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    (!) No. I should see who lives here first. Maybe they're good people.

    I thought about taking the horse, but it probably wasn't a good idea. I decided to walk up to the farm house to see if anyone was inside. I stepped up to the porch and took a look inside the windows. I saw a young lady sitting on the couch. I went up to the door and knocked.

    "Don't be alarmed! I'm just looking for some good folks. Please, open the door. I've been walking for miles and I'm real tired." I explained.

    The door opened a bit and the young lady asked. "I'm sorry, but who are you?"

    "My name is Raging. I've been walking out here by myself for a long time now. I just need a drink of water and I'll be on my way. If you like I can give you some canned food in exchange?"

    "Um... hold on just a minute, please." She told me.

    I didn't know what to expect. She seemed nice enough but I was worried that I might have walked into a trap. The door opened up and she came out with a glass of water.

    "Here you go." She said with a smile. She had kind eyes and seemed trustworthy. "My name is, SweetPeaClem. You are welcomed to come inside the house if you like?"

    "Yes, thank you so much! I won't even be a minute I just need to sit down for a while." I told her.

    She walked me in and showed me the living room. "There's a couch over there. You may take a seat."

    I walked over to the couch and sat down.

    "WhatTheDuck! Come down here, we have a guest!" She yelled while looking up the stairs.

    "A guest?! Awww, shit! I'll be down in a minute!" The weird voice said.

    "I have to apologize for my friend, he is sometimes too crazy for his own good, so I'm giving you a heads up if he acts inappropriately. He helped us with a friend earlier named, AWESOMEO. He's out on a supply run for us as we speak. WhatTheDuck was a surgeon before all of this happened. We owe him for saving AWESOMEO'S life." SweetPea explained.

    "That's okay. I've met my fair share of crazy people. So, he's a surgeon? Is your friend AWESOMEO out there by himself? Where is he?" I asked.

    "Oh trust me, WhatTheDuck is not like most crazy people you've met, but he really is a good surgeon. Yes, he is. He's always gone out by himself, it was his idea to go alone into the city, anyway. It's what he likes to do, and he always comes back with a lot of supplies."

    "Well, if you say so. Amazing! Your friend AWESOMEO sounds like a good man." I said as a man walked inside the living room.

    "Hey, how ya doin'? I'm WhatTheDuck!" He said with a huge smile on his face.

    I stood up and introduced myself "Nice to meet you, I'm Raging. Your friend, SweetPea here, was very welcoming and kind to me. If you guys want I can give you some cans of food in exchange for some water bottles, if you have any? Also I was wondering why that horse out there was by itself and with a saddle on it's back? If you don't mind me asking."

    WhatTheDuck looked out the window and laughed loudly "Haha! that horse is just out there as a trap we set up. Her name is Betsy and she won't let any stranger get near her. She damn near kicked the shit out of me the first time I arrived here with AWESOMEO. Anyone dumb enough to get near her will get a horseshoe imprint on there balls! Well I'm going to go beat my meat."

    I looked at him with a disgusted face. He walked over to the kitchen and took out some raw meat out of the refrigerator and a meat hammer from a cabinet, and started to tenderize it. He turned around and looked me straight in the face with raised eyebrows and a open mouth smile. "Haha! I bet you thought the other way around, you pervy old perv, you!" I was starting to see what SweetPea meant about WhatTheDuck's "craziness."

    (?) What the hell have I gotten myself into...

    "Um... I think I should get going now. Thank you for the drink of water. I appreciate it, my offer still stands." I told SweetPea.

    "Why don't you stay with us for a while. AWESOMEO should be here any minute and you still haven't met PowerfulStache and Mokonage yet. Trust me, they're not as crazy as WhatTheDuck." She said while smiling.

    "You got that right!" WhatTheDuck agreed.

    I looked down and put my hand on my chin. "Hmm. I don't know, I guess...."

    1) I can stay with you guys for a while.
    2) I should get going.



    I woke up to some light taps on my face.

    "Get up, man. We need to get out of here." A familiar voice told me as I was beginning to gain consciousness and the ringing in my ears was going away. Everything was a blur when I opened my eyes. Like trying to wake up after sleeping for a very long time.

    "Pro, is that you? How long was I out?" I struggled to say.

    "Yeah it's me, kid. I can't really say, maybe an hour or two. I just woke up myself a few minutes ago. I don't know how the hell we survived that crash, but by some miracle we're still alive. I took a look outside a bit earlier and it's a fucking mess. The other train cars detached and there's fire everywhere, no doubt if we had gone to the back, we would have definitely died. We need to leave, the city is just beyond those trees out there. C'mon." He told me.

    I saw Pro, and his hair was a mess, his mouth had blood on it but he seemed okay. I tried to get up but my whole body was in pain. "Agh! Shit my arm hurts like hell, Pro."

    He took a look at it. "Looks like your shoulder is dislocated." He took off his suit jacket and asked for my pocket knife. "Let me get your knife again, I'm going to cut some fabric off." I reached for it with my other hand and gave it to him.

    He cut a sleeve off with the knife and grabbed my arm, he told me "Alright, now this is going to hurt a bit, but..." Before he said anything else he jerked my arm and I felt tremendous pain.

    "Ugh, you sonuvabitch! That hurt like hell!" I said in pain.

    "Heh, imagine how it would be if you lost that arm. Consider yourself lucky." He told me as he tied the suit sleeve on my arm to keep it in place. "Okay, we've wasted enough time. Let's go." He pulled me up and we made our way to the outside of the wrecked train car.

    I took a good look and couldn't believe the destruction that was around me. It was exactly like Pro said. The other train cars were completely done for, and were all on fire. It seemed no one but the two of us had survived that crash. We both heard a loud explosion coming from the city's direction.

    "Look, I have some supplies back at my apartment, and some things that will definitely be beneficial to us. You can come with me and we'll figure out what the hell is going on in the city." Pro looked serious.

    "I... I don't know. I want to check on my family first, there in the city as well." I told pro with concern.

    Pro looked back at me. "That's fine. We can do that after we go to my place. I just really need to get something first. Once I have what I need, we can take my car and head over to your folk's place. It's dangerous to be alone out there, and you with your arm the way it is. I just think it'll be safer if we stick together."

    This man had just saved my life and I owed him one. I needed to give him an answer.

    1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
    2) I'm just really worried. Please, come with me, I want to make sure they're safe.
    3) I'm sorry, but I think we should part ways here. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  • WhatTheDuck LMFAO I'm laughing so hard right now. WTF XD

    Raging_Blades: 1) I can stay with you guys a while.
    TWDFan86: 1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
  • Lol, things you should have mentioned before. You're already in the story, so it's just going to continue on without that stuff. Sorry, man.
  • 1) I can stay with you guys for a while. (was thinking about this one for minutes, lol)

    1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.

    Good shit, bro! Or should I say Pro! xD
  • That's okay, I think someone else should get the chance to be in this :)
  • Lmao, I hope it's good enough for WhatTheDuck.
  • But I thought I was still just outside my apartment door. why cant I just go back in and get my dog, she would make a good dinner later on if i run out of food.
  • Awesome! That means I have an extra spot for another character. I'll give it to, tntlee2099. Since he was the last to reply to the comment.
  • Hey you'll be in the story! Another person decided to drop out. I'll give you a part as soon as possible. B]
  • Lol when I'm going to appear in story :3
  • "Soon" I just need a tie breaker for CornPopper's part and I can continue that one. B]
  • Sorry, bro. :(

    I already planned the next part's for you. I just need a tie breaker.
  • I will be rolling around blasting death metal and getting high attracting all the zombies carelessly or at least i would if the ZA happened
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    I know right? That video was funny as fuck.

    You were captured by a single man in armored tights, with no gun. I was captured by fifty+ armed Afghanistan Militia, ready to cut me up and feed me to the goats, but I escaped. You are a known and feared throughout a city. I'm renowned throughout the world! You're true colors could be seen on any ballerina!
  • That's cool. where the fucks this tie breaker and ill break the damn thing.
  • NoncyFippleDorp 2) Stay and wait here until tomorrow.

    Clayton Boylan 1) Let's talk to them. Just make sure he tells his partner to put the gun down first.

    Great episode, man!
  • Thanks for helping me out there, Jon. :)
  • Actually, there's 5 votes to say nothing and 4 to go with the guy. If you want I can wait or just go with the say nothing vote.


  • I change my vote in that one to go with the guy so now its 4 say nothing and 5 to go with him. i need a sidekick and a crazy guy would be a good substitute for my dog
  • CornPopper 4) Say nothing.
    Gobananas01 2) Let's wait a bit just to be sure.
  • 1) I can stay with you guys for a while
    1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
  • Time to wait Again :(
  • CornPopper: 2) Hey, man. Let me join you?
    Gobananas01: 1) use the tear gas on the three guys
  • DAMNIT, fellas! Why no Grand Theft Horse? With a choice named like this, you were obliged to choose it... :/
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    Noncy; 1)

    Clayton: 1) closed.
  • Raging_Blades: 1) I can stay with you guys a while.
    TWDFan86: 1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
  • This shit's awesome. Especially since it starts with the start of the apocalypse and with different storylines.
  • HAAAAHAAAA holy nipple chincken that was FUNNY!*WhatTheDuck approved!* Raging_Blades:1)I can stay with you guys for a while. TWDFan86: 1)Okay,we'll go to your apartment first,and then my place.
  • Man, I wish I could write like you, Pro. :o haha

    Raging_Blades: 1) I can stay with you guys a while.
    TWDFan86: 1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
  • Raging_Blades: 1) I can stay with you guys a while.
    TWDFan86: 1) Okay, we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.
  • XD

    Come on, aren't we the Joker Bros of the forum? Imagine the chaos, imagine the screams, imagine the maniacal smiles, imagine the poor little children crying to their mommy...

  • Quality

    2) I should get going.

    His has human meat also they seem very dangerous GTO NOW!!

    2) I'm just really worried. Please, come with me, I want to make sure they're safe

    Check on your family need some back up so bring him
  • 1) Stay
    1) Go to your place first, then mine.
  • LOL (?) What the hell have I gotten into?

    1. Stay with them. Whatev's I trust you peeps. Just don't get me killed you crazy Duck you. I want to be with AWESOMEO he's awesome :D.

    3. Okay we'll go to your apartment first, and then my place.

    Wait hell yeah this could work yes the pure evil, the death, the staying up past our bed times the evil would be unimaginable ACCEPTED!!
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