So Clem has a chance turning into....

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First off, I think Luke either gotten bit or somehow has the virus
One, He was dozing off when he was talking to Clem, just like how Lee dozed off.
Two, he was acting funny. Not 'Haha' funny, strange funny.
Three, he's pale.

She bit Luke and Luke said she might have drew blood.

What do you guys think?


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    she bit him, luke will turn into a clementine nao
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    Luke is not bitten, Otherwise he would of been showing symptoms by the next day, He even said to wait for an opening and rest up for a few days when he was discussing when to escape.. what bitten man would say that? Besides he looked less pale when he was caught by Carver since he probably got some sleep.
  • While I'm also theorizing that Luke has been bit (his agitation and personality shift seems way too extreme for exhaustion/hunger) I don't think Clem would turn because of it.

    There's been no evidence whatsoever in the comic that getting infected blood in your mouth will cause you to develop the fever. You'd have to have an open wound in your mouth for it to be even a remote possibility.
  • "Somehow has the virus".

    You realize almost everyone on Earth is infected, right?
  • When I first saw Luke I thought the same thing, but he's not bitten he was just exhausted from following the group, he looked fine when he got caught, except for a bruised face his colour seemed to be back and he wasn't dozing off anymore. If he had been bit it would of been ten times worse by then
  • I don't think he was bit. I could be wrong but I was getting the feeling that he was on some kind of drugs. I guess maybe he was just tired but the whole scene when you first meet him again was really weird.
  • This post made my night, thank you!

    she bit him, luke will turn into a clementine nao

  • I don't think so. He's just tired from chasing after the van and possibly avoiding walkers on foot and doesn't have much nutrition in his body from lack of food.
  • I saw him and thought the same but he would have already turned. He's probably just exhausted.
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