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  • 2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
  • 2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
  • Awesome! Someone else actually speaks Turkish on these forums!
  • I would love the horse but.

    No I should see who lives here first. Maybe their good people.
  • I don't know if I'm in yet, but if I am:

    1.) Steal that horse (Only because you have to be quite stupid to leave a horse alone and unprotected like that. Might as well put a neon sign on it saying "WALKER BAIT".)
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    We were all trapped inside the school. Everything was on lock-down, no one could get in and no one could get out. I was with my class... well what remained of them. Belan, PaulKenneth, etitheking, Jewfreeus and AllThatRemains. They were all sitting down in their own seats just waiting for what ever was going on, to be over. Apparently the living dead were walking amongst us, but we didn't see anything outside of the windows. I couldn't help but wonder what happened to, Tobi-Is-A-Good-Boy ever since he was able to escape with a group of students and teachers.

    PaulKenneth spoke out of nowhere. "Man... we're all just sitting here waiting to fucking die."

    "Don't say that, man. We don't know what's going on out there, but I'm sure they'll handle it. By the time you know it everything will be alright." eptitheking responded cheerfully.

    Jewfreeus just stared at eptitheking and chuckled. "It would've been over a long time ago. Why the fuck are we even sitting here waiting for some sort of group to come and save us? The cops ain't gonna do shit, they're too busy trying to handle whatever the hell is going on out there. We should just try to escape."

    "Hey, man fuck you! I'm just trying to keep our hopes up in this shitty situation. I'm sure we'll be okay by tomorrow." eptitheking replied.

    "Yeah, whatever." Jeefreeus said as he turned to look outside the window.

    "He's got a point." Belan said. "We should at least try to escape. We've been waiting here for hours. Who knows how long that "help" will arrive. We should just leave now."

    AllThatRemains spoke up. "But they told us to wait here in case anything happens. I don't like the idea of sitting here and waiting, but I also don't think it's smart to go out there and get involved with whatever is going on."

    My students were in quite a predicament. From the look of things, it seemed calm outside, but we really didn't know what was going on. Were there really zombie like creatures walking out there? I wasn't certain.

    "Well, why don't we just let the teacher decide for us." Said PaulKenneth.

    "Me?! Why do you guys want me to decide?" I asked

    Jewfreeus seemed to like the idea. "Actually, yes. NoncyFlippledorp should decide for us. It was her idea to stay here and wait in the first place, and we did just that. So now, you should decide on the next idea."

    Everyone looked at me and seemed to agree as well.

    "Yes, Noncy. You can decide what to do for us. Either we wait or we leave." Belan said with a raised eyebrow.

    AllThatRemains looked down as if she wanted no part of this.

    "I guess you leave me no choice. We will...."

    1) Leave immediately.
    2) Stay and wait here until tomorrow.



    I was still stuck at the gas station that I used to work in. I just came here to buy a drink and two guys just came in with guns. After JonGon was able to shoot the two lunatics that tried to rob us, he kept me safe by keeping us hidden in the back room. I didn't know what was going on outside, but it sounded like anarchy. I could hear screaming, gunshots and even explosions. I just wanted to go home, lay in my bed and wake up only to realize I was dreaming and none of this was happening.

    "Clayton. You've worked with me for a long time back in the day. If we don't make it... I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you've done to help." JonGon told me with a sad look.

    "Thank you, Jon. I don't know what's happening, but we WILL make it!"

    Jon smiled and nodded his head. I didn't know if that bullshit line had worked, or if he knew we were both fucked anyway.

    "Hello?! Anyone in here?"

    We both heard a voice coming from inside the store. Jon put his index finger on his lips and made a "Shh" sound. He took a peak out the door and saw two guys running around.

    "Alright, Firedog122. Just get as much supplies and food as you can. Once I have my boat operational again, we're going to need some of this stuff." Said a man wearing a trucker hat.

    "Who the fuck are they?!" I whispered to JonGon.

    "Shit. I don't know. They're not wearing a ski mask like the other two guys I killed." Jon whispered back.

    The guy with the trucker hat walked behind the counter.

    "Holy shit! The fuck happened here?!" He yelled as he saw the two dead bodies of the robbers.

    He took out a knife and checked their bodies. "Shit, man."

    "The hell's he doing?" I asked.

    "I have no clue." Jon replied.

    The man Stabbed one of the dead robbers heads.

    "What the fuck?! This dude is crazy! Let's kill them before they find us." Said Jon with a disgusted look on his face.

    "Yeah, that guy's weird! let's go out there, I have your back." I told Jon.

    Jon kicked the door open and pointed his shotgun at the guy. "Don't you dare fucking move a muscle."

    "What the?! Look man, I ain't no robber! I just need some supplies and then I'm out of your way." He said with his hands up. "My name is, Puncake32. I'm just here with my friend. We need a few items for my boat."

    Jon looked serious. "Why did you stab that dead guy's head?!"

    "What do you mean?! Wait y'all don't know?"

    "Don't know what?" I asked.

    "These things, zombies or whatever, they're walking around killing everyone. As far as I know, you come back no matter what. Unless you destroy their brain."

    "The fuck are you talking about? You can't be serious?!" Jon was just getting tired of this guy's bullshit.

    I looked behind the man and noticed someone with a handgun. "Who the hell are you?!" I yelled at him.

    The trucker hat guy turned his head. "Whoa, Firedog! Don't do anything stupid!" He turned his head back at us. "Look, guys. there's no need for this. Let's just put our weapons down and talk. I'll make sure Firedog does the same."

    "You sure we can trust these guys, Puncake?" His partner said.

    "Yeah, man. Put your gun down! They don't even know what the hell is going on out there."

    Jon asked me what I thought we should do. "So, what do think Clayton. Should we trust these guys?"

    I looked at both of them and had a decision to make.

    1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.
    2) Just shoot him. This guy seems crazy.
    3) say nothing.

  • This is amazing. I love all these perspectives in the start of the apocalypse.

    NoncyFlippleDorp 2) Stay and wait here until tomorrow.

    Clayton_Boylan 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.
  • Good stuff, bro! :D

    2) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.
  • Cornpopper, 2: Hey man ler me join you?
    Gobananas01: 3: Fuck it, let's go out guns blazing.
  • NoncyFlippleDorp 2) Stay and wait here until tomorrow.

    Clayton_Boylan 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.
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  • Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate it! This will be the last part for the day, so make sure you vote!
  • 2. Check if they are good peeps.
  • 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.

    2) Stay and wait here until tomorrow. (had to really think about this one...hope I made the right choice)
  • Awesome! (Probably better then me! Haha)

    NoncyFlippleDorp: 2. Stay and wait until tomorrow.

    Clayton_Boylan. 1. Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.
  • Noncy) 1. Leave immediately.
    Clay) 1. Talk to em'.
  • These are actually really impressive!

    You really are a professional!

  • Thanks, bro! I liked your character, I have a special part for him.
  • O.O
    I feel special!

    That is actually really awesome though!
  • NoncyFlippleDorp: 1) Leave immediately

    Clayton_Boylan: 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.
  • Maybe... or maybe not. DUN DUN DUUUUN! You shall see later on. B]

    What do you think happened to us on that train?
  • Goddammit, man! Fine, I'll wait xD

    I have a terrible imagination, but I say you wake up and find me still unconscious with a bloody forehead. I am laying right by a broken window and you see a couple of walkers roaming about. But you have a hard time trying to make your way towards me to keep me away from them because you're pretty injured?

    Okay, I admit. That doesn't sound so bad. But, I think you have something better in store :)
  • Ah, interesting, haha. I sorta like your idea on what you think might happen. B]
  • NoncyFlippleDorp: 1) Leave immediately.
    ClaytonBoylan: 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.

    I'm impressed, these are really good =) Keep going!
  • I know you have something else in mind. I can just tell x)
  • Thanks! but This is the last one for today, sorry. :p
  • Lol, you'll find out soon, my friend. B] You guys should discuss on what you think is going to happen. That way the waiting won't feel too long.
  • Awww...
    I'll just have to wait then. It's gonna be difficult =P
  • Lol, you guys should discuss on what you think might happen next, in the mean time. :)

    What do you think will happen with the characters so far?
  • That should be no problem at all. We're masters at discussing stuff while waiting c:
  • Lol tell me about it. I've waited on telltale for years, waiting has become a second nature for me XD
  • Stuff... Thaaaaaaangs!

    What do you think is going to happen with the other characters in the story?
  • At this rate, we'll be the most patient group of people in the world :D
  • Well with Noncy's story, if they stay overnight, I think walkers will invade and they will be in for a rude awakening. Lol, I dunno! I told you, I'm bad at this xD This is why you rarely see me in TWD theory threads :P
  • Honestly, I haven't a clue. I don't know what to expect in TWD.
    You're the puppet master, you pull the strings. xD
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