Do you think ...... was ..... on purpose?

Do you think Carlos was shot on purpose, or was it really an accident?

I'm still on the fence


  • Would be hard to tell walkers from people covered in walker blood and guts from up there. I doubt it was intentional.
  • I think it was an accident, but then again it lasted for like 2 seconds so it's impossible to tell.
  • I think it was an accident. If they realized Carlos wasn't a walker, they would have also known that the others weren't walkers as well and they would have been shooting continuously at them.
  • I think it was an accident, you could hear the guards talking and they mentioned nothing about actually seeing us escaping.
  • I called his death from the moment we started walking. I thought "Carlos is going to get shot and Sarah is going to scream and all the walkers are going to know where we are" and sure enough a few seconds later "Bang" "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" haha, but I do think it was an accident.
  • You were covered in guts and walking thru a field of zombies. The guards didn't even seem to know you had escaped and I doubt they'd have cared (aside from Carver) with the walkers approaching anyway.
  • I'll play devil's advocate.

    It would be fairly easy to see a pretty big group of individuals moving the opposite direction of an army of walkers.
    I doubt it though, too convenient for me too believe. Especially cause it was in the dead of night.

    No pun intended. Kinda' though.
  • It's all part of Tavia's plan to take over the world
  • I think it was on purpose actually.

    imagine shooting zombies that are coming towards you ,knowing some of your prisoners escaped, and while shooting them, of ALL THE ZOMBIES you see a couple going the OPPOSITE way, what would think? something is wrong and strange so they probably assumed it was them.
  • I think it was accidental. I was actually thinking "Jeez with those guards shooting all those walkers down there, I hope they don't mistake one of the group members as walkers and accidentally shoot them." Then Carlos dies gets shot ...
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