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Having resolution Problems? Come here to get a prefs.prop

posted by Tester Scott on - last edited - Viewed by 6.7K users
I am posting some prefs.prop for Wallace and Gromit with various settings to hopefully remedy some problems while we figure out what is wrong. Just replace your prefs.prop file in the 'my documents/telltale games/wallace and gromit ep 1' with one of these.
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  • Your files are invalid.
  • I tried the 1280x1024 prefs.prop file; worked perfectly fine. Did you unzip the file first?
  • Unzip the files using 7zip or WinRar. The Xp unzipper doesn't work for some reason. ;)
  • In my case it works :
    The game starts windowed, and turning it Full screen works nicely too. The 1280x1024 option is then bolded and I can't change to any other display setting back (the second 1280x1024 option is still disabled, but is unavailable when in Windowed mode).

    Note : my original "prefs.prop" is 1161 bytes long, and yours is 1346. I attached my prefs.prop file for you to look into it.

    Chords of Steel : make sure it's not the demo : we're talking about episode 1 here.

    There's still some anti-aliasing needed : look at the title in the following screenshot, when it's moving the aliasing parts are moving too, so it makes a very ugly effect !
  • I used 7zip to make the files which might be why xp can't uncompress them. As for the prefs.prop it should work for either the demo or the full episode. Should being the key word there.
  • Hey Chords, what is telling you the file is invalid? Is it when you try to download or when you try to unzip?
  • I'm having the same trouble downloading these as I did in my thread about the demo, and I never got the file you emailed to me. Could you try resending it, please?


    EDIT: Never mind - the file is downloadable with Firefox, but not with IE. It worked like a charm. Thank you!
  • Sorry, your prefs.prop files don't work with the installed demo version on my system. After replacing the original prefs.prop the game starts in windowed mode. But after changing back to full screen mode it still uses the 1024x768 resolution instead of the 1280x1024. Your prefs.prop file is replaced with a new one (smaller size, only 784 byte).
    I tried to start the demo without a prefs.prop file in the folder and the demo generates a new one with a size of 768 byte.
  • I tried the 1280x1024 prefs and it works for me. The in-game graphics settings still shows:

    ...and I am unable to change to any of the other resolutions just as before. I'm still stuck on the one that the game starts with, but at least it's the right size now.
  • My TV only supports 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1920x1080. None of the prefs you posted work and I always get an unsupported signal. How can I start the full game of wallace and gromit in windowed mode? A list of keyboard commands is fine. Thanks
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