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Help with Trogdor game

posted by Strog Bad zawesomeness on - last edited - Viewed by 384 users
For some reason I acan never hit the peasents fast enough to string a combo and ger a higher score and Ultmate SB keeps hitting me. Are there any tips.
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  • Try burninating Ultimate Strong Bad. Maybe that will help you from getting killed by him.
  • Guy in a Box;119714 said:
    Try burninating Ultimate Strong Bad. Maybe that will help you from getting killed by him.
    I try but I get so caught up in burning the peasents around level 5 or 6 i can't hit him fast enough.
  • I can only tell you how I did it (and I got a neat score on first attempt):
    As crazy as it may sound, don't look at the peasants! In fact, don't look at any details at all. Just focus on the middle of the screen and try not to move your eyes. You will see moving objects (i.e. Strong Bad and peasants), but they won't slow you down. I used that technique in other games as well, and it always worked for me. If it doesn't help you, you could still try hammering away on the mouse randomly and hope for luck, I guess.
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  • Thanks pink pineapple. I haven't beat it yet but with your tip I beat the game with 8,000 points. And I never get hit anymore.
  • I just played it again, and I noticed some things that might be useful, just in case that you or somebody else should still need help:

    1) The peasants appear in patterns of four. These patterns repeat themselves over and over again once you got them, one pattern per level. Like this:


    (The numbers are supposed to symbolize the order in which the peasants appear. They don't mean they will necessarily pop up in that order.)
    This is a good thing to know, because once you reached a certain level, it gets kind of fast and the peasants are hard to hit because they are only there for a very short time.

    2) Strong Bad seems to show up every time to miss two or more peasants in a pattern. Therefor, if you find the pattern and are quick enough to work with it, he should stay away from you.

    It worked for me, I hope it wasn't just by chance.
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