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  • 2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.

    Damn, feel bad for Clay because he can't smoke bud anymore lol.
  • If I had the option I'd sneak in the city to the fam myself, but I'd probably end up in Welcome_to_Woodbury's predicament.

    2.) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.

    At least that'll be a start....

    By the way, if we go down the road will we end up at SweetPeaClem's farm?
  • I want dark knight quotes for my character please Lee

    Why So Serious?

  • TDMshadowCPTDMshadowCP Banned
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    Name: TDMshadowCP
    Sex: Male
    Age: 14
    Whats your personality like?

    I am an outgoing and funny person most of the time, and a rebellious type. (A bit flirty with girls too), but I can change in seconds when my friends or if I'm in danger. I become more hostile against who ever is trying to hurt my friends. I sometimes will be willing to do the hard tasks, such as scavenging. I am also clever and sly.

    Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to protect your family/friends?

    Depending if they haven't messed with someone I care about.

    If you had to do something evil to keep yourself alive, (killing a friend, stealing something, torturing someone) would you?

    I would only do it to a stranger, but not to a friend. I'm very loyal.

    What did you want to be when you were growing up?


    Do you think it's safer to be alone or with a group?

    In a group. Two heads are better than one, am I right?

    Another note. My character is a bit of Kenny. I can be friendly and an asshole too. I also become good friends with WhatTheDuck (If he still alive, lol)

    EDIT: (Didn't actually happen) Before my father died, he gave me a red pocket knife and I keep it close to remember my father. And I'll add some strengths and weaknesses.

    Strengths: Fast runner, very sneaky, smart, knows how to defend himself, and skillful with his pocket knife,

    Weaknesses: Depression hits TDMshadowCP when he thinks about his mother, and can't kill walkers at the moment, because they remind him of his mother (which is roaming around somewhere), can be an asshole sometimes, and doesn't know how to shoot a gun.

    Catchphrase: "That's pretty... Pretty fucked up."

    Looks like:My profile picture.
    Wears: Black jeans, black baseball cap, and has a black jacket over a bloody white shirt.
  • Always lol, especially with all this stress trying to survive.
  • Noted. Will do. Especially that "Why so serious?" line. B]
  • Ooo. Maybe... or maybe not. :p
  • I love this part :)
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    YES!! that would actually make my day I'm such a fanboy lol thanks

    Noted.? like telltale say I love it Lee very professional if you excuse the pun lol
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    Thanks, man! Also don't forget to vote. B]

    I have to say. You guys have been doing pretty good with the voting so far. Everything is pretty much going the way I want it. Thank you all for taking the time to read the story and participating in the votes.
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    Lol, Joker is bad-ass. B]

    Thanks, Markd. For participating and reading!
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    No thank you Lee for creating such high quality stories everyday for me to read this is one of my favorite threads.
  • Thanks, bro! If you want, you can type some quotes up that I could use in the story. I'm going to do one more part, since I'm trying to get to a certain situation in the story, as soon as possible. B]
  • 2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.

    Oh no! My poor me! Not really, I dig it. But again, I'm probably a bit more timid in the way I speak unless confronted.
    Wondering if leaving Jewfreeus behind will have an effect if we meet him again, or maybe if some of our character's will be conflicted about leaving him behind.
  • 2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.
  • 2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.
  • I see you like 1911's Pro, check out mine ^-^
  • I don't know anything about guns, but that looks sick! I myself have a BB Deagle, lol.
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    Yes!! type up quotes but I don't mind if you don't use them only story suits them no pressure at all

    Powerful agents to the uninitiated but we are initiated

    So you're gonna have to play my little game if you want to save them!

    Then you will have my permission to die

    I'm not a monster I'm just ahead of the curve!!

    You think the dark is your Ally you merely adopted it, I was born in it molded by it I did not see the light of day until I was a man

    Indeed honorable but mistaken

    You think that gives you some sort of power over me!

    There's fight in you, know I like that!

    Hahahahahahaha ho hi hi ha ha ho hi ha ha. And I thought my jokes were bad

    Disrupt the established order and everything becomes chaos and now the thing about chaos it's fair

    In fact I could just type out the whole script of the films or if think of different one add it lol
  • Bro, you actually have one! That thing's beautiful!
  • Well fucking done Pro! Your thread is off the charts awesome! I have about double your pages and you have more comments :D. This is just quality, and quantity combined. Can't believe you haven't started this earlier! This is probably the #1 Interactive Fan Fic out right now! Keep up the good work, you deserve the praise!
  • I have 2 more rifles lol. In total I have bought 5 firearms (sold a shotgun and another 1911) and still want to buy some more. I need a concealed carry one ;-;
  • Goddamn. How much did all of that cost you?
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    Thanks man! I wanted one since I could remember... It's been in every single movie and game ever. It's the most beautiful gun around. It's been around for more than 100 years so you bet your ass it's good :D
  • Well if it wasn't for you and Harp, then I probably wouldn't have done this. I was going to start it way back, but never really had an idea on how to start it. You guys inspired me, and I love both of your stories! Thanks for taking the time to read and participate Raging. This is actually my first time doing something like this and I'm glad you guys like it. You're all awesome!

    Yes! agreed I like your style
  • around 2,500 in 2 years... If I add the ammo it could go up to 3 to 3.5k
  • Shit, nah. I'm too poor to afford any of that!
  • Lol, it really has! Damn right, man. Love that gun, haha. Going to read where I left off and then I'll put one more part up. Might take a while though. You guys can wait until later to read it if you want. B]
  • Shit, I feel ya. I work hard to buy myself things I enjoy and sometimes I feel terrible buying something others see as useless.

    But a wise man once told me in the hood.

    Step 1: Get money.

    Step 2: Repeat step 1.
  • Awesome! I'll have to read it tomorrow ;-; gotta get up early for work.
  • Well, it don't hurt to buy things you like once a while. I consider that rewarding yourself for your hard work. But some people take that too far and over-reward themselves, lol. That man is definitely 100% right, just try to keep earning that cash! You'll always need it.
  • Yes.A wise man once said ¥₩£€§¾¼₩¾№.I will never forget that...
  • Forgot to say thanks.
  • Not a problem. I have your character down. Just expect him to show up in Ch.2 though. I don't know how long that will be, honestly. But your spot is reserved for it.
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    damn my character's status is unknown now hahaha well lets hope I'm not dead and I come back later or join up with another story or something

    EDIT: just read the newest part I have a bad feeling my character just bit the dust
  • 2) Rich, let's go down the road and see what we can find.
  • I'm sorry! Hopefully, you're still alive. But then you might wanna get back at them for revenge!
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