People finally starting to wake up and accept that working on 4 games at once is hurting TWDSeason2?



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    (Made some of these comments in another thread...thought I would add them here as well)

    Overall the series is still enjoyable enough, but there are several questionable decisions Telltale has made that I'm not in agreement with.

    1. The group relies way too much on Clem. I know she is a tough ass 11 year old girl, but some of the situations the group volunteers her for are just completely ridiculous. For instance, in Season 2 we have Clem conducting reconnaissance with binoculars, scouting the bridge with Luke, and eventually fixing a goddamn wind turbine all by herself. In Episode 3, Clem pretty much single handedly gets the group out of the prison by herself. Mind you, this is all happening while Clem is surrounded by a handful of able bodied men who just sit around and watch as Clem does all these dangerous/important jobs (why these adults put a 11 old girl in charge of some of these tasks is mind-boggling and really serves as a kind of immersion breaker for me).

    2. Any kind of worthwhile hub that fans were accustomed to from Season 1 has pretty much been thrown out the window. Seeing as how there no significant hubs in TWAU either, it has become apparent that this is all a part of Telltale's new business formula. Episodes overall have gotten much shorter as well, with each episode averaging about 80-90 minutes in length. There is less dialogue, character development, and overall interaction with the environment as a whole either. These "games" are feeling more and more like scripted movies as time moves on...

    3. Determinant characters such as Nick, Pete, Carlos, Alvin and the 400 days characters are pretty much non-existent as far as the story is concerned. For all the hype Telltale tried to stir about reminding people of their 400 days decisions, I'm left to wonder what was the point of all that? I basically got everybody to go with Tavia on my 400 days play-through and all I am treated to is a couple of lame ass lines from each person? Seriously wtf is this? As others have pointed out, Telltale's character formulas are really becoming obvious. Basically if a character plays any kind of determinant role in the story, they will pretty much for all intensive purposes just disappear from the story all together. You might see a few glances of them here and there (Can you say Prince Lawerence from TWAU?), but as a whole they are largely shoved to the side.

    4. The voice actor who played Reggie did a pretty awful job. Just listening to him talk was painful...whoever thought it was a good idea for him to use a lisp in his voice really needs to be slapped. When Carter threw him off the roof-top, I found myself laughing for all the wrong reasons. What should've been a serious and solemn scene ended with me thinking "Haha at least I don't have to listen to that dam lisp one more time".

    5. Telltale really made Carver into the quintessential "bad-guy" in this episode. For all intents and purposes, I'm half shocked Telltale did not have Carver twirling a mustache when he acted out some of these scenes. He slaps Clem, orders Carlos to slap Sarah, throws Reggie off a building, and then go's on a stereotypical mad-man rant about "How the weak cannot hold down the strong". I was just kind of left shaking my head sometimes. So much for Carter being this morally grey kind of really is a shame Telltale decided to turn him into this sort of Saturday morning cartoon villain. Can you say wasted potential? I can.

    6. Carter's compound was pretty underwhelming to say the least. Not only did we barely get to explore the place, but it looked like a total of 5 guards and maybe 10 other people lived there. Where the fuck was everybody? Why was this place hyped up as some kind of major stronghold when it didn't look very secure at all? It really didn't help matters that we barely got to interact with any of the prison people either.

    It's not all bad though. The series is still entertaining and I still want to see the end through. Lol two of my favorite lines to ever come from a video game happened during this season of TWD though. Nick's impersonation of Carlos was hilarious and I could not stop laughing when Troy shouted out "Ahh she shot my dick!".
  • The final final boss is Kenny methinks.
  • I am really glad this thread is getting some attention!
  • Clem pretty much overthrows the entire camp herself. An 11 year old. They could have made it more realistic if she just worked together with Luke over the walkie talkie, you know... what we actually thought we were going to do when he asked us to get him the walkie talkie. I think that was the original plan but they said "fuck it" in the middle of it. It feels like they get these ideas they want to execute but only do it in half. Like you get Kenny to cut his restraints at the beginning but it turned out to be for nothing. You get called up to Carver's office where you can side with him but nothing comes out of that either. Apart from getting Luke the walkie talkie he asks you to tell the group that he's back but when you're back with them he already told them, wtf is up with that? I'm sure if i look deeper i can find more stuff like this but i don't have the motivation to play this episode right now, even though i replayed the shit out of 1 and 2.
  • but we are paying them for their shit, so they should work hard on the games we want and listen to our criticism
  • holy crap, this is exactly how i feel. well said
  • Completely agree with this post, an excellent summary of the episode's failings.What made Season 1 so enjoyable was the interactions with the different characters. I remember relishing the hubs as opportunities to go up to every person and talk to them at least a couple of times - it not only helped character development, but also made later decisions (say over who to leave behind for e.g.) all the more gut-wrenching. I really hoped that the first 2 episodes of this season were being used to lay the groundwork for development of characters in later episodes. For example, myself and my partner (who I play the game with) speculated who we might end up escaping the camp with, Carver or Troy, in the belief that 1) telltale couldn't possibly kill off 2 potentially interesting characters at the same time and 2) that it would be really interesting to get to know more about 1 of them in later episodes. Turns out both are done away with, like the original post say, having said a couple of lines each. Indeed, Troy dying rather rendered the "Troy might remember that" warning after your ONLY INTERACTION WITH HIM a bit pointless didn't it?

    That's my biggest gripe so far. In the first season, characters "remembering that" actually meant something because when you next spoke to them, what you had said previously directly affected how they reacted to you (so many examples I daresn't even begin to start listing them). How many times has this happened this season? The core group has changed so many times, and the amount you actually interact with them has been so minimal, there's been no opportunity for any emotional attachment at all. Another e.g. I assumed (by the end of the episode anyway) that Jane was a character the gamer was meant to like, given her authoritative yet off-the-cuff sort of attitude, but how many times has Clem been given the opportunity to speak to her? Once? Even characters from the very beginning who we're meant to have deep emotional bonds with have barely spoken a few words to Clementine. I mean Clem's interactions with Sarah have either been extremely contrived, or been comforting her. By the end of the episode, with rafts of people dying, I didn't really feel any of the heart-wrenching-ness that Season 1 inspired on a regular basis. Apart from on a very basic, human-kindness level, how do telltale expect the gamer to really care about characters like Carlos, Alvin etc when we've had next to no interaction with them? We're more than halfway through the season and there's been basically zero character development. Like the original post says, it gives the impression that the episodes are being rushed through, and people will obviously make the connection between that and telltale's other projects. The series is actually becoming more and more of a disappointment with each passing episode, and calls into question whether telltale should even bother with Season 3 if they're not going to stick to the principles that made the original series so popular in the first place. But I suppose they're not that bothered, they've got what appears to be their own PR company IGN releasing rave reviews about every episode, convincing the half-interested to give it a go.

    People keep harking back to changes Telltale made in light of gamer comments in the first season, but with continuous calls for more hubs, more puzzle-solving, better character interactions having been completely ignored thus far, what chances are there that the next 2 episodes will be anything other than more of the same? 1.5 hours of rushed, transparent and shallow story getting Clem from one point to another, learning next to nothing interesting. I'd love to be proved wrong, but with so many seemingly pleased to accept lower standards, why should telltale raise them?
  • Let me just make this clear, I don't give two shit's about downvotes, The only reason I said anything about it was because cameroncr95 asked me about it, I said to ignore him because it's not worth talking about, It gives him the attenion he wants, He can downvote me all he wants, He doesn't just downvote me, He does it to a lot of other people too, Now can we please stop talking about this.
  • k, I barely talk about them but if you say so.
  • Your $5 doesnt entitled you to force them to do everything you want. Im sure they listen to criticism but they cant listen to everyone since every fan wants something different. I dont care how many people downvote me for trying to present a reasonable point of view.
  • This is just so great you should take out the spoiler tag
  • I had starry anime eyes while reading this.
  • What are you talking about? How DO YOU know they aren't working on 4 games?

    Clearly they're working on four games. TWD and TWAU are the first two to appear. How did you know they're not working on Game of Thrones? Actually Dave Fenoy said they're working on it on one of the playing dead episodes. And what about the pictures that were released about TFTBL? Considering they're already working on GoT, then theyre SURELY as well working on Tales from...

    Hell, I DO REALIZE the hard work, but REALLY? Do they have to work on four games when it's hard to even release an episode? THEY ALWAYS ARE LATE. They always piss us off with their "soon" and stupid "just around the corner". Oh not to mention "played it today at the office and it was BlOoDy GoOd"

    I completely agree with everything the OP said. Their games are awesome but somewhat disappointing from another side. Their stories aren't entirely keeping up because they're working on multiple games in the same time, causing less appropriate time for them. Let's not forget TWAU episode 2 was also more of a rush.

    They either unfreeze their brains or keep disappointing until they demolish themselves.

    Facts are facts.
  • Thanks very much guys. Clem_is_awesome, haha, I had considered it, but I remembered how annoying it was whilst I was waiting for episode 2, so just on the off-chance anyone who hasn't played the latest episode stumbles across this thread, I'll leave the spoiler tag on!
  • The "It's their game and they can do whatever the hell they want with it" argument is not a reasonable point of view
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    We've paid for a game. We haven't paid for the right to dictate how that game should be made. Demanding they make changes because we don't like the story isn't reasonable either

    It's possible that working on multiple games at once could the root of the issues we are seeing in Walking Dead. But that would need to be proven and not just with speculation. As the issue the root of the issue is just easily caused by the change in their focus to make shorter episodes.
  • I agree it is rushed and working on this much games at the same time probably is hard. Comparing this season with the first one isn't right in my opinion, since first episode was first. We didn't have high expectation. Yes, the lenght and the quality dropped but still it is a good use of 5 dollars each episode. Working on new games is really good. Because only TTG i like is TWD and TWAU. I would like to have heavier games like this instead of Sam and max or etc. They need to make more games but not at the same time. That's just a crazy thing to do. If you ask me, the 90 minute policy sucks. I wait 2 months and i don't even get 2 hours now that is fucked up. They need to do it right if they ARE going to do it. I love Telltale, seriously but they got to do something about these.
  • Yeah, at the time the quality of episode one of Walking Dead was an unknown. However Telltale's ability to deliver quality games with decent stories was quite well known.
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  • Blind Sniper, your good grammar arouses me... ;)
  • You wrote downvote three times in this post. Clearly, you care.
  • HOW IN THE FUCK! Did you get twenty three upvotes for this?!
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    It's not about that. People are suggesting changes that could make the story stronger because Telltale is inexplicably making the overall season's story weaker. So we are thinking up suggestions to make it better. Personally I am not suggesting changes because I don't like the direction of the story. I could care less where they go with the story, BUT IT HAS TO MAKE ME GIVE A CRAP.
  • People are suggesting changes which they believe would make it stronger. That doesn't mean those changes would make it stronger. I personally believe the story has been weaker in season two but I'm also well aware that this just my opinion.
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    True, suggestions to change the story really are just "this is my opinion of how the story would be better". But wasn't that the point of using the episodic model? So fans would have the chance to say "This is my reaction" and then the writers can be like "k so we have to do this to make it better"
    edit: my comments are always cut off at the end >.<
  • I agree with some of your points, but stop bitching goddamn yall act like lil kids. you don't like it go work for telltale since yall can do a better job then. or just as simple.... Don't buy the fucking game anymore
  • strong in the force this thread is
  • Quote for MF truth, Clem_is_awesome. Totally nailed it on the head.
  • I only hope that if we complain enough we have chance to get atleast proper interactions with 400 days people (hell i'll be fine even if the'll be forced into next episodes no matter what you did in DLC, they're so many thins can be going on with them)
  • Completely agree. Someone get a petition going!
  • Won't do shit. Try Reddit, though. :3
  • I think they've perhaps suggested that part of that is part of the episodic model But I think it's more along the lines we like this do more of this rather than this is the how the plot should be.
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    Even people on Facebook are complaining about the length: --->
  • This is so true!
  • I agree. Try posting this on Reddit. Actually post it everywhere you can. Telltale got to stop ignoring the fans.
  • this . kevin bruner(founder of telltale) is a user on reddit and i think he will see your thread
  • GOUSTTTT is a nice guy, dont hold anything against him. As much as downvotes expresses disagreement it also is an instrument for trolls(you will notice there would be a downvotes on a sentence that is not oppinion). IT really is best to just ignore it all together for one because it could be a troll and for two..Who cares XD.
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    Yes i agree Clem is awesome and you OP are awesome for making this awesome thread! Someone from Telltale should read this.
  • I want to ask, who actually wanted TOTBL or GOT Telltale games? And more importantly, why are they being made while they have 2 other currently running games? Couldn't they have seen the consequences of having people work on other things mid-season?
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