Are you OK with Bonnie stepping forward from among 400 DAYS characters?

I definitely am!


  • Yup! TBH in 400days I found her to be kinda boring, but now she's my favourite 400days character ;3
  • I think she did the right thing, i didn't like Russell... AND BECCA
  • I wanted Wyatt. Q_Q
  • I'm fine with it, i'm just kind of annoyed that the rest of the 400 days characters just had cameos.
  • She was my favourite so yeah
  • I'd have preferred Wyatt or Russell, but Bonnie's a cool character, as well.

    I just wonder if the other 400 Days characters will ever show up again. The few lines we got out of them were pretty good ("Sooo, you should probably gooo..."), but I don't want them to be gone forever now.
  • In 400 Days she wasn't as interesting as other playable characters but now I like her even more. I'm glad that she come with Clementine and the rest of the group.
  • Would have preferred Shel, but I still like Bonnie :)
  • I liked her in 400 days, Russell was cool, and hopefully we'll see him again, but I like Bonnie.
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    Well she was my favorite of the 400 Days cast, so I am more than okay.

    That said, it would have been better if they had added branching choices, allowed you to somehow choose your favorite 400 Days protagonist and have them help you escape and tailor the story from there on. You know, like how this game is being marketed?

    Nevertheless, I am glad. I just hope that her prioritized position does not end up making her lifespan any shorter than that of the other 400 Days cast.
  • Yeah I can't stand Becca! I didn't like her in 400 days and that snarky comment she made at Clem as she walked past made me dislike her more. I hope Clem meets Becca again so she can show her what it means to be adorable and a badass at the same time haha.
    darky07 posted: »

    I think she did the right thing, i didn't like Russell... AND BECCA

  • I like that she got more development, but not at the expense of the other 400 Days characters' development. From the little we did see of the others, I felt like some were out of character.

    Russell never hit me as an aggressive type so it surprised me when he told Clem off. However, he IS more of a follower who takes orders than a leader who gives them. I could see him obeying Carter for the sake that Russell is easily malleable. Maybe he was putting on a tough guy act.

    I could never see Wyatt as an armed guard. He is way too chill for that. While I don't think he really sympathizes or relates to children(I think he would be awkward around them, while Eddie seems more the type to be comfortable around kids), I think that he would be very uncomfortable with telling a little girl to hurry up with a gun in his hands. Just how I feel.
  • To me, she was definitely the most memorable of the 400 days crew.
    Vince's story was too short and didn't really make me feel for him as a person.
    Shel was a cool, level-headed character, but Becca was annoying as hell and ruined Shel's story for me.
    Russell was... passive, and his story was completely overshadowed by Nate.
    Wyatt was again overshadowed by Eddie in my opinion. and I didn't really like his character much anyway.

    Bonnie was the only one who really felt like a great character, her drug addict past instantly gave her a fascinating back story, and the fact that she not only kicked the drug addiction, but did it DURING A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, and managed to survive all that time, and still be sympathetic and kind.. all that REALLY sold her character for me.
    Her actions in Episode 3 made me remember what a great character she was. (same with Kenny)
  • Yeah, it was Wyatt or Bonnie for me.

    I wanted Wyatt. Q_Q

  • I don't mind. I liked some other characters better but it was a given she would be the main character of the bunch since she had to go.
  • Well we know Eddie is coming up since you can clearly see him in the amid the ruins picture. I have a feeling that people are overreacting about the "cameos" and that we might see more of the 400 days crew coming up. I haven't seen one of them die yet.
  • Becca's just one of those brat kids who talk a big game and then when they have to deal with shit they chicken out.
    darky07 posted: »

    I think she did the right thing, i didn't like Russell... AND BECCA

  • Yeah, Becca wouldn't last 5 mins in the outside, alone, she has written all over her body "walker food, eat me"
    AWESOMEO posted: »

    Becca's just one of those brat kids who talk a big game and then when they have to deal with shit they chicken out.

  • Just you wait until Eddie and Nate returns
  • She was my favorite character's in the 400 Days cast, and now she's probably within my Top 5 favorite characters for the Season. I even kind of expected her to be more important, since she comes with Tavia no matter what, so yeah, I'm definitely okay with her stepping up among the rest.
  • Bonnie was my least favorite always liked Nate or Wyatt even Vince her episode was the worst and she is such a boring character a blank canvass actually shocked let her lead very disappointing for me
  • I'm fine with it...if the other 400 days characters get their turn in Episodes 4 and 5.
  • Russell is my favorite of them all so I was sad to see him be so nasty, but Bonnie has really won me over. I really love her now and I hope she can last for a while.
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