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If your life were a film, what would the soundtrack be?

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Okay, if this thread is supposed to go in the Forum Games section, then someone please move it if need be.

Anyway, these are the rules:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every category, type the song that's playing, along with the artist and the album name
5. When you go to a new category, press the next button
6. Don't lie.
7. Only do this two three times, one for the original movie and one for the "sequel" one for the "sequel", and one for the "third sequel that nobody really asked for but got anyway". But please, wait until at least 8 10 replies have already been submitted before you do another. The playlist replies, I mean.

Alright, these are mine:

Opening Credits: Driving with the Top Down by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (so...much...awesome...)
Birth: Ignition by TobyMac - Portable Sounds (a bit awkward for child birth, but what the heck)
First Day of School: Back in Black by AC/DC - Back in Black (I can just imagine me swinging into the doors of my school with this music blaring behind me XD)
Falling in Love: Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (...Wow, and right after AC/DC...:confused:)
Fight Song: Iron Monger by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (Yeah, this fits. This fits real good.)
Breaking Up: Cheer Up, Coach Z by Homestar and Coach Z - Hooked on Decemberween (I'd like to try breaking up with someone by singing them this song XD)
Prom: In the End by Pickin' On Series - Bluegrass Tribute to Linkin Park (Okay, I have no idea if I should be impressed or terrified...should be one interesting prom)
Life: American Dream by Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity. (Much better. This could work as my theme song :p)
Mental Breakdown: Confessions (What's Inside My Head) by RED - Innocence & Instinct (Whoa, this actually fits...o_o)
Driving: Everything You Know is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day (YES. This fits PERFECTLY. I just cracked up when I heard this.)
Flashback: GO-4 by Thomas Newman - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (You know this actually fits...somewhat.)
Wedding: Surfin' Bird (Bird is the Word) by Trashmen - (no album name given) (This is one awesome wedding...)
Birth of Child: The Traveling Song by - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (eh, not bad, not what I was expecting...I was expecting Back in Black again XP)
Final Battle: The Feeling by Kutless - To Know That You're Alive (w00t (' ')\m/)
Death Scene: Put On Your Sunday Clothes by Michael Crawford & Company - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (Holy...crap...apparently, I'm going to have some hallucinations on my death bed. "Is that...*censored* angel? Why, yes, *censored*, St. Peter, I would love to *censored**censored* play with you! *giggles gleefully, then five censors*")
Funeral: Hardware Store by Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat (...Well, it IS my funeral, so...)
End Credits: Stars by Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown (And it fits. Now this is my theme song!)

Just take out my songs and replace them with your own, and that's it!

EDIT: You can also comment on other people's songs they came up with.
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  • StinkomanFan;115146 said:
    Funeral: Back in the USSR by The Beatles (So I went to russian heaven?)
  • Stronger by Kanye West.
  • Snicklin;119786 said:
    Stronger by Kanye West.
    Methinks you missed the point. Or did that come up for every category? :p
  • No, he just put it on repeat.
  • No, I'm just saying what the soundtrack that would fit my life would be.
  • Lovely. Just finished a second one, and a connection hiccup made me lose it all. Oh well. Won't be doing it again, since the results of it were surprisingly depressing and all-too-accurate.
  • Opening Credits: Jared Emerson-Johnson - The War Room

    Birth: Ayreon - Sail Away To Avalon

    First Day of School: Wir Sind Helden - Darf Ich Das Behalten

    Falling in Love: Robbie Williams - Jealousy (Live At the Mermaid Theatre)

    Fight Song: Pet Shop Boys - Radiophonic

    Breaking Up: Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

    Prom: Clem Snide - Tears On My Pillow

    Life: Marilyn Manson - They Said That Hell's Not Hot

    Mental Breakdown: Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation

    Driving: Kyle Gabler - Welcome to the Information Superhighway

    Flashback: Polarkreis 18 - River Loves The Ocean (Piano Version)

    Wedding: The Prodigy - The Way it is

    Birth of Child: Rick Astley - It Would Take A Strong Strong Man

    Final Battle: Hans Zimmer - Hoist The Colours Suite

    Death Scene: Pet Shop Boys - The Ghost Of Myself

    Funeral: Marilyn Manson - In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death

    End Credits: Rob Dougan - Born Yesterday

    Note to myself: I really should not play these games when I have the full Pet Shop Boys Discography in Itunes.
    StinkomanFan;115146 said:

    Fight: Numa Numa by O-Zone (Mia ha-ha!)
    I don't know where you downloaded this but this song is called different.
  • Episode 3 Alternate Universe 2: Alternate Son of ig0rpwnwEd!

    Opening Credits: Dammit I Changed Again - Offspring (I guess I DID have some serious changes in life... Works)

    Birth: Never Mind Me - Mighty Mighty Bosstones ("Don't look at me! She's the one who made this possible. My crying shouldn't matter to you!")

    First Day of School: Alive - Pearl Jam (Maybe the one above and this should be switched. :D)

    Falling in Love: Debra - Beck ([JOKE] "My name's not Debra!" "Less talking, more making out!" [/JOKE]

    Fight Song: Give me Novacaine - Green Day (Ouch...)

    Breaking Up: She Never Told Me She Was a Mime - Weird Al (She was talking before!I should really remove this song considering I hate it)

    Prom: Johnny Ryall - The Beastie Boys ([JOKE]"That's not my name!" "Now it is! Shut up!"[/JOKE]

    Life: Moneytalks (Live) - ACDC (Apparently I had a happy life judging by the upbeat tune! And I'm rich... YAY!)

    Mental Breakdown: Miss You - Eric Clapton (Maybe I'm stuck in an asylum and missing my hypothetical girl friend, or her death drove me insane. End of FIlM! Wait, It goes on? How do I get out?!?!?)

    Driving: If You Wear That Velvet Dress - U2 ([JOKE] "You can't wear it! The driving teacher will think you're queer!" "Than he needs to know you can't judge someone by their looks!"[/JOKE])

    Flashback: What Do You Do With a BA In English/It Sucks To Be Me - Original Broadway Cast of Avenue Q (What!?!?!? I thought I was rich and successful!)

    Wedding: Now That You Got It -Gwen Stefani (I am NOT like that!)

    Birth of Child: Life O' The Party - Prince (Makes it sound like a comedy documentary of Jesus! Just listen to it)

    Final Battle: Children's Crusade - Sting (Must be a slow, SRPG-style fight.)

    Death Scene: Ode to A Superhero - Weird Al Yankovic (So with my successful, wealthy life and apparently being a Superhero... I'm Batman, but everyone think's I'm Spider-Man!)

    Funeral: Holiday - Green Day (People were against me!?! Happy that I'm dead!?! I thought people LOVED Batman!)

    End Credits: Fee - Phish (BEST. SONG. EVAR. So... I'm a rich, successful, selfish superhero who is a selfless budist who is being hunted down by a jealous metaphorical "chimpanzee" for my girlfriend? The songs made sense for the sequences they were representing, but added up it makes no sense. WOOOOOAAAAAH!)
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