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Sam & Max Merchandise

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Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone has ordered either the sam and max prints or the tshirt from the store as of yet and recieved them?

I paid for mine on paypal, the funds have been taken but i havent recieved an email confirmation or anything, i emailed telltale games and haven't heard any responces in over a week. Help :O

(UK Customer)
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  • I ordered the prints and got them, although it took a while to receive them. Remember that they're shipping from across the pond, which can take a few weeks. I'm sure you'll get your stuff, unless something went horribly wrong, which I doubt.
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    Yeah thats fine, i just thought i'd get a conformation that its gone through
  • Please send me a PM with your order number so I can look into this for you. It can take several weeks for merchandise to get "across the pond," but it won't hurt to check!

    Also, you say you haven't received an email response - what email did you write to?

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    Thank you very much Emily you've been most friendly and helpful :)
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