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  • Here's mine, if there's any room left :)

    1.) Like Clementine, I'm not perceived as much of a threat. I like to make people laugh and I value morality and fairness. I'll help others, given the chance. I am a deep thinker and an introvert, but people warm up to me quickly. I have a dark side when provoked. Blood and guts don't disgust me, and I can keep calm in front of most things people would vomit/be horrified at. I am real tiny and don't weigh much, so I can fit in places others can't. I am fast and particularly adept at hiding and spying. I appear very non-threatening as a 16 year-old girl, and I can easily manipulate others.

    2.) I have no problem sacrificing myself for someone I love, or for the innocent.

    3.) I will steal.

    4.) I wanted to be a vet or a forensic anthropologist.

    5.) For me, I'd be safer in a group so I can have people defend my back and me theirs. Being with other people who have their own skills and knowledge gives me the opportunity to learn new things and better my chances of survival.
  • "I am real tiny and don't weigh much, so I can fit in places others can't. I am fast and particularly adept at hiding and spying. I appear very non-threatening as a 16 year-old girl, and I can easily manipulate others."

    Are you sure you're not talking about me? :o
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    You can do anything with my character but no romance that would be to offensive only harley quinn for me lol and no thank you Lee for adding me and yes more of whatever you doing it's class
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    Am I too late for this? It's totally cool if I am.


    1. Whats your personality like?

    I can tend to be sort of quiet and serious at times, but I can also be kind of humorous and sarcastic once you get to know me. I'd like to say that I'm fairly level headed, and can make tough decisions. I don't get angry very easily at all, but when I do, I go all out. I'm not fearless, but I think I am fairly brave. I don't have many friends, but I'm really easy to get along with, and would say that I'm pretty loyal.

    2. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends?

    Yes, I can't think of any better way to die.

    3. If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you?

    I would never kill a friend, or anyone innocent. I would consider stealing from someone if they had a large amount of supplies and I was desperate. I don't think I would screw anyone else over to keep myself alive though.. unless those people are bad people.

    4. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

    I had no idea, still don't (which is bad considering I am in

    5. Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group?

    Exact same answer as you Pro.
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    I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of loud screams coming out of the hallway. I heard gunshots and explosions coming from outside my window. I looked out and saw people running all around and a group of people shooting at them with machine guns.

    "The fuck is going on?!" I said to myself.

    I turned on the T.V. and there was news on every channel talking about the living dead walking amongst us. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was the perfect opportunity to go around and do whatever I wanted. No police to try and stop me. I checked around my apartment to grab a few items and also my .33 Magnum Revolver that I never got to use before. I loaded it up and slowly opened the door, there were still a few people running up and down the hall. Soon enough, there was an explosion coming to my right and I heard a bunch of people panicking and running back. I heard a maniacal laughter...

    "HA HA HA HA! Look at 'em! Running scared like a bunch of cockroaches! This is the greatest thing ever!

    I peeked down the hall and noticed a man with a scar on his face. This guy looked fuckin' insane, maybe crazier then me. He still hadn't spotted me.

    1) Try and shoot him
    2) Hey, man. Let me join you?
    3) Make a run for it.
    4) Say nothing.


    I was looking after a rookie cop, after he got separated from his partner. We were stuck in the police station and trapped in a prison cell after some idiot thought it was a good idea to let all the prisoners out. There was a dead guy next to us that I managed to kill earlier by shooting him in the torso, after he almost got us. There was a riot going on and we needed to leave ASAP.

    "Jesus, man. Your first day on the job and you have to deal with this shit! I feel bad for you Cameroncr95." I told the rookie.

    He looked at me and smiled. "Heh, you know what? It could be worse."

    "Oh, really? And how the hell could it be worse?" I asked him with a confused look.

    He looked down at his gun. "Well. I could be be dead, but I'm not. I'm with you through this, man. We'll both get out alive."

    The rookie had surprised me. What he said was making sense. For some reason we were still alive. Our fellow police officers were dying while we were somehow still alive. Hell, if it wasn't for, Cameroncr95. We wouldn't have gotten a riot shield and a few tear gas grenades off of a dead riot guard.

    I looked at him and said "You have a point. We need to get out of this place and into the parking lot. Find us a squad car and get the hell out."

    "Alright, what should we do?"

    I looked out and saw a whole mess of people fighting each other. A few guards holding a couple of people back, and a bunch of dead prisoners and officers all over the place. Our exit was to the right, but three guys were shooting down at everyone with M16's. I had a shotgun and Cameron had a standard issue Glock 9MM Handgun.

    "Goddamn it! This isn't looking good." I yelled out in anger. "Okay, look. We'll find a way out, but we need to wait for an opening. The only problem is that if we wait too long, we might just run into a few of those prisoners trying to kill any cop they see."

    Cameroncr95 checked how much ammo he had. "Um, we don't have a lot of bullets left. Maybe we can just try to sneak out, without making a mess of course."

    "Does sound good. We just need a distraction, and then we can get the hell out of here. How much tear gas grenades do you have left?"

    "I have only three left. Think it'll be enough?" Cameron asked me.

    "Maybe. I'm not entirely sure."

    He looked at me and waited for a response. "So, what's it going to be, Bananas?"

    1) Let's use a tear gas grenade on those three guys.
    2) Let's wait a bit just to be sure.
    3) Fuck it, let's go out guns blazing.

  • Great as always!

    CornPopper: 2, Hey man, let me join you? I trust people and I don't want to kill off a potential user!

    Gobananas01: 2. Let's wait a bit just to be sure. Patience is a virtue, and I don't want to get into something that I don't have to.
  • Thanks, man! I'll try to have a part for you as soon as possible. Just doing it randomly.
  • I'll be available more often now, since I have a long weekend =)
  • Nice! Also I have your character down, so you'll appear soon, if the voting goes the right way, haha. B]
  • CornPopper: 4) Say nothing.
    Gobananas01: 2) Let's wait a bit just to be sure.
  • 1. Gentle, optimistic, love to make people laugh.
    2. Yes, for sure.
    3. No, but I will let the others do it,
    4. Humorist
    5. In a group, it is very boring and dangerous alone,
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    yea if you are still need parts I'll take one :)

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  • JonGon

    Whats your personality like? Calm, rare to see me angry, patient, quiet but not afraid to stand up for myself or others. I'm good at being friends with everyone. When I'm pissed off I psychologically destroy someone.

    Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends? Yes. If I need to, I will do so.

    If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you? I would only do it if absolutely necessary for the survival of my group. I would kill my friend if he asked me to. I would steal only from obvious bad guys. And I would torture someone if I needed information to save someone else.

    What did you want to be when you were growing up? Lol I actually wanted to be a Police officer, SWAT, or a Marine just like you.

    Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group? I work well alone, but I don't mind working with others in a group. I can't stand arrogant/egotistical people who try to lead, it's either a team effort or you're out.
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    Cornpopper: (4) Say Nothing

    Gobananas: (2) Let's wait a bit just to be sure.
  • 1. brave, calm and angry only when people threaten me or others I am with

    3.If I really had to then yes I would

    4. undecided as my character is still in school when the outbreak started?
  • Tobi the cute bunny a villain stop trolling TOBI!!! this is my turf lol
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    YES love your writing so exciting to read and awesome

    2) Hey, man. Let me join you?

    This guy seems legit and really fun join him be really exciting to see all chaos they cause together YES!!

    3) Fuck it, let's go out guns blazing.

    Yes Rambo style even if they fail imagine a failed escape attempt all the bodies will come back as walkers killing everyone it's exciting either way brilliant
  • Cornpopper: 4)-Say nothing. Gobananas01: 4)-Let's wait a bit just to be sure.
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    I was walking down a dirt road and was dying of thirst. My feet were hurting from all the walking I was doing. I left the city after all the craziness was happening. I had a few cans and supplies in my bag, but I was trying to save as much as I could, just in case I really needed them. I looked up ahead and spotted a farm to my left. I noticed a horse was outside on the ranch eating grass by itself, and it had a saddle on. I wasn't the type to steal but I needed to get further away from the city as fast as possible. There was no time to rest.

    "Hmm, I wonder why that horse is out there alone like that. It's strange that it has a saddle on though." I thought to myself.

    I looked around and it was empty. I didn't know if anyone was in the farm house, but...

    1) Steal the horse (Grand theft horse)
    2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
    3) Wait and see if anyone comes out.



    (!) Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help.

    "Look, kid. we can kill them, but I'll need your help." I told TWDFan86.

    "Okay, I'll help you. So, what do we do?" He asked me with confidence.

    "Find a weapon, anything that will be able to crush, stab or severely damage their head."

    He reached for his back pocket and took out a decent sized pocket knife. "Well, what about this? Will it work? Seems sharp enough."

    "Holy shit. You had that this whole time you sneaky bastard, heh. That's perfect, here's what we'll do. I'll open this umbrella and block their path. What I need you to do is stab them on their heads as hard as you can."

    "I... I'm not sure. I never killed anyone before." He looked down as those things were getting closer to us.

    I turned to him and said "Look at me, kid. No fear, alright? You got this. I'll have your back if anything goes sour. Trust me, those things are dead already, just look at them. You'll be doing them a favor by taking them out of their misery. We need to do this. I just need your help for a bit."

    He looked up and agreed. "You're right. Let's get them."

    (?) TWDFan86 will remember that.

    I quickly got up and opened the umbrella. I put both ends in between the left and right passenger seats, while putting the ferrule on the old man's chest. This things breath smelled really bad and his hands were trying to reach me.

    "Now TWDFan! Stab his head with everything you got!" I yelled out.

    He got on top of the seats and thrust the pocket knife into the top of the monster's skull. After that he pulled the knife out, the zombie stopped moving and we were both sure it was dead.

    "Holy shit! I fucking did it!" TWDFan said with shock an excitement.

    "Good Job! Now get the other!" I told him, as the female walker stumbled onto the back of her deceased husband, and attempted to do the same as he did.

    "I got it!" TWDFan said as he did the same as before and stabbed the walker on the skull with great force, and she fell down onto the floor.

    I pushed the other walker off of the umbrella. "Excellent job, TWDFan. You did good. Let me see your knife for a minute."

    He gave me his pocket knife and I moved forward. "Stay back and let me know if you see anything moving." I told him and he nodded his head.

    I looked at the train operator and the older gentleman from before, both laying dead on the floor. I feared that they might come back like the other two, so I used the umbrella as a shield and I got closer. The train operator looked up at me and started to moan, I knew he was gone. I stabbed his head with all my strength and he stopped moving. I put the umbrella in front of the other one just in case he got up. There was no time to waste and I stabbed him in the head as well. I moved forward and signaled TWDFan that it was safe and he could come over. I gave back his knife and we moved into the front of the train.

    "Look for a switch or anything that says emergency breaks!" I told TWDFan, as we both looked around.

    "Here it is, Found it! " He told me.

    "Great! This thing should stop soon. Go ahead and press it." I said happily.

    What we didn't expect next, was that the train was going so fast, that when we came across a turn it got derailed and we were both holding on to anything just to make sure we didn't go flying everywhere. I looked up ahead as we were crashing through a forest, the next thing I knew was that we had flipped on the side and slammed straight into a giant tree. Everything went dark...

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    Wow your really are a very talented writer all chapters so far are superb

    1) Steal the horse (Grand theft horse)

    Sounds like so much fun only a horse survival is the most important morals won't save you

    (?) TWDFan86 will remember that.

    Not sure if it's a funny easter egg or a really intelligent story technique your using to connect more with TWD game style of writing either way love it.
  • Holy shit....

    Raging_Blades: 1) GRAND THEFT HORSE XD
  • 1. Very smart, nervous, selfless,moral.
    2. Will hesitate but will do it.
    3.No, firedog122 is very moral.
    4. Medical doctor
    5. I fell safer in a group. Makes things easier.
  • I hope there still is room.
  • My smiley face is better than yours. =D
  • MORE CURSING! This shit HAS to be brutal!!!
  • What's your personality like?
    Calm, likes to joke around with people, will be friends with anyone, enjoys the presence of other people, slightly annoying (Maybe not so slightly), will always help someone who needs it, or asks him.

    Willing to sacrifice yourself?
    Being put in that situation would absolutely devastate me, but yes, I would.

    If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive?
    I would NOT kill a friend, although I would steal something in a heartbeat, and it depends on who I'm torturing, if it's somebody I REALLY hate, if he has also tortured someone, then yes, but under most circumstances, then no.

    What did you want to be when you were growing up?
    Doctor, army, and police.

    Do you think it's safe to be alone or with a group?
    I will ALWAYS prefer being in a group, no matter what. I would prefer a group that I could trust though.
  • Sarcastic but friendly. Brave but smart. Yes I would die for my family and friends. I wouldn't call it evil but I would do anything to keep OTHERS alive. Especially women and children. A mariachi player with a guitar with guns in it like the movie Desperado. A group unless there is constant bickering then I would go alone.
  • Keeps getting better and better. 1)Steal the horse (Grand Theft Horse)
  • Randomz was the last person I needed. When I go on to chapter two I might need you though, just remind me if anything. B]
  • 2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
  • CornPopper:
    4) Say nothing.

    3) Fuck it, let's go out guns blazing.
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    Ignore this, replied to the wrong person. :p
  • 2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
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