How do think carver was before the outbreak?

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What do you think carver did before? or like how was his life like?
If his name is Bill,why do they call him carver?

Anyways i just want to see what you guys think


  • Watch Reservoir Dogs.
  • Carver is his last name, with William being his first. So his full name is William Carver, and "Bill" is a nickname for people called "William", so for people he knows he would be Bill Carver.

    As for before the apocalypse, who knows. A lawyer? It would explain why he's so evil.
  • He was probably like a huge fan of Hitler or something idk
  • He was a mean fucking assistant manager.
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    Probably he was a well liked guy. Rebecca may have seemed to like him once as she said she used to make the announcements a long time ago "back in the day" at camp. So maybe they used to be good friends and behind the scenes she cheated on Alvin. He probably changed after an event.
  • Nah, Carver's mustache isn't hideous. It's no Season 1 Kenny 'Stache, but it has its own subdued charm.
  • Well even tho there a great chance we dont know for sure its carver's baby

    She still cheated on Alvin tho
  • I can totally see Carver with a Hitler stache in full Nazi uniform shouting out orders to his soldiers in the compound over the intercom.
  • The Stranger's assistant coach on a little league team.
  • He used to be a maths teacher and got picked on by the kids a lot.
    He had a wife, Nadine, who was small in stature, but regularly beat the crap out of him.
    He also had a goldfish, but it died.
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    I agree, Carver kinda reminded me of the way Charlie Manson was viewed so drastically different by the public versus his followers. Manson's followers saw him as this charming, charismatic guy who was leading them to a greater purpose. But in reality, he was a psychopath who was using them to further his own sick agenda. I don't think Carver was a psychopath per say, but the Carver that was presented to his camp was very different than the actual Carver that the cabin group was exposed to.

    Off topic but I hate it when people say that Rebecca was raped by Carver, as if because she regrets sleeping with him now automatically turns the affair into rape, and it exempts Rebecca from any accountability. It's not said so much on this forum, but on other forums it's been accepted as canon fact that she was raped, which is just ridiculous in my opinion.
  • A retired military officer
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    I feel he was just a regular hard working guy who hated his job but liked hunting and being in the wilderness alot.
    When the zombie epidemic hit he was a leader to a small group that included Luke, Nick and Pete.
    And Carver was very much like Rick Grimes but as time passed he started to go nuts.
  • I still don't understand how Bill is short for William lol.
  • Me neither, but it is. How is "Dick" short for Richard? The world may never know.
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    That's just how it is, same as Bob is short for Robert.

    Most likely to do with 2 year olds not being able to pronounce their own name, and lazy parents thinking "Screw this stupid kid, lets just call him Bill." :P

    Altleast Kenny was smart enough to call him Duck instead of Kni.
  • The only person I've ever heard of with a name even remotely close to that is Deckard Cain. No offense or anything if you know somebody named that.
  • It's their parents going: "YOU'RE NOT CALLED WICHARD YOU DICK"
  • aww, what was his late fish's name?
  • Little Smelly Bellyfloat
  • Rick Grimes is going nuts too
  • ya well he was or still is but not psycho like carver.
    i mean did grimes kill someone for not trimming plants?
  • I bet Little Smelly Bellyfloat's tragic death is what made Carver so mean. That fish was probably his only true friend.=(
  • I could see him as a religious leader of some sort because of rhetoric he used. If so, something must have changed, because the octal Darwinist crap he was trying to push on Clementine contradicts him.
  • Yeah, it really was. Billy shared all his doubts, fears and pain with Little Smelly. And Smelly just listened, as only Smelly could.
    Actually, I think all the salt in Carver's tears, pouring into Smelly's bowl, is what got it killed.
  • he was a poet.
  • How poetic, his tears of love killed his best friend. head canon accepted.( for real though, I am laughing so hard right now lol)
  • Ofcourse, it could also have been all the hugs that killed it.
  • roses are red violets are blue...

  • He used to be an adventurer like you, I guess.
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    Probably Howes Manager... The Mean-nager.
  • I think he was in a '70s punk band. Maybe he was in The Plastic Toys with Roman? Maybe that's why he killed him, because they were fighting over songwriting credits!

    Hey, maybe Gorthaur was right about that whole "connect-the-dots" thing! I'm learning so much about Carver today!
  • that was......beautiful... *sniffs*
  • Here you guys are crying over smelly, but no ones crying for Lee's beta fish. Loyally waiting on his desk for his return. ;'(
  • :O oh no!


    what about omid's cat!!!

    i think hes still pissed
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