BarfHappy on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
I imagine the big reason for the low voices bitrate is the size of the download (bigger download, bigger the costs), but for the full season CD edition, maybe you could do a 2CDs pack instead of the single CD and double the voices data bitrate.

The bubble/wobble effect of low bitrate really make my ears uneasy. Hopefully i have a good soundcard and even better speakers system but applying filters to reduce that has a bad impact on the wonderful soundtrack playing in the background.

I truly love the game, and that's the only complaint i really have.
i don't care the difficulty, it is so damn funny and that is just the first case. i guess they will rise the difficulty until they receive hint requests that would indicate the game is getting too hard for the sam and max target audience. Or maybe implement the Max giving hints idea...

Ho well, back to the original point, i guess i am not the only one bothered with the low bitrate, am i ?
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  • Yeah, I was amazed at what they packed into such a small download, but you could definitely hear the scratchy "S" sounds especially when Sybil was talking. Higher quality voices on the disc-based version would be great.
  • It'd be nice if there was a download for decent sound - the voices really sound like they're on a very low bitrate.

    Also, the forum registration thing - I had to do that eyetest three times 'cos I got some of the squiggles wrong. There was a backwards S - so I put S. 'cos that's all it can be. It's not a Z 'cos they're straight :) Pain in the arse.

    Great demo, though - I'll buy the full thing shortly I think. If the full version has a decent bitrate I'll buy the full 6 episodes right now - I've waited 13 years for this! :)
  • Yeah, my vote for higher quality on the CD :)
  • A CD version means I'll have to wait another 6 months to play it, though...
  • Another vote for higher quality sound - on the CD would be good, but even better would be a choice of different size downloads for each episode, so you can choose the tradeoff between download time and voice quality.
  • I agree. I would like to have a higher quality of sound in the game.
  • Yeah, I actually think they should do better sound quality with the download next time. It really bothers me. And that and the slow mouse cursor are really the only things that bother me with this wonderful game. I'd be willing to pay a little more if only the sound quality was decent. PLEASE consider this!

  • yeah, have the sound issue, too.
    and sometimes the cursor does not revert back from item to pointer,
    happened in the big fight against brady

    other than that: i was delighted and laughed out loud a few times !!!!
    quailty stuff !!!!!
  • It's worth noting that Jake from Telltale has already said that the sound quality will improve in future episodes - it remains to be seen by how much:
  • I'll be very glad to hear the dialog in a higher bitrate. That's probably my biggest problem with Culture Shock. Everything else about the game is so highly polished, the lousy compression doesn't do the excellent dialog justice.

    (And frankly, the Soda Poppers' voices were annoying enough to begin with.)
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