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My decent into madness with W+G

posted by Max the greenhorn on - last edited - Viewed by 268 users
When I was playing the demo for Wallace and gromit I got a error message when I was out side after the tutorial. Just after what's her name stops talking to wallace a message shows up saying: DLL has encountered a problem and needs to close. Then it says the file thats causing the problem is:
c:\temp\8d94_appcompat.txt It was working fine during the tutorial exeapt these coulored things exceapt appearing. I want to pre-order the game but I want to make sure it will run on my computer.
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    Will BANNED
    Hey Max, my guess is that this is something related to your graphics drivers. You might want to try updating them before you do anything else. Also, it couldn't hurt to redownload and reinstall the game.
  • I did both.... didn't help...
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    Will BANNED
    And when you installed the game, you let it update directX, right? You have to be connected to the internet of course for it to work properly.

    Assuming you have already tried that, have you tried lowering your settings all the way down and seeing if it still crashes?

    What about your sound card drivers. It's rare, but sometimes those can cause a crash too.
  • Max the greenhorn;118686 said:
    I did both.... didn't help...
    If you were experiencing graphical anomalies before the game crashed, your computer might be overheating. Find a temperature monitoring program you like (I prefer SpeedFan myself), and see if W&G is causing your computer to run hot.
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