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On redeeming the coupon...

posted by Oni Lukos on - last edited - Viewed by 607 users
So I got a coupon code because I entered the contest (even if I didn't win), so I follow the steps to go redeem it...and it prompts me for email and password again AND credit card info, despite the fact that the instructions say it WON'T prompt for credit card info. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just an unresolved quirk? Will I have to enter in credit card info for a free copy of a game?

I'm just a bit confused is all.

(Apologies if this isn't QUITE the correct forum; it seemed to be the closest match)
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  • Hi Oni,

    It does prompt you for your name, address, etc. but it should not ask you for a credit card. (And to be honest, since you're not using a credit card, you don't even have to enter valid information in there!)

    If you are in fact seeing a credit card option for this, please send a PM or email to Doug (tabacco on this forum) and he'll help you get it straightened out. (In fact, you can also just reply to the email Doug sent you with the coupon code in it.)
  • Ah yes, you're right. I saw
    "When paying by credit card, the billing information should be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. For credit card verification, please ensure that your first and last name are entered as they appear on your card."
    Must've been what confused me.

    Thanks for the help, I guess :D
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